This is our best look yet at Samsung’s Apple Watch Ultra killer

A close-up of a Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra render.
Tim Tom 0 / X

It’s been confirmed that the next Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event will be held on July 10, and it looks like we already know what to expect. Along with the next generation of foldables — the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6 — we’ll also see the Galaxy Ring and the Galaxy Watch 7 series, including the Galaxy Watch Ultra.

Speaking of Samsung’s first Ultra smartwatch, it just got shown off in official-looking renders that leaked on X (formerly Twitter). And it certainly is something.

It looks like the Galaxy Watch Ultra (or the Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra, the name is still unclear) will have a new design. Per the new renders, it has a circular bezel and display inside a rounded square case. On the right side of the squircular case is a bright orange crown, which is also flanked by two buttons above and below it. This Ultra version could come in a larger 47mm size. The Galaxy Watch Ultra appears to come in two colors: dark gray/black and silver/white, with the possibility of being made with titanium.

But the Galaxy Watch Ultra won’t come cheap from the sound of it. As this appears to be a more rugged-looking smartwatch, similar to the Apple Watch Ultra, it may have a starting price of $700. This would be a big price jump from Samsung’s current premium Galaxy Watch offering, which is around $400. However, if this is designed to be more of a competitor of the Apple Watch Ultra, then $700 seems about right, considering that the Apple Watch Ultra is $800.

Renders of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra in white and black.
Tim Tom 0 / X

If this is indeed the Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra, then I think it’s an interesting design. I’m not sure if I like it or hate it yet, but it’s definitely more unique than your typical smartwatch.

The circular bezel certainly makes it stand out a bit more than the Apple Watch Ultra, and I hope that it functions as a rotating bezel like on the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. This would make navigating through the menus and screens faster versus using the touchscreen and give it a purpose for being on the squircular body to begin with.

But that orange button? It’s very obvious that Samsung is trying to copy the Apple Watch Ultra with that one. There are so many other colors. Couldn’t Samsung pick a different color to differentiate it a bit more? Super original, guys!

Either way, we should expect to see the Galaxy Watch Ultra unveiled next month at Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event in Paris, along with the Galaxy Z Fold 6, Galaxy Z Flip 6, and Galaxy Ring.