The Best Pieces Worth Buying for Achieving Your 'Carrie Bradshaw Fall' Wardrobe

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Including a coat that the show’s costume designer says looks like a “fall city street"

<p>Mario Magnani / Getty; James Devaney / GC Images; Ron Galella Collection via Getty </p>

Mario Magnani / Getty; James Devaney / GC Images; Ron Galella Collection via Getty

“There is a time of year in New York when, even before the first leaf falls, you can feel the seasons click,” Carrie Bradshaw narrated during the finale of Sex and the City’s fourth season. You don’t have to be a New Yorker to feel the inconspicuous shift of the seasons around you before the foliage turns gold — but you do have to have a wardrobe full of fall-ready fashions awaiting the pumpkin spice coffee runs, trips to the orchards, and autumnal events ahead. And who better to look to for fall style inspiration than the queen of New York City herself?

“I believe Carrie has a refined fashion eye and she seeks out unusual pieces and places to style with her classics,” Molly Rogers, the costume designer for And Just Like That..., tells PEOPLE. “Carrie is whimsical and fearless in a way…her clothes reflect a joie de vivre.”

Bradshaw’s fictitious life is filled with fabulous outings and a tumultuous dating scene, but the one thing that transcends time about this character is her eccentric wardrobe and hard-to-pin style. We all know her Bird of Paradise headpiece and iconic tulle skirt from Sex and The City's opening credits, but what tricks would she pull this season?

“If I were dressing Carrie for fall 2023, I’d be looking for color — as Carrie is in a happy place in life and would want to express that,” Rogers adds. She imagines Bradshaw “hunting for a puffy Japanese headscarf or finding a vintage cape” in NYC stores, all while mixing and matching with high-low pieces, in true Carrie fashion.

As to what the next season of AJLT has in store in terms of fashion, we’ll have to wait and see. But until then, these are the pieces you can shop right now to channel Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic style this fall, with tips and tricks from the costume designer herself.

Our Top Picks

Chunky Knits

<p>Mario Magnani / Getty; Tom Kingston / WireImage</p>

Mario Magnani / Getty; Tom Kingston / WireImage

Carrie isn’t the most practical of dressers, but we’ve known her to be fond of a cozy, chunky knit fall sweater every once in a while. Though these may be some of the rarest times that she goes for comfort, her knitwear is anything but boring. Rogers gives a nod to fun sweaters as an easy way to make an outfit more interesting while keeping things comfortable.

“I love an oversized jacket or sweater as a layering piece,” she says. “So easy to usher them into a look and give it extra panache.” Her tips on how to style them like Bradshaw would? “Use a cardigan as a vest — use a vest as a T-shirt. Experiment! But stay cozy.”

From Carrie’s warm-toned sweater moment to a Western-chic skirt and pink knit combo, we’ve gotten all the inspiration we needed for our own fall haul. Taking Rogers’ colorful and creative outlook on Carrie’s 2023 style into mind, we found a few sweaters that will take any autumn outfit and transform it into a Carrie-approved look fit for a stroll through Central Park.

Get the Carrie Look:

Dokotoo Loose Oversized Turtleneck Sweater





An oversized sweater is the pinnacle of cozy fall fashion, if you ask us, and this chunky knit from Amazon checks all the boxes for us. With its thick cable-knit material and exaggerated turtleneck and sleeves, this sweater is the perfect way to bring Carrie’s SATC style into 2023 without going over budget.

We think Carrie’s eye would land on this vibrant green (calling back to Rogers’ note on color), though you can choose from 10 other muted tones to see which one meshes the best with your current fall wardrobe. Pair it with a tulle maxi skirt for a look that really screams Carrie.

Price at time of publish: $38.99 (orig. $55.99)

Material: 60% cotton, 40% acrylic | Sizes: S-XXL | Fit: Oversized | Colors: 11 | Care: Machine wash on cold, hang dry

Grey Bandit Manhattan Sweater

<p>Grey Bandit</p>

Grey Bandit


If the name alone doesn’t make you understand why this sweater deserves spot on this list, then its likeness to Carrie’s marled, striped sweater will paint a clearer picture. This chunky sweater features a striped knit fabric and oversized, drop-shoulder silhouette, with balloon sleeves adding a bit of exaggeration to this classic sweater.

You can opt for the “stone” color to channel Bradshaw’s varying shades of brown in her original outfit, or choose from black and white or green and white, depending on your personal style. If you really want to make like Carrie, you can add a small floral bag to your look to contrast the print, yet simultaneously pull everything together.

Price at time of publish: $62

Material: 100% polyester | Sizes: XS-XL | Fit: True to size | Colors: 3 | Care: Hand wash on cold, hang dry

Cara & The Sky Megan Stripe Roll Neck Jumper Cherry

<p>Wolf & Badger</p>

Wolf & Badger


If there were ever a sweater that we could see Carrie running across New York City streets in, it’s this multicolor, striped turtleneck from Cara & The Sky. This red, yellow, and purple knit still feels like a fall palette while playing into Carrie’s characteristically colorful style.

The sweater most closely mimics the silhouette of the brown, striped chunky turtleneck Carrie wore in the park due to its thick, rolled neck and wide sleeves — a piece that can be paired with other unexpectedly Carrie elements (think sequin mini skirts for an evening outing or a wide-leg pair of pants to make everything more modern). If the colors on this one are just a bit too much, there’s a gray, white, and baby blue option, as well.

Price at time of publish: $114

Material: 76% acrylic, 24% nylon | Sizes: S-L | Fit: True to size, size up for a looser fit | Colors: 2 | Care: Machine wash, hang dry

Farm Rio Pink Croco Knit Cardigan

<p>Farm Rio</p>

Farm Rio


Rogers called out cardigans as a must-have for fall, so we couldn’t help but wonder if Carrie would gravitate toward this busy Farm Rio button-up. The super soft material features an array of geometric crocodiles against a medium-pink backdrop, with a slightly elongated hemline that compliments the sweater’s loose frame.

You can pair this cardi with the matching midi skirt (a very Carrie move, if we do say so ourselves) or add a pair of equally patterned, contrasting pants to make a SATC-inspired statement that will keep heads turning on crosswalks all season long.

Price at time of publish: $170

Material: Rayon, viscose | Sizes: XXS-XL | Fit: Loose | Colors: 1 | Care: Machine wash, hang dry, iron on low heat

Statement Jackets

<p>Arnaldo Magnani/Getty; James Devaney/WireImage</p>

Arnaldo Magnani/Getty; James Devaney/WireImage

Aside from Bradshaw’s fabulous collection of Manolos and bird-inspired purses, her cold-weather outfits are never complete without an eye-catching coat. Rogers calls out Carrie’s vintage fur as her favorite fall jacket, and that it was actually one of the first items purchased for the character between 1997 and 1998. “I really do love when someone takes an old coat of any kind and gives it a new life,” Rogers says. “We didn’t know until years later that it unzips into a jacket,” she adds, calling Carrie an “upcycle pioneer.”

Another favorite for the costume designer was Carrie’s multicolored jacket that she adorned during the finale of Sex and the City’s fourth season during Miranda’s labor scene. “It had such a glossy shine…looked like a fall city street,” Rogers recalls.

But in today’s day and age, Caroline Vazzana, a content creator and self-proclaimed “modern-day Carrie Bradshaw,” believes that the character would veer on the imitative side of things now — at least when it comes to fur. “[Carrie] is obviously known for her furs, but in 2023, I feel like she’s going with faux fur,” Vazzana tells PEOPLE. “I think there’s so many fun and colorful faux fur options today; I can really see Carrie leaning into an oversized hot pink faux fur.”

Colors, textures, and patterns alike, these are the statement jackets that evoked Carrie’s glamour in modern-day fashion.

Get the Carrie Look:

UO Tasha Faux Fur Corduroy Longline Coat

<p>Urban Outfitters</p>

Urban Outfitters


Carrie’s original fur was a neutral-toned midi coat, but a modern way to channel this look is with a faux fur jacket like this pick from Urban Outfitters, which comes in olive green and bright blue. This longline coat is decorated with lapels and cuffs adorned with imitation fur and can be tied at the waist with a matching corduroy belt (essential for keeping out the cold).

You can button up the center placket or wear it open for a free-flowing look like Carrie, so long as you have a mismatched, yet completely chic outfit arranged underneath. (Or pair it with pajamas and ankle boots like only Carrie would as she rushed to Miranda’s on New Year’s Eve). Whichever way you style it, you’re sure to make a statement — and just in case you’re wondering, we think Carrie would go with the blue.

Price at time of publish: $129

Material: 100% cotton | Sizes: XS-XL | Fit: True to size | Colors: 2 | Care: Dry clean

Lulus Too Fab For You Pink Faux Fur Coat




This pink faux fur feels right out of Vazzana’s reverie with its oversized silhouette and over-the-top color. Its shawl collar and long fur strands make this jacket a colorful, yet equally fabulous version of Carrie’s go-to fur coat, just in faux form, which makes everything all the more modern.

We’ve seen Bradshaw pair everything from mini skirts and knee-high boots to pajamas and high heels underneath her iconic furs, but we think a great way to make this statement piece more “everyday” is by slipping into a simple dress or a pair of jeans with a classic tee to make this look perfect for fall.

Price at time of publish: $152

Material: 100% polyester | Sizes: XS-XL | Fit: Oversized | Care: Hand wash cold, line dry

Something New Cleo Faux Leather Trench Coat




Carrie has never been one to shy away from statement-making outerwear, and the 2023 version of the glossy jacket that Rogers likened to a “fall city street” is a shiny, vinyl trench. Leaning into Rogers’ colorful palette is this bright pink faux-leather trench, which can be belted at the waist for a figure-defined look or tied behind the back for an outfit-baring ensemble.

But if you want to give a nod to Carrie’s darker, autumnal jacket while still keeping things in the year 2023, this patent olive trench is an understated, yet eye-catching piece that will flatter your fall outfits while still keeping the reflective essence of Carrie’s jacket alive.

Price at time of publish: $209

Material: 100% polyester with polyurethane coating | Sizes: 2-8 | Fit: True to size | Care: Machine wash, dry flat

Allegra K Notched Lapel Double Breasted Blazer




A hallmark of Bradshaw’s style? Patterns — and lots of them. We know Carrie to be fond of blazers throughout the several show seasons, movies, and spin-offs that we’ve seen them in, and we know her eye would be drawn to this fall-red tartan blazer. Contrasting hues of green and red dance within the plaid print that decorates this blazer, and we can imagine her finishing the look with a pointed-toe Manolo heel and a wonderfully complicated skirt (naturally, in a contrasting print).

Use this as your statement piece with a pair of black leather pants or pull on a flowy midi skirt with this blazer as a top for a look that feels Rogers-approved. (We also think Carrie would belt this one around the waist — just saying.)

Price at time of publish: $54.99

Material: 100% polyester | Sizes: XS-XL | Fit: True to size | Colors: 10 | Care: Machine wash, hang dry

Autumnal Accessories

<p>James Devaney / WireImage; James Devaney / GC Images</p>

James Devaney / WireImage; James Devaney / GC Images

It’s been said that accessories can make or break an outfit, but in the Carrie-verse, there’s no such thing as too much (or too little — see: naked dress). Carrie’s choice of a flashy kitten heel or sculptural bag is what piques fans’ attention and keeps them coming back for more. Rogers explains that the character’s quirky style has created a sense of nostalgia in fans who’ve admired her eccentricity for decades. “Like Carrie at Gramercy Park with a straw beret on,” she points out. “It’s heightened fashion, and that’s what people like to see on her.”

When you take a few pages from Carrie’s book, it’s easy to take any simple fall ‘fit and elevate it into something more Manhattanite. Whether it’s a tactfully styled belt or a chunky lug sole shoe, we have a few options that any sort of shopper will find easy to integrate into their aspirational Carrie wardrobe.

Get the Carrie Look:

Steve Madden Fella Boots




Heels are no foe to our favorite television fashionista, but Rogers thinks a sturdier shoe is going to take the reigns this fall. The designer tells PEOPLE that we’re “going to see a lot of chunky boots” this fall, from runways to window displays. The Fella boot from Steve Madden feels like a pared-down version of the perched pumps that Carrie’s known for, taking an edgier approach to fall footwear with its lug sole (and controversial 1.5-inch heels).

Its sculpted block heel makes this shoe not only easier to walk in, but structurally interesting to look at (a perfect combo for taking on the city streets). Keep the look going with a sleek leather jacket — and maybe a patterned skirt — to pull together a very Carrie autumn outfit.

Price at time of publish: $59.98 (orig. $149.95)

Material: Leather | Sizes: 5.5-10 | Fit: True to size | Colors: 4 | Care: Hand wash

Marino’s Genuine Leather Dress Belt




Rogers says that her go-to accessory for Carrie flair is any kind of belt. “It can be a man’s belt, a chunky belt, or [you can] put two together to make it extra long,” she adds. The most budget-friendly item on our list is this classic black belt, a medium-thick leather body with a single-prong closure that can elevate any outfit — depending on how you wear it. “Belt a sweater by crossing it over, belt a coat instead of buttoning it,” Rogers suggests. However you wear it, make it a statement.

Price at time of publish: $19.99

Material: Leather | Sizes: 30-60 (28- to 58-inch waist size) | Fit: True to size | Colors: 10 | Care: Hand wash

Steve Madden Roux Blue Leather Loafers

<p>Steve Madden</p>

Steve Madden



These blue loafers look like the slick surface of a vintage cruiser but have all the details of a modern-day statement shoe. From its chunky, lug sole design to the gold bit hardware, they feel like the only realistic “flats'' that Carrie would go for this season (though both Rogers and fellow AJLT costume designer, Danny Santiago, do confirm that Carrie does, in fact, own sneakers).

“I know she’s such a heels girl, but I can see her rocking a loafer and a sock,” says Vazzana. SJP herself is known to rock a flat (and even designs her own), so colorful loafers feel like a natural, and dare we say edgier, choice for a Bradshaw wardrobe — even if it will mess up the continuity of stilettos in her stacked wardrobe. Pair a lacy sock with this embellished slipper for a night-out look or make your shoe a statement with this pompom-adorned mule — all flats we think Carrie would give a nod of approval to.

Price at time of publish: $69.95 (orig. $99)

Material: Leather | Sizes: 5-12 | Fit: True to size | Colors: 3 | Care: Hand wash

How to Pick the Best Carrie Bradshaw Fall Pieces

Patterns and Textures

Carrie’s never been one to back down from a printed piece — or mix them all together, for that matter. The Farm Rio Pink Croco Knit Cardigan and the Cara & The Sky Megan Stripe Roll Neck Jumper are easy ways to add a punch of pattern into your fall outfits while still staying remarkably cozy, and we can see Carrie throwing on a fun pant for extra good measure. We know a fur was also one of her go-tos for years, but you can replicate her look in 2023 with the Lulus Too Fab For You Pink Faux Fur Coat to get her timeless look with a vibrant pop (and at a fraction of the price).

Statement Pieces

While our SATC forerunner may only dress in statement pieces, an easy way to take any look from drab to fab is by adding one element of shock to your outfit. Whether it be the Allegra K Notched Lapel Double Breasted Blazer with your favorite blue jeans or an all-black outfit with the ice-blue UO Tasha Faux Fur Corduroy Longline Coat, you can take any look up a notch with just one piece from this list to bring the “wow” factor.


Though Carrie lives extravagantly for a columnist (have you seen her West Village apartment?), it’s important to pick pieces that work with your budget when crafting a wardrobe akin to Bradshaw’s. And luckily, most of her pieces can be replicated at a much lower price.

Most of her pieces go for several thousand dollars, you can pick up lookalikes for as little as $20 to replicate her style (ahem, that Amazon belt). Grab the Dokotoo Oversized Turtleneck for $40 and pair it with a tulle skirt, your Steve Madden Roux Blue Leather Loafers, and belt it all together for a Carrie-fied look that’s under $200 all together.


What’s one surefire way to infuse Carrie’s style into any fall outfit?

“A simple and affordable thing to grab is a belt,” Rogers answers. “Belts are like bows on a gift — the finishing touch,” she quips. “Carrie has even worn them as necklaces.”

Vazzana’s recommendation is a little more abstract. “Go for the unexpected,” she advises. “It’s not just a simple pair of jeans and a tee shirt. It’s like, what doesn’t work, but works?”

What is the Carrie Bradshaw formula?

Stylist Allison Bornstein made the case for the “wrong shoe theory” on TikTok, where she pointed out that oftentimes the best outfit (and in our minds, the most Carrie-like) are the ones that are intentionally paired with a shoe that doesn’t “go” with the rest of the outfit, but ends up looking interesting. As Carrie’s style typically consists of mismatched prints and polarizing shoe choices, the wrong shoe theory seems to have struck a gold mine with Ms. Bradshaw.

What is the common factor between Carrie’s best looks?

“I believe in the fitting room we always gravitated towards pieces that make us smile,” Rogers says, reflecting on her time spent styling Sarah Jessica Parker with the show’s original lead costume designer, Patricia Field, on the set of Sex and the City. “I feel like fans of the show respond the most to looks that speak to a certain nostalgia,” she adds, harking back to that straw beret moment. “They recognize her, are super familiar with her, and love to see the unexpected.

Take Our Word For It

Alyssa Brascia is a staff shopping writer for PEOPLE with a specialization in fashion and beauty. Her content includes topics such as eyeshadow palette reviews and seasonal fashion roundups, and she’ll take a chance to dive into Carrie Bradshaw’s style and even more eccentric plot lines whenever she can. For this piece, Brascia chatted with Molly Rogers, one of the costume designers for And Just Like That..., and content creator Caroline Vazzana to get inspiration on how to curate a Carrie-approved fall wardrobe. 

Meet Our Experts

  • Molly Rogers is a costume designer known for her work on And Just Like That... and The Devil Wears Prada. She's also won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Costumes for a Series for Sex and the City.

  • Caroline Vazzana is a content creator, fashion stylist, editor, and author of "Making It in Manhattan" who dubs herself the “modern-day Carrie Bradshaw."

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