This Best-Selling Bug Repellent Is Also a Sunscreen — and It’s Only $13 on Amazon

Christina Butan

Now that summer is here, chances are you’re stocking  up on tons of warm weather essentials like sunscreen and bug repellent. But before you buy them separately, you may want to consider this cult-favorite product that wards off insects and provides sun protection at the same time.

The Skin So Soft Bug Guard SPF 30 Sunscreen ($12.95; from beloved beauty brand Avon is a moisturizing lotion that’ll keep you bug (and burn)-free. The lotion is Amazon’s number two best-selling bug repellent, with nearly 1,300 five-star reviews from shoppers who rave that it’s lightweight, gentle, and super effective. It’s even DEET-free, and made with ethyl butylacetylaminopropionate instead — an insect-repelling alternative that is safe enough for children and pregnant women to use. Plus, the lotion also contains vitamin E and aloe, making it a great option for a non-greasy and soothing moisturizer — even on the most sensitive skin types.


Buy It! Avon Skin So Soft Bug Guard SPF 30 Sunscreen, $12.95;

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“The best sunscreen/insect repellent! I have been using this since my son was 6 months old, he is almost 3 and I still make sure I have one in bag when we go out, and one in the house for when he plays in the backyard,” wrote one shopper. “It is very gentle for his skin, does not have a strong smell, and is not sticky either. If you have a little one or sensitive skin I strongly recommend this, I give one to each friend that has little kids.”

Customers love the product so much, tons of them claim it’s changed — and even saved — their lives when going on vacation.

“I only discovered this product last year and OMG, it changed my life. I am a travel addict and there is nothing I love more than visiting a tropical country. On the flip side, nothing I hate more than flies and mosquitos —I have some of that sweet blood that attracts them straight to me. So when I heard about a moisturising lotion with SPF 30 AND bug guard?!?! I freaked,” wrote another reviewer. “Avon has an almost pleasant smell and I have no fear slathering it all over myself before hitting the sun. I had no adverse reactions to it, no weird discolorations on my skin from wearing it in the sun, no bugs bothered me, I didn’t get a sunburn, and my skin [was] glowing, not all ashy and dry…what more could you want? 10/10.”

Whether you’re tired of toxic, stinky bug sprays, or simply like the idea of a moisturizing sunscreen that also repels those pesky mosquitoes, Avon’s Skin So Soft Bug Guard might just be the essential your on-the-go summer bag is missing.