The Best Way To Store Donuts Overnight

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Donuts are unquestionably the ultimate comfort food. Lightly sweet, airy, and boasting a variety of flavors, styles, and textures, the fried dough cakes often eaten for breakfast have legions of devoted fans — and whether served glazed, frosted with chocolate, rolled in cinnamon, or covered in sprinkles, they are consistent crowd pleasers at any time of day. In fact, if there's any complaint about these fried rings of joy, it's how difficult it can be to keep them fresh for long periods of time, and just how quickly they can go stale in the box.

But the good news is that you don't have to automatically discard your leftover donuts as there are ways to achieve next-day donut freshness. With the right storage techniques, you can indeed keep your donuts from going stale, making them the ideal candidate for being utilized in some seriously delicious recipes — or consuming in all their "as-is" decadence, of course.

So, what's the key to leftover donuts that are just as decadent the next day? Airtight storage. However, the exact method and length of time you store your donuts is determined by the kind of donuts you are saving.

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Storing Your Leftover Donuts

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Yeast donuts will require a slightly different storage method than cake donuts and creme or jelly-filled donuts. To keep your yeast donuts fresh and avoid that unpleasant, stale next-day texture, you'll want to store them in an airtight container or plastic sandwich bag — but make sure if you use a sandwich bag that you eliminate any excess air in the bag before storing. Store your donuts away from direct sunlight or heat so they don't dry out, and they should keep for one to two days. But if your donuts are freshly made, it's important that you allow them time to cool before you pop them in that container — otherwise, the moisture that develops will cause the donuts to turn soggy.

Cake donuts, on the other hand, can be kept longer, as long as you store them properly. However, filled donuts are a different beast. Creme fillings which are dairy-based will definitely spoil if left at room temperature, so they will need to be refrigerated in that airtight container. Jelly-filled donuts are equally delicate, as they are susceptible to growing mold if left out, so make sure to store them in the refrigerator to ensure that they remain safe to eat, and they should keep for three to four days.

Delicious Uses For Your Leftover Donuts

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Have some properly-stored leftover donuts and want to get creative? You can — there are a variety of ways you can incorporate them into some seriously decadent dishes. For example, use your leftover glazed donuts to make a delicious bread pudding. Simply cut your leftover donuts into small pieces (about 6 cups), then add to your milk, cinnamon, vanilla, eggs, sugar (optional), and butter in a baking dish, bake for 25 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, and enjoy the sweetness the glaze adds to the dish. You can use any type of leftover donuts for your bread pudding, but keep in mind the sugar content — if you're using a very sugary donut, you might want to cut back on your extra sugar so your bread pudding doesn't end up too sweet. Feel free to add a rum sauce, raisins, or even some chocolate chips to add to the richness of the flavor profile.

If you'd prefer a breakfast vibe, you can slice those glazed donuts down the middle and use them as a fun base for French toast. Just be sure that when you dip your donuts into your egg mixture that you don't leave them too long — you don't want soggy French toast. Simply pan-fried until golden brown on each side, drizzle with syrup, and you're ready for a breakfast that couldn't get any more decadent.

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