What if you had bet on Vegas at 100-1?

The Stanley Cup Final gets underway on Monday, and it’s safe to say no one expected the Vegas Golden Knights to make it far.

A few people, were willing to bet on a hope and a prayer, though. Ken Boehlke of SinBinVegas talked to Yahoo Canada Sports in Las Vegas about the bet he made on his team at 100-1 and whether hedging against them makes sense.

Boehlke could guarantee a profit with a bet on the Washington Capitals, but finds it hard to imagine betting against the Golden Knights he’s come to love.

Watch him discuss his dilemma above.

The Vegas Golden Knights, who didn’t begin assembling talent until last June, made a stunning run to the best-of-seven final behind goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury (AFP Photo/David Lipnowski)