Beyoncé draws celebrities to her Renaissance shows. What stars came out in Kansas City?

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Rap star Cardi B came to Kansas City on Sunday to watch Beyoncé’s last Renaissance World Tour show. She walked in wearing a skin-tight silvery dress as the crowd waiting for Queen Bey chanted her name.

“Cardi! Cardi! Cardi!”

The roster of celebrities who have seen the Renaissance shows is deep, one reason why people were excited to see who might show up at the last show.

Since the first show in May, the tour has attracted Beyoncé’s celebrity fans in droves — a prince (Harry), a king (LeBron James) and the queen of pop, Madonna, among them.

A Beatle (Paul McCartney) and the vice president of the United States, saw it, too.

VP Kamala Harris caught the show in Washington, D.C., and understood the assignment, wearing a sparkly gold blouse in keeping with Beyoncé’s request for shiny finery.

The show left professional talker Oprah Winfrey temporarily speechless after she saw it at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.

“I have never in my life experienced something as transcendent,” Winfrey said on Instagram. “That kind of talent, synergy, expression, and anointing is something that comes straight from a Source that creates the planets.

“The dancers, the production, the musicians, and the team in front and behind the scenes, all perfectly align to create a renaissance in today’s world.”

Other celebrities who have the seen the show include Lenny Kravitz, Pharrell Williams, Jeff Bezos, Selena Gomez, Sophia Vergara, Dua Lipa, Shakira, Salma Hayek, Naomi Campbell, Angela Bassett, Priyanka Chopra, Natalie Portman, Zendaya and Tom Holland.

Many of them caught the shows near “home” in Los Angeles.

Kelly Roland, a fellow former member of Destiny’s Child, sat up front at the London show.

We’ll keep you updated on any celebrity sightings at GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium.

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