Beyoncé Using Her Long Nails to Eat Spaghetti Is Instantly Iconic, IMO

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Happy Cowboy Carter day! The new Beyoncé album is officially upon us, and to celebrate, why not follow Bey's lead and enjoy a delicious bowl of spaghetti (or is it “SPAGHETTII?”) with an equally photogenic manicure?

Beyoncé dropped the instantly iconic photo on March 28, one day before Cowboy Carter's release date. In the pic, she lounges in what appears to be a private jet while feeding herself spaghetti with her hands, the noodles held between her nails. Comfy clothes, long, loose waves, no makeup, cozy faux-fur coat-as-blanket, pasta, and perfect nails? Now that is luxury, and absolutely the attitude we're taking with us into the weekend. (ICYMI, “SPAGHETTII" is one of the tracks on Cowboy Carter.)

If you zoom in, you'll see that the musician is wearing her now-signature Cowboy Carter manicure, which manicurist Miho Okawara dubbed the “Texan French” due to its bright white French tips studded with turquoise and silver charms. It's been a mainstay since she announced the second act of her Renaissance project; she's basically worn it nonstop throughout the entire Cowboy Carter period thus far.

Basically everyone in the world commented on the pic, including Barbie herself, who said she was “obsessed” with the vibes. Yes, it sparked more than a few pasta cravings, but it also made us want to revisit some of Bey's best manicures of the past few years, such as the red French mani with the hidden Santa detail that she wore during the holiday season — the perfect blend of cheeky and luxe. Then there was the Valentine's Day-themed pink set with teeny tiny silver heart decals, which we're still thinking about more than two years later.

It's also not the first time Bey has communicated her album aesthetic through her nail art. During the Renaissance tour in the summer of 2023, she collaborated with nail artist Coca Michelle on an extra-long, extra-pointy silver chrome set with “Unique” written on the underside in black and white, a reference to her song “Alien Superstar.” This song reference via manicure may not be quite as direct as that one, but regardless, I know what I'm having for dinner tonight — and what the soundtrack will be.

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