Beyond BeaverTails and beer: Brainstorming a better Boston bet

When you sift through the archives, there seems to be some familiar fall-back options when Ottawa mayors make bets with the leaders of other cities over playoff games.

Betting BeaverTails

The made-in-Ottawa treat has been put on the table and sometimes sent off to cities across North America for at least ten years, as far as we can tell.

The Orange County Register said in 2007 then-MPP Jim Watson put BeaverTails, a tuque and Ottawa mugs up against California state politician Jose Solorio's oranges, jalapeno peppers and Mickey Mouse ears over the outcome of the Stanley Cup Final, which ended with an Anaheim Ducks win over the Ottawa Senators.

BeaverTails have also been part of losing Watson bets to New York City in 2012 and Montreal in 2015 over first-round Senators losses, but that same fate was avoided in his bet with Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi over the 2016 Grey Cup — the Redblacks won and Calgary shipped over some salted caramel donuts.

Kichesippi beer pops up at least twice in a quick scan of recent bets as well.

Sweater swap

One that by no means is exclusive to Ottawa municipal gambles is a losing politician wearing the winning city's team sweater.

Watson, in 2000, and then-mayor Bob Chiarelli in 2001, 2002 and 2004 had to wear Toronto Maple Leafs sweaters each and every time the Leafs frustrated the Sens by beating them in the playoffs.

It was then-Montreal mayor Michael Applebaum who had to sport a Senators sweater after the Canadiens lost to Ottawa in the 2013 first round, but Watson ended up wearing Pittsburgh Penguins gear not long afterward when the Sens were eliminated.

Watson's fashion losing streak continued in 2015 with Ottawa losses in the North American Soccer League final, the NHL first round and Grey Cup before rebounding with the aforementioned 2016 Redblacks championship.

More unique options

Three bets that should be singled out for their creativity:


Along with the donuts and jerseys, Nenshi had to donate $60 to an Ottawa food bank and read a poem written by Watson — a literary gamble Calgary's mayor had made before.


Before the 2007 Stanley Cup Final, Ottawa mayor Larry O'Brien and Anaheim mayor Curt Pringle put up an appropriately high-stakes bet, again according to the Register: A Sens win (ah, we wish) and Anaheim would have to fly Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and Senators flags, the entire council would wear Senators sweaters and the mayor would have to don an RCMP stetson hat. Of course, Ottawa lost and Ottawa had to fly Anaheim, California, U.S. and Ducks flags in O'Brien's office, which also included a paperweight commemorating Anaheim's 150th birthday. City council had to wear Ducks sweaters and O'Brien had to put on a pair of Mickey Mouse ears.

- Another O'Brien creation the series before: offering Buffalo mayor Byron Brown 58 bottles of maple syrup and 58 pine saplings, against some beef sandwiches and beer.

So what now?

Watson is at least making it look like he's trying to go outside the food-and-fashion bubble for his potential bet with Boston Mayor Marty Walsh.

Given this chance for creativity, we're asking if there's a more meaningful bet that could be made this time. What do you think?Tweet us @CBCOttawa, leave us a comment below or when we post this story on our Facebook page.

Here are some examples to get you started: