BGHF Fund a Need event a virtual success

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The Belleville General Hospital Foundation held its virtual Fund a Need event Wednesday live from the resource centre at BGH and it was a tremendous success, raising more than $160,000.

Steve Cook, Many patients come from all over the Quinte region to get care at Belleville General Hospital, and as the community grows, so does the pressure on the hospital to keep the community safe and healthy. In a year of unprecedented change, outstanding healthcare is needed more than ever.

As part of the UnGala 2020 to raise funds to support the cost of three new ventilators in the intensive care unit, the Fund a Need event acted as a campaign to keep exceptional care close to home, with prerecorded videos from medical staff, event sponsors and more.

The goal of the event was to bring the community together to make up for lost fundraising revenue due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a part of this, the event aimed to fund the need of expanding the Intensive Care Unit, particularly for three new ventilators, each costing $50,000, a total goal of $150,000.

Mark Philbin of 95.5 Hits FM hosted the live event, explaining to viewers the importance of community and how donors pay for the equipment that the government doesn’t.

K. Knudsen Construction, McDougall Insurance and Brady Clark Advisory Group stepped up to sponsor the event and residents who joined the live event and were able to ask questions or show their support via a chat bar.

“We as a community, we have to take care of each other,” said Philbin. “We have to feed the well before we’re thirsty.”

Mike Pretsell of Pretsell Davies Thompson Benton LLP explained that the unwavering and generous support of the community allows the equipment to be purchased and signed off by the board.

“We here in Belleville and Quinte region have been lucky to have very few COVID cases and patients,” said Quinte Health Care outgoing President and CEO Mary Claire Egberts. “But we have to be prepared. We’re well into the second wave now and unfortunately, we’re starting to see cases in the community and outbreaks in workplaces. People are going to get sick and people are going to need hospital care.”

Longtime supporters of BGHF Sam Brady and Ian Clark from Brady Clark Advisory Group said that supporting the Belleville General Hospital Foundation is an investment in the community and that as the community grows, so do the demands on the healthcare system. Brady and Clark explained that by supporting the growth, residents are helping to make sure the hospital is prepared for unexpected situations like COVID-19, or what future generations may encounter.

“Looking back to March, I’m so proud of how the community came together to tackle challenges brought on by COVID-19,” said Belleville Mayor Mitch Panciuk. “We are so lucky to be in a place that has such a strong system of healthcare. Hospital foundations need help now more than ever. Our commitment as the city council is not new and we ask everybody to join us in our shared vision of compassionate care and exceptional medicine close to home.”

By the end of the event, participants were able to go above and beyond the goal of $150,000, raising $160,811 for the Belleville General Hospital.

Virginia Clinton, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Intelligencer