Biden calls out Canadian MPs who weren’t applauding women Cabinet members

Joe Biden called out some Canadian members of Parliament who failed to stand and applaud after he praised the US and Canada for having gender-equal cabinets.

The US president took a shot at the MPs as he gave a 40-minute speech to the country’s House of Commons on Friday during a visit to Ottawa.

“Even if you don’t agree guys, I’d stand up,” Mr Biden quipped when his comment did not receive full-throated appreciation

During his speech, Mr Biden said that Canadians and Americans were “two people” who “share one heart” and were bound together by history, geography and democracy.

“Our destinies are intertwined and they’re inseparable,” said Mr Biden.

“I mean this from the bottom of my heart. There is no more reliable ally, no more steady friend. And today I say to you, you will always be able to count on the United States of America.”

Mr Biden also drew some good-natured boos when he said that he liked Canada’s NHL teams “except the (Toronto Maple) Leafs.”

And he said that the partnership between the two countries extended to space, with three Americans and one Canadian eventually heading for the moon with NASA’s Artemis programme.

Mr Biden also mentioned a recent Gallup poll that found that 88 per cent of Americans have a very positive view of Canadians, up from 87 per cent last year.

“I take credit for that one point,” Mr Biden said.