Biden says it’s ‘a little embarrassing’ the House hasn’t chosen a speaker

Departing the White House on Wednesday, President Biden told reporters that it’s “a little embarrassing” the House of Representatives hasn’t elected a speaker. After three votes on Tuesday, the Republican-controlled chamber had not chosen its leader.

Video Transcript

JOE BIDEN: With regard to the fight over the speaker, excuse me, I-- that's not my problem. I just think it's a little embarrassing that it's taking so long and the way they're dealing with one another. And the rest of the world is looking. They're looking at, you know, can we get our act together?

And-- but what I focus on is getting things done. And the one thing I'm going down to Kentucky and Ohio today is to demonstrate we can get things done. We passed an enormous bill bipartisanly, and it works. And we're starting off the first major initiative we're announcing today is a billion dollars. And this is-- we can't be the number one economy in the world unless we have the number one infrastructure in the world.