A big 'yes' for beer and wine stores in 2 Nunavut hamlets

People in Rankin Inlet and Cambridge Bay have voted in favour of having beer and wine stores in their communities.

The vote in Cambridge Bay on Monday showed overwhelming support for the proposal, with 349 voting in favour of allowing a beer and wine store in the community, and 71 voting against.

In Rankin Inlet, 372 voted yes and 127 voted no.

The stores would be government-run and there would likely be a limit on how much customers could buy at a time. That is how a new beer and wine store opening in Iqaluit this summer will operate. Customers will be limited to one case of beer or two bottles of wine at a time.

The results of this week's plebiscites are non-binding.

The final decision to open a beer and wine store in each hamlet will made by the Nunavut government.