The Big Blue Bike

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Sometimes there just seems to be things that don’t fit, recently at a town council meeting, the council decided on moving the big blue bike which the previous council had acquired through a donation by Bob Schmidt, the owner of the big blue bike.

“When the bike first appeared, the public was unsure exactly what it was and felt it wasn’t quite the image they wanted for the community, according to public opinion“, replied Councillor Jody Antosh-Cusitar, after speaking to the general public about the bike.

“Ken Mack the designer/developer of the bike should be very proud of his accomplishment of producing the World's Longest bike”, Councillor Antosh-Cuistar continued, “I as a council member have heard the public when they say, it has no significance to our community”.

Ken Mack built the world’s largest bike with the assistance of Tom Mitschke in 1984 and it has made its rounds to several communities in the area until being donated to Churchbridge by Bob Schmidt. It was brought to Churchbridge where it was first placed by the Toonie monument.

The bike has since been moved to the rest stop area in Churchbridge yet still doesn’t seem to fit based on the opinion of the community.

“The bike should be highlighted at the Yorkton Heritage Center or a museum”, Jody continued. “It was a wonderful invention and Mr. Mack should be proud of it and all his accomplishments.”

Ken Mack the designer has graciously taken ownership of the Worlds Largest Bike he made and will be taking it back to his farm.

Gary Horseman, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Four-Town Journal