Big Brother announces next nominations for eviction

Big Brother spoilers follow.

Big Brother has announced the next set of nominations, with three housemates facing the prospect of leaving the house.

In tonight’s (October 30) Halloween-themed episode, Noky and Trish wielded all the power as they were granted the ability to select the “cursed” nominees.

After deliberation, in which they each selected one housemate before joint-selecting another, the pair picked Dylan, Kerry and Olivia as their nominations, with one of the trio set to leave the house in tomorrow’s episode following the public vote.

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The duo were granted the power after a task, which was initially given to Noky by Big Brother. After she selected Trish as her accomplice, the pair had to say “Halloween” in the mirror three times to open a secret passageway, all whilst keeping their task a secret.

Elsewhere in the episode, the three evicted housemates of the series – Farida, Zak and Hallie – all made a comeback (of sorts) during a spooky seance with a Ouija board. As the group convened around a table, the former housemates appeared in the form of a projection with some ominous words.

“Housemates, beware. Someone is manipulating the younger housemates, who are following them like sheep,” said Farida in her statement, with the group assuming that she was talking about Kerry.

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Zak alluded to a housemate whispering in people’s ears, remarking that it was the “quiet ones” who they should all be afraid of. Hallie’s speech took aim at a “two-faced” person, with people keeping their powder dry in terms of accusations.

The identities of the implicated people were later revealed by AJ Odudu on Late & Live, with the trio talking about Kerry, Chanelle and Jordan respectively – will these revelations be relayed to the current housemates?...

Big Brother airs Sundays to Fridays at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX. Each episode is followed by Big Brother Late & Live at 10pm on ITV2 and ITVX.

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