Evicted 'Big Brother Canada' houseguest Hermon spills on house tensions, plans for jury

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Hermon Nizghi and Betty Yirsaw on Big Brother Canada Season 10, with host Arisa Cox. (Corus Entertainment/Insight Productions) (Joanna Bell)

Hermon Nizghi is the latest houseguest to be evicted from Big Brother Canada, over Betty Yirsaw with a unanimous vote, but he also becomes the first person in jury as we get closer to the end of the competition.

“I'm actually feeling OK,” Hermon told Yahoo Canada on Friday. “It's hard because I got evicted and I was like, you know, that sucks, but then I found that I was in jury,...I didn't think I was going to make jury, [I thought] it was too early. I'm happy, grateful.”

Hermon was put in this position in Thursday’s episode after Kevin Jacobs used his power of veto to save Josh Nash, with Head of Household Marty Frenette making the decision to “backdoor” Hermon into eviction, just like we saw Kevin recommend.

The eviction also followed Hermon confronting Marty about putting him on the chopping block after promising him safety for Week 6, with Hermon telling Marty to look in the camera and tell Canada that he is a backstabber, which Marty refused to do.

“Every time he was talking, all I heard was ‘sssss,’ like a snake,” Hermon said. “[Marty] just wants to be the best guy, and just makes the right decisions and he's loyal, and I was like, well let Canada know for the third time that you're a backstabber.”

When it comes to everyone in the house voting for him to be evicted, Hermon did admit that he didn’t realize how deep the connections Betty made in the house really were.

“I didn't spend enough time building on my personal relationships,” he explained. “But you know, it's Big Brother and I did label myself a competitor, I made sure everyone knew it, I knew ‘beast boy’ was in there, so I don't think they wanted those problems.”

When it comes to anything Hermon would have changed about his strategy, he admitted that winning Head of Household in the first week wasn’t really an advantage for him.

“It was hard to turn off the competitor in there,” Hermon said. “I would have just spent more time Week Four, after everything blew up, rebuilding instead of just like, hanging on to personal connections and just doing a final two, and just hoping that would carry me.”

“I didn't want to do another alliance again and I didn't want to put people in a position where they had to commit to that, and I didn't put enough effort into making those personal [connections] concrete.”

Hermon Nizghi on Big Brother Canada Season 10, hosted by Arisa Cox. (Corus Entertainment/Insight Productions)
Hermon Nizghi on Big Brother Canada Season 10, hosted by Arisa Cox. (Corus Entertainment/Insight Productions)

Hermon spills on next moves, houseguests to watch

For his next moves as the beginning of the jury, having a part in deciding who the ultimate winner is, Hermon is going to “gather information” in the next couple of weeks, stressing that he’s going to make an “informed decision,” not an “emotional” decision on the jury.

But in terms of the next week on Big Brother Canada, Hermon believes that if Marty can survive Week Seven, he might “go a long way.”

“I think Marty…will be the next one to pop in here, hopefully not but hopefully, I don't want to see him every day but like, it is what it is,” Hermon said.

But Marty isn’t the only person in the house that Hermon thinks has backstabbing potential, he thinks Summer is also someone to look out for.

“I thought I was loyal to the soil with Summer,” he said. “One of the first few I chatted with and I was expecting like, ‘of course I got you, there's no issue,’ and she goes, ‘Yeah, I don't know…it's up in the air.’”

“I'm like, up in the air?!... She is cold blooded.”

While Hermon’s time on the show isn’t completely over for him, his fight to win the competition has come to an end but ultimately, he’s “grateful” for the opportunity.

“I pride myself on being able to get along with all types of people, all walks of life,” he said. “ I felt like I was built for this game.”

“It was incredible to be in such close proximity with people all the time and only have each other to talk to, and I feel really close to everyone in there, even the few that left early… It's a once in a lifetime experience.”

New episodes of Big Brother Canada Season 10 air Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays on Global, streaming online the next day.

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