Evicted 'Big Brother Canada' houseguest exposes the most untrustworthy players in the game

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Moose and Summer Big Brother Canada Season 10 (Corus Entertainment/Insight Productions/Joanna Bell) (Joanna Bell - Corus Entertainmen)

Moose Bendago, the latest person on Big Brother Canada Season 10 to be evicted from the house (now joining Hermon Nizghi on the jury), has his eye on two particularly untrustworthy competitors, Summer Sayles and Josh Nash.

“Josh and Summer I think are two of the most untrustworthy players in this game,” Moose told Yahoo Canada after his eviction.

“Me and Josh were supposed to be riding it out until the end of this game, with Hermon as well... I think Summer has been telling a lot of people lies because she hasn't had to have any power, ever. If [Summer] does get power, she's going to be breaking some truths that she's told a lot of people. So I think she's riding that close, but it's going to hit a wall at some point.”

Before Moose was evicted, Head of Household Gino Giannopoulos put Moose and Summer on the block for eviction, claiming that they were pawns in his plan to “backdoor” Marty Frenette. But that never ended up happening with Haleena Gill winning Power of Veto, choosing to not save Moose or Summer from possible eviction. Additionally Jayce-Lynne Graham, who was awarded a secret veto, also chose not to protect Moose or Summer from elimination.

When the votes were in, every houseguest voted for Moose to leave.

“I feel like Gino had a deeper plan in mind,” Moose said. “I think he wanted to get rid of me, I just don’t know.”

“I think the main reason that I was evicted is because people saw me as a potential winner of Big Brother and they wanted to get rid of me now, instead of waiting for another chance for that to happen. I was told that by a few people and I think it's also a combination of that, mixed with Summer’s incredible social game.”

If you've been a fan of Moose on the show, don’t feel too sorry for him because Moose is certainly in good spirits moving to jury.

“I'm feeling good about my eviction, I know that sounds weird but I have come to peace with everything that's happened and all the things that I've done in the game,” he said. “I'm in jury, I'm still a part of this decision at the end of the game, I'm all smiles.”

“My decision is going to be based off of who is the biggest competitor, who is somebody that really put it on the line every single time, no matter what the case was. Summer’s game plan was to not win [competitions], for example, and I want somebody that really was trying to win all the time."

Big Brother Canada Season 10 (Corus Entertainment/Insight Productions/Joanna Bell)
Big Brother Canada Season 10 (Corus Entertainment/Insight Productions/Joanna Bell)

Who will be put on the block for the triple eviction on Big Brother Canada?

With a triple eviction on the way, Moose Bendago thinks Gino Giannopoulos or Josh Nash could be leaving the house next.

“Josh is one of the biggest targets left in the house, even though he hasn't won a competition,” Moose said. "If it's not [Jayce-Lynne Graham] winning that [Head of Household], Gino and Jayce might go up at the end of the day because somebody wants to take a shot at the ‘Showmance,’ and Gino’s the one who's won two [Head of Households].”

“So getting rid of Gino and keeping Jayce in the house would make the most sense, if the 'Showmance' did go up.”

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