'Big Brother' contestant JC Mounduix will stay on show despite misconduct against other houseguests

Despite outrage from viewers, Big Brother Season 20 contestant JC Mounduix will not be leaving the CBS show, sources tell the Hollywood Reporter.

Many viewers have called for Mounduix’s departure after the reality show’s live feed showed him fondling and kissing fellow houseguest Tyler Crispen as he slept Wednesday night. The next morning, Crispen admitted that the incident made him uncomfortable, saying, “I’m sleeping alone tonight. … JC is not sleeping with me.”

JC Mounduix will remain on Big Brother despite a string of troubling incidents. (Photo: Bill Inoshita/CBS via Getty Images)

The Wednesday night feeds also caught Mounduix opening the bathroom door on houseguest Haleigh Broucher. Though Broucher told him to leave, he stayed put and even tied the door open until a producer eventually intervened. Broucher later spoke to executive producer Allison Grodner about the matter but decided not to push it because she didn’t want Mounduix to get “in trouble.”

Sources close to the production now tell Hollywood Reporter that neither Crispen nor Broucher have filed an official complaint against Mounduix. Producers have spoken to the houseguests, and Mounduix will continue to participate in the show.

“The expression of viewer concerns regarding JC Mounduix’s behavior was reviewed immediately,” Grodner and fellow executive producer Rich Meehan said in a statement to Yahoo Lifestyle. “All video was examined in its entirety. We spoke with all three of the houseguests separately in detail about the incidents. Tyler and Haleigh explained to producers that they in no way felt threatened, unsafe, or sexually harassed. If there was any indication from our houseguests of sexual misconduct, we and CBS would have taken immediate action.  The safety and security of our houseguests is and will continue to be our top priority.

Mounduix was last seen vying for “Head of Household” on Thursday night’s broadcast, after which he was shown on the live feed telling a fellow houseguest that he was “offended” by suggestions that he has behaved inappropriately.

This week’s incidents have sparked concern from Big Brother fans, who say Mounduix’s behavior amounts to sexual harassment and misconduct. The Miami-based houseguest was reportedly reprimanded earlier in the season for touching his co-stars’ private parts with an ice cream scooper, as well as using racist language.

The controversy comes in the wake of allegations of sexual misconduct against CBS chairman, president, and CEO Les Moonves. Moonves is married to the host of Big Brother, Julie Chen, who has stood by him in the weeks since the the New Yorker published the accusations.

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