'Big Brother' contestants break down into tears for shady reason

Big Brother contestants Azah and Tiffany were having a heart-to-heart Sunday night, during which the ladies were in tears. But not really.

Actually, the joke was on all of the houseguests, because the waterworks were all a big fat lie, and just a ploy so Azah and Tiffany could secretly talk game strategy.

"Really, I'm just faking this crap because I don't want these people to know that Azah and I have a whole strategy about how she can talk to me and I can listen and they don't even know what is going on," Tiffany admitted in the Diary Room.

Big Brother fans took to Twitter laughing with Azah and Tiffany, as they thought the ladies deserved an award for their Oscar-worthy performance. One person tweeted: "The Tiffany/Azah segment was one of the funniest segments I’ve seen in a while that made me genuinely laugh." (@evan-nik)

However, it wasn't all laughs Sunday night. It was new Head of Household Kyland's nomination ceremony, during which he nominated Frenchie and Britini, which, ultimately, ended in some real tears.

"I absolutely don't think that I deserve to be nominated. I'm up here by association because Frenchie is my captain and everybody knows the people I'm loyal to, I stay loyal to. Sorry. Wow," stated a visibly upset Britini in the DR. "But I have to thank Ky. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to potentially kick your ass in this comp and shut you up a little bit. I want this so bad now. I want this so bad now."

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