Big changes at RM of McKillop Council following elections

As a result of Wednesday’s municipal elections, the RM of McKillop will see two new faces and one familiar face return at the next meeting.

The results of the vote were resounding, with Mark Strong, owner of Rowan’s Ridge RV Resort, defeating incumbent Gary Dixon in Division 4 with a vote of 90 - 22.

Local farmer Luke Wild handily defeated incumbent Marilyn Labatte in agricultural Division 2 with a vote of 103 -2.

And a familiar face will be returning to the Council. Former McKillop Reeve and Division 6 Councilor Bruce Bondar defeated University of Regina professor June Ledrew in Division 6 with a vote of 37 -23.

“I feel fantastic, I’m ready to go to work.” said Mark Strong. “ I want to get really good at the core responsibilities that the RM has to their people. Really focus on the necessities that the RM is supposed to focus on. I want the division 4 people to be able to talk to me. I want them to be able to talk to me and phone me with any questions or concerns they have. That always should have been accessible to people.”

Strong said he is excited about the new Council. “I hope that I can live up to the voters expectations.” Reeve Schmidt and Garry Dixon both called Strong to offer their congratulations.

Farmer Luke Wild said he felt good, “it wasn’t a surprise to be honest. I had a pretty good feeling, and it went the way I wanted it to.” Wild said he was happy to join the other new councillors at the table. “I have alot to learn but I’m also going to give my honest opinion on everything that I can do.” Reeve Schmidt also called Wild to offer his congratulations.

Retired Businessman Bruce Bondar is happy about returning to the RM chambers, “Feeling totally awesome. It was a good victory and we had lots of people out voting and I’m just glad everybody had their say. And I’m out hunting today so it has been a great couple of days.” Bondar said he is looking forward to helping out the community by making sure the budget is in order, helping on committees and ensuring there aren’t any tax increases. Reeve Schmidt and June Ledrew called Bondar to offer their congratulation.

The first meeting of the new Council is on Monday, November 14.

Jennifer Argue, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Last Mountain Times