A big NO in the snow: Driver dangerously cleans windshield while on busy highway

While barreling down the westbound Highway 401 in Toronto, one driver captured the actions of another driver that was causing a commotion on the freeway. Instagram user @gavingerbz caught the person in the vehicle attempting to dust off their windshield, after an apparent avalanche of snow had fallen on it.

The video has since gone viral, and commenters are speculating that the snow probably slid from the roof of the car to the windshield after the drive sped up. It’s some scary stuff.

Stuck on the highway, not being able to see what’s in front of you is a nightmare scenario. It’s also a lesson to clean off your entire car: not just your windows. Avoid your own social media moment by taking care to clean your car off, even if you’re in a rush.

Winter warriors were shocked at the driver’s behaviour and shared their opinions on social media about the incident.

Guidelines for clearing snow off a vehicle

Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act states that you need to be able to see clearly out of your front, side and back windows. It’s not technically illegal if you don’t clear it off properly, but if you cause an accident, you could be charged.

And it’s not just snow that causes visibility issues. A buildup of ice needs to be removed before you take off. But use a designated tool for ice, don’t pour hot water on your windshield or use a sharp object. Both of these objects can damage your car or crack your windows.

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If you have a push-to-start car, you can turn on your front and rear defrosters before you start cleaning to make things easier.

Above all , the biggest lesson learned from this video is never forget to clear the roof of your car. And if snow falls on your car, you should pull over if it’s safe to do so.

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