Big Ten softball tournament called in helicopter to dry off field after rain delay

Ryan Young
Yahoo Sports Contributor
The Big Ten softball tournament used a helicopter to dry off the field after a rain delay on Friday in Madison, Wisconsin. (Twitter/BigTenNetwork)

The Big Ten softball tournament was plagued by rain on Friday, with a massive storm hitting the Madison, Wisconsin, area for more than five hours.

After the storm had finally passed, Big Ten officials had to get a little creative in order to get the field ready to resume the delayed matchup between Minnesota and Wisconsin.

So they called in a helicopter.

The Big Ten actually called in a helicopter to help dry off the field, causing what might be the first “Chopper Delay” in all of college sports.

After evacuating the stadium and closing the road next to the stadium, the helicopter flew right in and landed in the infield briefly. It then flew back and forth over the infield and outfield to dry it out.

It turns out this was a pretty effective method, too. Shortly after the chopper flew away, fans were let back in the stadium and the game finally resumed.

Way to get creative, Big Ten.

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