Bikers invite P.E.I. premier for a visit

Complaining of fear mongering by police, the Atlantic Confederation of Clubs has invited P.E.I. Premier Wade MacLauchlan, local MPs, and members of the media for a visit at a local club.

The confederation describes itself as a not for profit association made up of clubs and independent motorcyclists. The membership page on its website includes a collection of club patches and a list of club names, including Hells Angels, Bacchus, and Gate Keepers.

In a news release the confederation said the invite is so they can "see for themselves what a motorcycle club house consists of, and that the fear mongering put forth by the Police is unjustified."

Premier to forward invitation to law enforcement

The premier, however, has no plans to visit the club. In a statement from the Department of Justice and Public Safety the province said it would pass the invitation on to police. 

"As law enforcement is leading the coordinated strategy, government will forward the invitation to them," said the department statement. 

The province also welcomed the Atlantic Confederation of Clubs and Independents "to share their concerns in writing to government." 

The invite from the club is in response to a joint news conference by the premier and Island police forces, where MacLauchlan announced he was considering legislation to ban colours in bars, making the construction of fortified buildings illegal, and regulating the sale of body armour.

Police have expressed concern that outlaw motorcycle gangs could establish on P.E.I. and use its long coastline to import drugs into the country.

"Government supports the work of Island police, trusts their advice and commends the work they do in protecting Islanders," continued the statement.

Police have been watching the clubs closely, including videotaping people coming and going at their meetings.

"Government supports law abiding motorcycle clubs and law abiding motorcycle enthusiasts," said the Department of Justice and Public Safety. The department said however at recent meetings organized by the Atlantic Confederation of Clubs and Independents other clubs known to police were also there. 

"We know there were members of the Hell's Angels, Bacchus and their affiliates at these meetings," said the department.

There have not been any gang-related arrests or charges on P.E.I.

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