Bilal Powell's 75-yard touchdown run is pretty incredible

New York Jets running back Bilal Powell‘s 75-yard touchdown run Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars gets the early nod for strangest touchdown of the week.

Powell was tripped up on a sweep play, either by a teammate or by his own doing, only to have the entire Jaguars defense stop and assume the play was over.

New York Jets running back Bilal Powell scored from 75 yards out Sunday on a play everyone thought had already ended. (AP)

Powell, to his credit, never heard a whistle and kept running.

After a review by the officials, the play stood, making it 7-7 and easily earning Powell the longest play of his seven-year career (his previous best was a 39-yard run in 2013). The 28-year-old finished the game with a career-high 163 yards on 21 carries. The Jets moved to 2-2 with their 23-20 overtime win.

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