Bill Belichick gives surprisingly in-depth answer on why 2020 has been rough for the Patriots

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick isn’t always known for his in-depth answers during press conferences. Every once in a while, Belichick will share insightful musings on special teams, but, generally, he doesn’t like to reveal much.

That wasn’t the case Saturday, as Belichick provided an in-depth answer that explained why the Patriots are struggling in 2020. Belichick was asked about the team relying more on younger players this season. While he touched on that, Belichick also gave insight into why the team looks different this year.

Belichick explained the team is relying more on young players for a number of reasons. He specifically lists the team’s salary cap situation. Belichick says the Patriots have been up against the cap in previous seasons, and are fixing that situation in 2020. Because of that, he says the team lacks its usual depth.

On top of that, Belichick says a number of players opted out, and that the team is dealing with injuries. His response doubles as an answer to Charlie Weis’ question and also an explanation for why the Patriots are just 2-4 this season.

Belichick continued to touch on those subjects later in the conversation, saying the team has regressed in recent weeks.

Bill Belichick opens up to Charlie Weis

Belichick isn’t usually as forthcoming with his answers, but it probably helped that he was speaking to one of his former coaches. Belichick and Weis coached together for years. The two started with the New York Giants. In 1990, Belichick was the team’s defensive coordinator and Weis was an offensive assistant. The two went their separate ways when Belichick was named head coach of the Cleveland Browns. Weis joined the Patriots with Bill Parcells and worked his way up to offensive coordinator.

Belichick re-joined Parcells with the Patriots in 1996, where he was reunited with Weis. The two followed Parcells to the Jets. Belichick was the team’s defensive coordinator and Weis coached the offense. When Belichick was hired to be the Patriots’ head coach in 2000, he brought Weis over from the Jets. The pair remained together through the 2004 season. At that point, Weis left to coach Notre Dame.

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