Bill Brecht Park Playground Upgrade Committee releases design

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The Bill Brecht Park Playground Upgrade Committee has released the final design of the future playground, which will be situated on the southeast corner of the park.

Cathy Zimmerman with the Bill Brecht Playground Upgrade Committee, said the location within the park was chosen with consultation from both the local ball association and the City of Humboldt.

“With the size of the playground it was best suited to go over in the southeast corner, as opposed to where it is now,” Zimmerman said. “It’s a substantially bigger structure than what is currently at our park, as well it has the double zip lines.”

The $260,000 playground is planned to be installed in two phases, the first the committee hopes to install this coming summer.

Phase one will include a beehive fort with enclosed slide, climbing wall, swing set which will include a tot bucket swing, and an accessible boat swing, two backhoes, and the roll.

Phase two will include a double zip line which will include one with an accessible seat, accessible carriage swing designed for all ages, play structure with the two slides, kitchenette, skateboard bouncer, snowboard bouncer, accessible sensory panel, park benches, and the swirl.

Zimmerman said she’s personally excited for the accessible swing.

“That’s something that we wanted to put on because it’s wheelchair accessible, you can ride right onto the swing in your wheelchair, it’s something grandparents can sit on and swing with their grandchildren or heck, by themselves,” she said. “That’s something that we wanted [where] it wouldn’t matter your age or ability.”

The baseball cages will be relocated to where the old playground currently is, which will be dismantled.

Nearly $25,000 has been raised to date, but Zimmerman said the City of Humboldt has committed to contributing a substantial amount of funds during the next budget cycle.

“Our committee is working hard on approaching businesses for sponsorships and just local people with donations as well as we’re looking at bigger grants, that’s what our focus is right now,” Zimmerman said.

Jessica R. Durling, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Humboldt Journal

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