Bill Clinton says he would suspend the filibuster to protect voting rights from GOP attacks

Former President Bill Clinton joined Late Night With Seth Meyers Wednesday, where he revealed what side he’s on in the battle among Democrats over the filibuster. While many are in support of getting rid of it in the interest of protecting voting rights, some, like Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia, is staunchly against it. Senate Republicans recently stopped the prospect of even debating the For the People Act, only strengthening the calls to end the filibuster so Democrats can pass the voting rights legislation.

“I understand the president’s reluctant to get rid of it altogether,” Clinton said, “and I sympathize with Joe Manchin, who’s is trying to, you know, stand up for the right thing and represent people that voted more than 2 to1 for President Trump. But I think when it comes to preserving democracy, you know, I would suspend the filibuster because I think it's essential.”

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