Bill Pullman pulls a Clint Eastwood in 'The Ballad of Lefty Brown' trailer (exclusive)

Ethan Alter
Senior Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

Bill Pullman is roughly the same age now that Clint Eastwood was when he made Unforgiven back in 1992. Accordingly, the new western The Ballad of Lefty Brown awards the 63-year-old Independence Day star his Eastwood moment. Written and directed by Jared Moshé, the film stars Pullman as the titular aging cowboy who sees his best friend (Peter Fonda) gunned down and subsequently embarks on a mission of revenge that naturally comes with a high personal price. Yahoo Entertainment has your exclusive first look at the poster and trailer for The Ballad of Lefty Brown, which will be released by A24 on DirecTV on Nov. 9, with a theatrical release to follow on Dec. 15. (See the poster below and watch the trailer above.)

Photo: A24

Like Eastwood’s William Munny, Pullman’s Lefty makes sure to assemble a trusty posse before heading out on his vengeance quest. In addition to old pal Tom Harrah (Tommy Flanagan), Lefty recruits upstart assassin Jeremiah (Diego Josef). One person whose help he can’t count on, unfortunately, is the newly elected governor, Jimmy Bierce (Jim Caviezel) — another former associate who has turned his back on Lefty since entering the world of politics. Premiering at South by Southwest earlier this year, The Ballad of Lefty Brown earned strong reviews with special mention for its star. Clearly, it’s well past time for a Clint Eastwood-Bill Pullman collaboration. Other than Casper, of course.

The Ballad of Lefty Brown premieres exclusively on DirecTV on Nov. 9 and in theaters on Dec. 15. 

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