Bills fan eats bowl of 19-year-old Flutie Flakes

It turns out that breaking tables and fighting in the stands in Jacksonville weren’t the only extreme things that Buffalo Bills fans did during their short-lived return to the playoffs.

One Bills fan marked the occasion by opening a 19-year-old box of Flutie Flakes, pouring some milk over them and sampling a few bites for all of YouTube to see.

C’mon, like you’re not going to watch this.

The man’s two-word review of “pretty good” speaks to either 1) the wonders of vacuum sealing or 2) the hearty and unshakeable nature of people who live through Buffalo winters.

Maybe both.

Over 3 million boxes of Flutie Flakes were sold during Flutie’s run with the Bills at the end of last century with all proceeds benefiting autism research (Flutie’s son Doug Jr. has autism).

The corn flakes were so ubiquitous on both a local and national level that Dolphins coach Jimmy Johnson had his team stomp on a box after Miami beat Buffalo in a 1998 wild card game. Johnson later apologized after Flutie said the Dolphins might as well have been stomping on his son.

Doug Flutie in a commercial for Flutie Flakes. (Screen shot)