Bills take ‘Punt God’ Matt Araiza with the first pick in the 6th Round | PFF Draft Show

The PFF team discusses the Buffalo Bills selection of SDSU P Matt Araiza in the 6th Round of the 2022 NFL Draft.

Video Transcript

- We have the big one of day three. Who-- what-- Punt God.

- Came off?

- Yep. To the Buffalo Bills.

- Matt Araiza's off the board.

- To the Buffalo Bills.

- Let's go. Buffalo Bills. Wanting to win the field position battle. OK? This guy was regarded as the most incredible punter of all time. Greatest punter to ever grace a football field. Mike, is it worth the first selection here in the sixth round? It's 100% yes or it's 100% no. I won't let you go in between.

- I'm going to-- Yes, it is.

- All right, there it is. Full endorsement from Mike--

- 50.5 average punt last year. Dude has a booth attached to him. But again like I said earlier, his lasers-- laser show. 3.92 average hang time. One of the lowest-- or actually, is the lowest of any of any of the guys that is going to get drafted.

- But that was your strategy, right? Wasn't their strategy just for him to blast it into the end zone every time?

- He ranked 14th in punting grade for us. I still think Ryan Stonehouse is the punter [? worth-- ?]

- Straight on five.

- Straight out-- well five and great. He's number two behind Jordan Stout. He's got a--

- Araiza's job was to blast it into the end zone every time. And so they told them to do, right? They didn't really care about the field position. They were just, like, boot it into the end zone. We don't care.

- Yeah. And that's quite literally what he did.

- Buffalo Bills.

- Dan, that was--

- --staying ahead of the curve.

- That, well, I mean, that offense was-- Like I said earlier, with Daniel Belanger, I think that offense is kind of like Iowa-esque. That's what I comped them to. They're the Iowa in the group of five. Just relying on defense. Ground and pound the ball. Can't throw the rock at all whatsoever. Just hopefully you get some good punts in there, and then get some turnovers, and you're going to win 14-10.

- What? Was it Seth who was saying that, when you have a good team, you can afford to take a special team's player? Or was that you?

- That was me.

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