Bills' Stefon Diggs on the evolution of his game, balling out with Josh Allen I Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast

Stefon Diggs joins the Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast on behalf of SAXX Underwear, discussing his growth as a player, teaming up with Josh Allen and his new role as Chief Ball Officer. Find out more at

Video Transcript

- You're definitely one of those underdogs, Stefon. And like I can't believe, honestly now, that the first time we met was like coming off the 2017 season. Now you're like-- that was when you were just kind of starting the rise. And now you're very established.

What sort of has changed with the way you prepare and go into games and go into entire seasons, now that you're kind of that grizzled veteran guy now?

STEFON DIGGS: Yeah, you trying to find a nice way to call me old, and I appreciate you.

- I mean, I'm older than you, pal. So like--

STEFON DIGGS: But it's been a long road, especially anticipating where I was before and the way thought as a player. I feel like where I am now in my life, I was-- we all-- when I say we've got that make up, those guys with chips on your shoulders on our team. That's why it's hard to even get into that realm of living in for the expectation, or living like that. Because we all came in a certain kind of way. So you're not going to change the makeup of what you are and how you are as a person, as far as having success or not. You continue to either be that and you exude that, or you kind of like fall into the trap.

But nobody's falling into the trap. I feel like that's just not how those guys are-- we're wired, at least. And now, I'm saying, going into my eighth year, I'm definitely a little seasoned. We'll say seasoned. And having the success in the recent years equates primarily to opportunity. We spoke about that, I remember, years ago.

And I'm really just blessed to be in the situation I am. And so part of being blessed is nurturing those relationships that I got, those new relationships, and having that new quarterback, having a guy that has somewhat of a similar makeup as you, as far as being counted out.

Because I can bring up a lot of-- I want to say [BLEEP] that they were saying about Josh when I first got there.

- 100%.

STEFON DIGGS: When I got there, I was like this. I never saw that guy. I never experienced the guy that y'all said he was, or-- they were saying like Josh is it accurate. But when him, the ball is hitting me and my chest, 100 miles per hour. And I'm like damn. Ease up a little bit. Like so it's like, I can't relate to the-- I can't relate to the noise. So that's part of me ignoring it.

- You're here on behalf of Saxx underwear. Tell us a little bit about what you got going on there.

STEFON DIGGS: I mean, as you have heard, or if you haven't, I'm the Chief Ball Officer. I just applied for that position over there at Saxx. They've got a new ballpark, as I was saying, that they're raving about, that we're getting fully behind, me and my other sibling, as you know, Trevon Diggs.

So it's definitely some exciting things. It was the easy pick for us. Because as you know, we all-- I try to get my hands on as many balls as possible. But I try to, and I try to make it fun. So it was definitely some good, creative, innovative content, hopefully, we can continue to build off of.