Billy Crystal used Trump's words to expel Trump-supporting heckler from show

On The Tonight Show, Billy Crystal talked about a standup show he did near Washington, D.C., shortly after the inauguration of Donald Trump, at which he was forced to have a Trump-supporting heckler removed after she didn’t take kindly to a couple of jokes he told about Trump. Crystal retold the jokes to raucous laughter.

“This guy, he’s so unpredictable, this may be the first time the Secret Service wrestles the president to the ground to keep him safe from us. I mean, his approval rating is 38, the Zika virus is 40,” Crystal said.

After the joke, the woman yelled, “Honor the president!”

The crowd booed the woman, but Crystal quieted them down and tried to explain to the woman that they were just jokes. But the woman wasn’t having it and continued to cause a scene. So Crystal used a variation of Trump’s own words to have her removed.

Crystal said, “Ma’am, I’m gonna use your own president’s words on you if you love him so much: Get her out.”

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