Billy Porter issues an apology to Harry Styles for comments about his Vogue cover

On The Late Show Thursday night, host Stephen Colbert wasted no time asking actor Billy Porter about his recent comments about Harry Styles's historic Vogue cover.

In November of 2020, Styles made history when he became Vogue's first-ever solo male cover star, but made bigger waves as he did it wearing a full length gown, which had fans praising him for "breaking down barriers of toxic masculinity."

However, in an interview with British paper The Sunday Times last month, Porter criticized the cover, saying, "I was the first one doing it and now everybody is doing it," and "I'm not dragging Harry Styles, but... He doesn't care, he's just doing it because it's the thing to do. This is politics for me. This is my life."

Porter also shared in the interview, "I had to fight my entire life to get to the place where I could wear a dress to the Oscars," and "All (Styles) has to do is be white and straight."

On The Late Show Thursday, Porter admitted he was surprised his comments blew up the way they did when there are so many other things that are more "important on this earth to be talking about," and issued an official apology to Styles.

"Harry Styles, I apologize to you for having your name in my mouth. It's not about you. The conversation is not about you," said Porter.

Porter continued, "The conversation is actually deeper than that. It is about the systems of oppression and erasure of people of color who contribute to the culture. Now, that's a lot to unpack. I'm willing to unpack it, sans the dragging and cancel culture of the internet, because I do not now, nor will ever, adjudicate my life or humanity in sound bites on social media. So when you're ready to have the real conversation, call a bitch. Okay? I'm ready to have it!"

Porter then concluded his statement on a lighter note, being his typical humorous self, stating, "I'm sorry, Harry. I didn't mean no harm. I'm a gay man. We like Harry, he's cute!"

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