Bina Das: The Forgotten Freedom Fighter Of Bengal

As the struggle for freedom began operation underground, Bina Das was one of the many women revolutionaries who were at the forefront of the freedom movement in Bengal. Bina Das along with her peers were deeply inspired by and found themselves to be in the vortex of the slogan “karenge ya marenge” (we will do or die).

Known for her revolutionary act, her attempt to assassinate the then British governor of Bengal in 1932 remains etched in the annals of Indian freedom movement.

Das hails from a family of revolutionaries, her father Beni Madhab Das, as an educationist, inspired many of his students to rise up for the cause of India’s freedom, the most notable being Subhas Chandra Bose. Her mother, Sarala Devi, also ran a women’s hostel named Punya Ashram in then Calcutta that housed several revolutionaries of the time. Both her parents focused on the upliftment of women and women’s rights in Bengal, leading by example the latter day revolutionaries, sisters Bina and Kalyani.

Towards the end of her life, according to several reports, Bina Das retreated from public life and spent her days refusing the pension that the government provided to freedom fighters. A remarkably bright star, Bina Das died in solitude, poverty and anonymity. Her contributions to the struggle for independence however continue to live on as part of women in Indian history.

Watch the video to learn more about this unsung hero's tale of valor.

(Video edited by Nang Tanvi)

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