Birthday celebrations for Hong Kong's rising new idol spread to Richmond Hill

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Anyone who closely follows trends in Hong Kong will no doubt be aware that boy band MIRROR has taken Hong Kong by storm, with Keung To, one of the youngest in the 12-member group, topping the charts for music awards, popularity and breaking out internationally.

Even outside of Keung's hometown, his fans have been sprouting like mushrooms overseas, and Toronto has not been spared. His official fan club, Canada Ginger Candies, reportedly has 379 members, with more than 3.8K followers on their Instagram.

Keung will be turning to 23 on April 30, and to celebrate his birthday, Ginger Candies have arranged multiple digital billboard advertisements at prime locations around downtown Toronto and Markham’s Markville Mall between April 25 to May 1.

This wave of out-of-home (OOH) advertising will run alongside similar OOH displays in Hong Kong and numerous other key cities in eight countries and regions, including Times Square in New York.

In the Ginger Candies' mind, Keung is known for his selflessness and compassion. Therefore, his fans are actively involved in local charitable events as well.

“Our group just completed the raising money for Team SickKids events to kick off our Keung month celebration. A total of 61 Candies from different parts of Canada once again participated in SickKids Foundation's fundraising campaign,” said Kitty, one of Keung’s fans in Toronto.

On April 30, an ad truck showcasing Keung's snapshots will be seen at various landmarks in Toronto. A flash mob at Times Square, Richmond Hill, that evening will wrap up the day. Everyone is invited to the flash mob for a fun-filled evening with photo ops and freebies.

More information can be found on the Canada Ginger Candies Instagram at

Scarlett Liu, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Economist & Sun

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