Bizarre fruit-selling protest takes place as private education establishments in India remain closed due to COVID-19

Private coaching owners and teachers staged a protest in eastern India's Jharkhand by selling vegetables in opposition to government policies keeping their coaching centres shut during the lockdown. The footage was captured in Dhanbad on June 30. The video shows at least 1000 coaching centre owners selling fruits and vegetables on carts by the side of the road. According to the protestors, the government has given permissions to open malls and courts with social distancing rules yet continue to shut their coaching institutions. Manoj Singh, president of the same coaching association, said that there are about 1000 coaching in Dhanbad district which nurtures more than 5000 teachers, but the government has completely stopped the business. "We have become financially weak. We need something to sustain our lives. We request the government to open our centres and let us live again," said one of the protestors. "House rent arrears are increasing. EMI also has to be paid. We had first apprised the Chief Minister, Education Minister and the district administration. We were hopeful that we would listen. We have to become like late Sushant Singh Rajput if the condition goes on," added another. Police personnel rushed to the protest and dispersed them from the square.