'Black-ish' spin-off moves from drugs to sex

Black-ish's young adult spin-off is holding nothing back when it comes to tackling Grown-ish subjects and, this week, the new series moved on to the topic of hooking up.

"Everybody's trying to hook up. Especially the ones who might have had a little too much to drink. But, if colleges didn't want students hooking up, they wouldn't give us beds and rooms with lockable doors. So really, that's on you, college," said Yara Shahidi's Zoey Johnson.

The episode, titled "If You're Reading This, It's Too Late," opened with Zoey getting super close to Aaron Jackson (Trevor Jackson) after he sent her a typical booty call text reading "U up?" However, after the fourth text, she decided to consult her besties to figure out how she should respond, which ultimately led to an open discussion about what exactly "hooking up" means. Turns out, the not-yet-jaded Zoey thought "hooking up" just meant making out. Ana (Francia Raisa) agreed as well, sharing, "To me, 'hooking up' can be just meeting up with someone. Like, I hooked up with my uncle last night. We didn't do anything sexual, we just had dinner in his hotel suite." Hmmmm. Someone needs to tell Ana to never use the word "hookup" and "uncle" in the same sentence ever again. And over in the guys' dorm, they were having a similar conversation. However, their convo was more about #sendnudes.

"This is why I don't mess with texting," Vivek (Jordan Buhat) told Aaron. "It leaves things too open for interpretation. This is why I just fire off dong pics." But Aaron didn't feel comfortable sending pics of his you-know-what, as he told his Vivek, " I feel like there's nothing pretty about, you know, your appendage." To which Vivek said, "Oh, I disagree. With strategic manscaping, solid lighting... Your dick'll bring a woman to tears." Questionable.

In the end, no nudes or sexts were sent and, between last week's episode about drugs, to this week's episode of sex, we can't wait to see what Grown-ish tackles next.