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'Literally saved my feet': This $9 blister balm might be your vacation hero

Whether you’re breaking in new shoes, running a marathon or your vacation demands walking, nothing ruins a day quite like a blister. Even worse? That one day can turn into a week of treatment and healing. But even a fast recovery doesn’t beat preventing the problem in the first place. For that, we turn to Body Glide’s Anti Blister Balm and you can get it at Amazon for just $9.

This balm coats your skin to create a barrier between your shoe and your foot to reduce the friction that causes blisters.
$9 at Amazon

Body Glide specializes in anti-chafing products and this blister balm is just that — an anti-chafing salve for your feet. The balm itself is plant-based and infused with anti-inflammatory ingredients, like vitamins A and C to both minimize inflammation and soften dry or chapped skin.

The packaging looks like deodorant, but instead of coating your armpit with a few strokes of the stick, you rub it on areas of your feet that are prone to blisters. The balm is a barrier between your shoe and your foot that reduces the friction that causes blisters. The trick is to use it before blisters crop up. That means you should be aware of the activities or shoes that trigger the blisters.

woman applying balm to her foot
Your feet will thank you. (Photo: Amazon)

Painless break-in period

More than 7,000 rave reviewers have already discovered this foot-saving salve. If you’ve added any shoes to your cart, consider this balm new shoe companion.

“You don’t actually realize how well this stuff works until you don’t use it,” wrote one savvy salve shopper. “I’ve been using this for years now to break in new heels and flats, and have never once had a blister after using it. I love how it goes on invisibly and doesn’t make your feet feel greasy or make your shoes slip around too much. Yesterday I forgot to apply it when I wore some flats I’d already worn 3–4 times with this balm, each time involving a lot of walking and even one night dancing, with zero blisters. Let me tell you, within four blocks of walking without this balm I was already feeling it and by block six every step was painful. It was a night and day difference from when I had used this balm with these same shoes in previous wears.”

"I had these horribly uncomfortable and equally expensive dress shoes I thought I would have to trash because they were so painful to break in I couldn't bear it!" wrote another five-star fan. "I thought this was my last shot. Surprise! It worked amazing! After lots of walking for about three hours my pinky toes felt a little sore, but reapplying saved the situation. I successfully wore them with no blisters or hot spots! Truly a miracle product."

foot balm
Meet your new walking companion. (Photo: Amazon)

Vacation saver

Blisters can be a huge bummer on a vacation — no one wants to spend a week at an amusement park nursing their feet back to health.

"Literally saved my feet at Walt Disney World!" shared a happy shopper. "The last time we were at Disney I left with feet full of blisters! We were walking somewhere around 14 miles a day for 12 days! 😬 This time, I did lots of research and this seemed to be the product that everyone was using! I put it on every morning and we walked around 14 miles every day, and I didn’t get one blister! It is a miracle worker! …. It was the middle of July, hot, humid…. And I wore flip-flops! I highly recommend this product!"

"I have very sensitive feet and every time I go to Vegas my feet are wrecked and covered in blisters," reported happy traveler. "I purchased this not really believing it would work. I just returned from my Vegas trip and I have ZERO blisters! This stuff works great! I only applied it once in the morning and it was good for the day."

Endurance events

This blister balm has saved more than a few feet pounding the pavement, and if you have a charity walk or marathon coming up, you might want to put this on your packing list for the event.

"This was a life saver!" wrote a charity walker. "I have done a 3-day, 60-mile cancer walk the last three years. The first two years I got pretty bad blisters, some of which threatened to end my walk. This year, I tried the foot glide, and it was amazing — not one blister!"

"I have tried everything to prevent running related blisters: fitted for new shoes, special socks, second skin, taping...literally everything," a marathon runner wrote. "This stuff has made a huge difference! I was losing toenails from huge blisters on my toes, which made training for long-distance races rough. I have been using this for a couple of weeks now that I am back to training for a half marathon, and it has made all the difference! I have had one minor blister, which may be due to minimal application on that area. Otherwise I am blister free!"

This balm coats your skin to create a barrier between your shoe and your foot to reduce the friction that causes blisters.
$9 at Amazon

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