Blizzard won’t release any more new content for ‘Heroes of the Storm’

The studio has "no plans" to create new characters or skins for players to buy.


Blizzard is ending development on Heroes of the Storm. In a brief blog post published on Friday, the studio said it plans to support the MOBA “in a manner similar” to games like Starcraft II. Moving forward, Blizzard said fans can expect the company to continue to release patches that address bugs and balance issues “as needed.” However, it has “no plans” to add new content to the in-game shop – which, for the time being, will continue to operate.

“To our Heroes community, we say, ‘thank you,’” Blizzard said, noting it will gift a free in-game mount to players with the game’s next patch. “You continue to be one of our most passionate communities, we’re grateful for your continued dedication and support, and as always, we look forward to seeing you in the Nexus.”

Friday’s announcement effectively caps off what’s been a slow death for the Blizzard-universe MOBA. In 2018, former studio president J. Allen Brack said the studio had made the “difficult” decision to move some of the staff that had been working on Heroes of the Storm to other projects. Since then, the cadence of new content slowed to a trickle. The game’s most recently added hero came in 2020. Blizzard’s abrupt decision to end its support of the Heroes of the Storm esports scene also left many pros bitter with the company.