Blogger defends herself against critics of her daughter's Halloween makeup

Ellarie is a popular makeup artist known for her tutorials, her transformations, and her adorable daughter, 6-year-old Yoshidoll. On a YouTube channel of her own, Yoshidoll is the subject of what the pair calls “katorials,” or kids’ tutorials, which mostly focus on the little one’s hair care and styles.

But for a recent Disney look for Halloween, followers believe that Ellarie took the makeup magic a little too far.

Ellarie completely transformed her daughter Yoshidoll into Disney’s Moana. (Photo: Yoshidoll/Disney)

In recent posts leading up to Halloween, Ellarie shared the full face transformation that she did on her daughter to accompany her Moana costume. And when negative comments started coming in, the mother felt inclined to post a PSA.


“THIS IS MY CHILD … I don’t need any help or opinions on what I should and shouldn’t do, I’m good,” she wrote in response to critics, which is something she’s rarely ever had to do before. But the mom of one tells Yahoo Lifestyle that sometimes people just take it too far.

“It wasn’t about making her look like an adult; it was simply making her look just like the character … it’s Halloween!” Ellarie says, with reassurance that her daughter was, of course, unharmed. “In the end, she looked beautiful as Moana for the day and looks even more beautiful as Yoshidoll every day.”

The Disney character has already made headlines as a controversial costume on the basis of cultural appropriation. However, the makeup artist thinks the negativity surrounding Yoshidoll’s look has more to do with the obvious cosmetic transformations involved in all Disney looks.

“Ironically, I did a Halloween makeup tutorial for her channel when she was 4 of a Masquerade Skull, without backlash. I think because Moana is not a little fish or butterfly, but instead a beautiful brown girl, people couldn’t take the full transformation,” Ellarie says. “Disney princesses may be animated, but anyone who does makeup can see the makeup — Ariel’s red lips, Jasmine’s wing liner, ALL of their eyebrows! I create transformations on myself with makeup for a living, so if my daughter says she wants to turn herself into Moana for Halloween … she’s gonna get the whole shebang!”


With such a big personality at such a young age, Yoshidoll was able to fully transform into the character, from singing Moana songs to mimicking her facial expressions. And although some of her expressions were misread by viewers as the child’s appearing unhappy, Ellarie reassures people that her daughter, who doesn’t wear makeup regularly, loved her look.

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