One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson gets a fright from naked man outside hotel room

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Louis Tomlinson is used to fans trying to get into his room, but a nude man must've been a shock.

Louis Tomlinson

One Direction's fans know no bounds when it comes to gaining access to their favourite lads.

But the boy band aren't so experienced that they've come across every kind of close encounter.

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Louis Tomlinson had quite a fright when a naked man tried to get in to his hotel room at 5am.

The 20-year-old One Direction star, who was having trouble sleeping due to jet lag, heard a noise outside his room and took a peek through the spy-hole, only to be met by an eyeful of nude male!

Louis Tomlinson, One Direction, Toronto

A friend told the Sun that the funny episode happened in Stockholm, Sweden.

Assuming it was a wiley fan who'd snuck past security, Louis Tomlinson was surprised to see a starkers man in the hotel corridor.

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Louis Tomlison called security who came and removed the man, who wasn't actually a fan trying to get into Louis' bedroom but in fact a drunk who was looking for the loo!

That's certainly one for the memory book. Then again, maybe not.