How Jennifer Lopez handled her exes at the Golden Globes

Matt Donnelly
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Jennifer Lopez has taught us many a lesson: the joys of double-stick tape, what her love costs and, now, how to handle awkward moments like bumping into former lovers.

Sunday's Golden Globes telecast saw Lopez present best original song alongside actor Jason Statham, but run-ins with Ben Affleck and Diddy served as bookends for her glamorous night.

Around 4:30 p.m. Sunday, Lopez was working the red carpet in her splash-making nude gown – chatting atop the "Entertainment Tonight" platform, while her dancer beau Casper Smart waited for her.

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omg! rolled into the ceremony alongside Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner – who nearly collided with Lopez and Smart at the top of the carpet. The respective couple’s saving grace? George Clooney.

In a moment of perfect timing, Clooney was stepping off the same platform with girlfriend Stacy Keibler and took the moment to introduce the women, avoiding a collision between Ben, Casper, and both Jennifers.

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"Don't you look nice?" Clooney cooed to Lopez before making the Keibler intro.

It was hard to miss Affleck, however, once seated in the Hilton's grand ballroom.

The "Argo" filmmaker nabbed a best director trophy and Lopez "paid close attention to the stage" as he ascended. She was "beaming," according to Us Weekly.

Later on, slipping into a black dress and a cashmere wrap, Lopez and Smart hit The Weinstein Company after party. Making their rounds, Lopez came face to face with Diddy – her main squeeze from many moons ago.

Without Clooney around to distract, Lopez took the high road.

"How is your night?" she asked the mogul breezily. Though Smart remained silent, Lopez and Diddy volleyed for a few moments before both moved on into the night -- that saw attendance from the likes of Leo DiCaprio, Eva Longoria, Jonah Hill, Helen Mirren and more.

Crises averted for J.Lo. And she looked great doing it.

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