• Man found dead in vehicle after receiving four days worth of parking tickets

    A curious South Florida woman made a grisly discovery Nov. 15 after looking inside an SUV with four days worth of parking tickets plastered on the front windshield. Carolyn White was shocked to find 62-year-old Jacob Morpeau slumped over inside an Isuzu Axiom parked outside a courthouse in Broward County

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  • Baby penguin rescued after wandering into Sydney storm drain

    Two Australian men rescued a penguin Thursday morning after finding him stuck and confused in a storm drain. Josh Pirini and Scott Martin were taking photos of street art along a canal in a Sydney suburb Thursday afternoon when suddenly they heard tiny footsteps coming from a drain, reports The Sydney

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  • Spanish streets named after dictator to be renamed after powerful women

    In February, the Spanish government started enforcing a law that requires street signs named after former dictator Francisco Franco to be removed. With this in mind, certain street names in select cities in Spain will soon be changed. Instead of honouring former dictator Francisco Franco and other

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  • Toddler gets teddy bears to honour his police officer father

    The son of slain St. Louis police officer Blake Snyder received an early Christmas present this year: two teddy bears made from his father’s uniform.

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  • Single man spoofs Christmas cards with clever optical illusion

    Whether it’s the steady stream of Christmas cards arriving from happy families, or having to attend a festive feast without a companion, the month of December can be a constant reminder of just how alone some people are. A single man decided to take on the staged Christmas card genre embraced by some

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  • After battling back from sponsorship scandal days, new fundraisers 'can't help but hurt' the Liberal brand, say experts

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks at an event on Dec. 2. Almost six years ago, as a minority Conservative government took up arms against federal taxpayer subsidies of political parties in its march toward the next election, the deputy Liberal leader at the time was busy raising the alarm. The subsidies

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  • College student sends hilarious email to teacher after dental surgery

    Abby Jo Hamele wrote her teacher a hilariously inappropriate email after her wisdom tooth surgery. Abby Jo Hamele, a 19-year-old student at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, had her wisdom teeth removed before the American Thanksgiving weekend. Mistakenly believing her philosophy paper was due soon

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  • Woman finds Donald Trump's face in red pepper

    The red pepper (left) and Donald Trump speaking at a rally. “A discussion about Trump and the state of the world was going on while the veg was being sliced up. The pepper is not exactly a spitting image of Trump, but it appears to have scrunched eyes and a wide open mouth similar to some of Trump’

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  • QUIZ: This week in Canadian news: Nov. 26 - Dec. 2

    How well do you know about the people making news in Canada this week? Take our challenge and find out.

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  • Grinch has second thoughts after stealing family's Christmas lights

    After stealing lights off a Staten Island family’s lawn in the middle of the night, the thief decided to return the decorations along with a letter of apology after being caught in the act by security cameras, reports the Gothamist. Retired police lieutenant Michael Reilly re-posted the video on his

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  • 80-year-old Albertan wins $50 million: "I'm too old for this."

    Lois Olsen struck it rich in Alberta. Photo from Alberta Gaming & Liquor Commission.

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  • Australian man builds humongous Christmas tree out of beer cans

    An Australian man is making good use of his empties to spread Christmas cheer. Perth resident Wesley Boyd and a crew of pals assembled a massive Christmas tree made entirely of empty green cans of Victoria Bitter beer.

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  • Doctors frustrated by Liberals on tax change eyeing a move to the U.S., says radiologist group

    Specialists across the country are furious over a plan by the Liberals to include them in a change to the small business tax laws, saying the anger could kick off another brain drain to the U.S.

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  • Toronto boxing program for female survivors of abuse gets federal funding

    A program providing boxing training to women who have survived violence has been granted new funding from Canada’s Public Health Agency but hopes for one more thing from the federal government: a visit from the Prime Minister. Toronto Newsgirls Boxing Club houses Shape Your Life, a program run by Brock

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  • Senate attendance records now available online

    In an effort to bring more transparency to a level of government often criticized as being undemocratic, the government has created a website for the public to track how Canadian senators are using their time inside and out of the Red Chamber. The website provides details on all members of the Senate

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  • NYC woman gets help from sanitation crew to locate lost rings

    It all started when a 34-year-old New York City woman was preparing a meatloaf for U.S. thanksgiving and removed three of her rings to avoid getting them dirty. Placing them on a paper towel next to her sink, she went about her busy day and continued getting dinner ready for her family. The woman was

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  • Australian boy with cancer fulfils wish to blow stuff up

    Sometimes people just want to blow stuff up, and 12-year-old Declan is no different. The Australian youth has been diagnosed with leukemia and was given the opportunity to spend a day doing whatever he wanted, thanks to the Australian Make-A-Wish Foundation. According to a video published to Facebook

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  • Elderly Ontario couple reunited after being forced to live apart

    Up until this past August, Jessie Terpstra, 92, and her husband, 93-year-old Clarence, were living happily together. According to CTV News, the couple was residing in a supported retirement residence attached to Shalom Manor, a long-term care facility in Grimsby, Ont. In August, Clarence had a bad fall

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  • Pet deer taken from Quebec family's home

    Quebec’s Ministry of Wildlife seized a deer from a family’s home after an anonymous complaint. A family is heartbroken after Quebec’s Ministry of Wildlife seized their pet deer who they’ve raised for the past four years. Brigitte Thomas told CBC News the fawn’s mother had been struck and killed by

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  • Beaver invades dollar store in search of a Christmas tree

    A beaver eager for the Christmas season to end walked into a dollar store in Maryland and tore up its holiday section. A particularly busy beaver got a head start on its Christmas shopping after waltzing into a store to check out the latest holiday merchandise. The St. Mary’s County Sheriff Office

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  • A Canadian in Cuba: Havana is 'silent' as it mourns Fidel Castro

    Calgarian Colette Flemming has been in Cuba for about a month now, arriving in Havana on Oct. 29. She was at a huge concert at a popular music venue, La Tropical, on Friday night when the announcement about Fidel Castro’s death was made. "The entire venue went silent."

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  • Internet wonders how a giraffe would wear a tie

    The question first appeared on Twitter, where New York comedian Jeremy Hammond asked (on behalf of a friend, apparently) if giraffes would wear ties on the top of their necks or on the bottom. When giraffes go to work do you think they put the tie at the top or bottom of their necks?

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  • Presumed consent in organ donation: pros and cons

    To boost organ donation rates in Saskatchewan, premier Brad Wall wants to push for “presumed consent.” Photo from . Saskatchewan premier Brad Wall has announced he wants to push for “presumed consent” for organ donations in his province — which would make it the first Canadian province to do so if Wall

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  • Ontario town lets residents pay parking fines with holiday gifts

    The holiday season is a special time of year that inspires many acts of kindness and goodwill — even for those who haven’t been so good on the roads. Fortunately for residents of one Ontario town, the gift of giving just got easier. It’s the second year in a row that the town has offered the “Scrooge

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