• Smartwatches, pinhole cameras the latest armour of academic cheaters

    Catching academic cheaters has always been a bit of an arms race with technological advances opening the door to exploitation. Back when typewriters were introduced, professors had to deal with not being able to identify students’ work by their handwriting. Fast-forward a few decades and the deck is

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  • Mystery Toronto couple from proposal picture tracked down on Facebook

    The power of the Internet proved itself once again this week after a post on Facebook got users searching for a Toronto couple whose proposal was captured on camera by a passerby. Jenny Serwylo took the photo while visiting the Toronto Islands on Saturday. Within hours, the post had hundreds of comments

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  • Live Large at Marbury in Chantilly

    Dreams do come true in this single-family community with a resort-style clubhouse and amenities! Luxury NV homes priced from the low $620s.

  • American mails leftover Canadian five dollar bill to woman in the Northwest Territories

    A woman living in the remote Northwest Territory village of Fort Simpson received a pleasant surprise via a mysterious letter in the mail. Beth Jumbo, Senior Administrative Officer of Fort Simpson, posted this photo to Imgur of a letter from someone going by the name “Brian in Boston” containing a Canadian

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  • Harper’s foreign policy institute a ‘weird balloon’ to float: policy analyst

    Former prime minister Stephen Harper will leave politics some time in the next few months, according to media reports. In his post-parliamentary life, sources say the former Conservative leader will pursue business interests and possibly establish a foreign policy institute – an aspiration that drew

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  • Toronto hatches midnight plan to lure back escaped capybaras

    Sarah Doucette, left, looking at Chewy, the older capybara, at the High Park Zoo on Wednesday. Toronto’s parks department has hatched a midnight plan to catch two capybaras that escaped a day earlier and become an Internet sensation.

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  • Install ADT for $9/Week & Get Free Security Camera

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  • McDonald’s fan travels the world collecting burger boxes

    In India, the beef being scared, the chain has expanded its range of vegetarian or chicken burger,” Zaka told FastandFood in an interview. According to Mirror, he sometimes gets away without eating the contents if he shows his credentials to a store manager and is given an empty box to add to his growing

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  • Dying Vietnam veteran reunited with his horses one last time

    A paralyzed veteran who dedicated his life to horse training was given the chance to connect with his beloved animals one last time. Roberto Gonzalez is a Vietnam War veteran who was paralyzed May 21,1970, only a few months into his service. “Horses are his life.

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  • Man meets boy he bullied in the 1950s; offers apology

    A few weeks ago, Caldwell offered an apology for his actions in a newspaper classified ad, which appeared in the Canadian Jewish News. The text of the ad read: “To Howard Rosen, sorry I punched you at Runnymede Public School in the early 1950s.

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  • VA Mortgage Rates In 2016

    VA Rates as Low as 3.25% (3.405% APR) 30 Year Fixed. Exclusive For Veteran & Military Takes 1 Min!

  • Police officer replaces child’s stolen Pokemon card collection with his own

    When a young Pokemon fan had his card collection stolen, little did he know that a generous police officer would go above and beyond the call of duty to help him out. Bryce, aged nine, has been collecting Pokemon cards for three years and he carefully preserves them in a binder, according to Fox8. But

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  • Son shares photo of parents together in intensive care hours before father dies

    Jim Mininni, 58, was admitted to the ICU at Kingston General Hospital on April 28 after complaining of breathing problems. Then, just one day later Jim’s wife Cindy suffered a heart attack and was also admitted to the ICU — but at a different hospital. “[The doctor] saw my father worsening, and knew

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  • Did an artist foretell the iPhone 350 years ago? Apple’s CEO seems to think so

    In his presentation at Startup Fest, Cook mentioned he had recently visited the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. From his perspective, Cook says he noticed the man, apparently, holding something flat, rectangular and big enough to fit in a person’s palm. From a distance, Cook says, the item could certainly

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  • Delta Reserve Credit Card

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  • Two rare blue lobsters caught off the coast of Nova Scotia

    As CTV News reports, fisherman Blaine Marsh caught a blue lobster last Friday near the coast of Alder Point, near Cape Breton. Blue lobsters are a rare sight for even the most seasoned lobster fisherman, and the odds of actually catching one in is about one in two million. Well hopefully this year’

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  • Toddlers break display at museum while adults stand by and film

    The original artwork titled ‘Angel Is Waiting’ by Shelly Xue was hanging in the Shanghai Museum of Glass, roped off from visitors. The barrier didn’t stop two kids from playing around with the sculpture, and neither did the adults with them, who stood by and filmed the youngsters.

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  • Camper has close encounter with thirsty lions

    One woman’s camping trip took a wild turn she woke up to find a trio of thirsty lions enjoying a drink from outside her tent. In a post to the Facebook group Kgalagadi Sightings, Lubbe shared images and video of her up close encounter explaining the lions had arrived looking for something to drink.

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  • Acid Reflux Disease & GERD

    Learn More About Acid Reflux Disease and GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease.) Find Out How These Two Medical Conditions Differ From Heartburn.

  • Amusement park opens  restaurant that delivers food using roller coasters

    If you like roller coasters but prefer to avoid the stomach-turning effects, a new theme park restaurant in England could be just for you. The aptly named Rollecoaster Restaurant at the Alton Towers Resort in Staffordshire, England features roller coasters that deliever thrills and food to your table

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  • High school graduation is a family affair for septuplets in Iowa

    Watching a child graduate high school is a proud moment for any parent, but perhaps more so for Bobbi and Kenny McCaughey who got to see their seven children accept their high school diplomas from Carlisle High School in Iowa.The McCaughey kids have beein in the headlines since their birth in 1997 as

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  • Ontario shoppers find ‘due to Victoria Day this aisle is closed’

    If you visited a drugstore on Victoria Day, only to find that many of the aisles were cordoned off with police tape, rest assure that no crime had been committed. The Retail Business Holidays Act “strikes a balance between allowing businesses to remain open and providing consumers and employees with

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  • Some Homeowners Are Getting a Huge Reward in 2016.

    If you have not missed a payment in 3 years you need to see this. Banks feel cheated by brilliant home pay off plan.

  • Tortoise that survived the odds gets world’s first 3D-printed shell

    A group of specialists created a prosthetic replacement for Freddy who not only survived the blaze but also two cases of pneumonia and 45 days without food, according to Inside Edition. Designer Cicero Moraes, a member of the volunteer group called The Animal Avengers, created the shell using 3D computer

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  • Competition will be fierce for Expo 2025 if Toronto says yes

    If Toronto city council decides to bid for Expo 2025 the city will be up against some heavy competition from cities such as Paris, London, Guangzhou and perhaps even Tehran. “I believe Toronto’s chances are really excellent given Canada’s track history with 1967 and 1986,” says Urso Chappell, curator

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  • Epic party pooper puts on deadpan performance in hilarious photo booth video

    Photo booth photography is pretty much a guaranteed crowd pleaser at any wedding, anniversary or large get-together. Andrew Stadelberger decided to show his disapproval for photo booths in a stone-faced, one-minute video posted on YouTube. Titled This is 30, the clip shows Stadelberger standing behind

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  • Gord Downie’s incurable cancer: 5 things about glioblastoma

    The Tragically Hip, announced Tuesday morning that lead singer Gord Downie has terminal brain cancer. Downie, 52, had a seizure in his hometown of Kingston, Ont.,  and as a result he was diagnosed in December with a deadly form of brain cancer. There are more than 120 types of brain and central nervous

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  • Artist offers airbrush tattoos as a nice pick-me-up for children in hospital

    Artist Benjamin Lloyd has been tattooing kids for a few years. Watching their faces light up at the sight of their new ink recently gave Lloyd an idea: why not use his skills to give a much needed confidence boost to some kids that really needed it? The offer is making him famous in New Zealand.

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  • Viral tweets show 3-year-old girl’s hysterical names for ‘80s and ‘90s WWE wrestlers

    WWE wrestlers have always had wacky names, especially back in their heyday as the WWF in the ‘80s and ‘90s. U.K.-based author Sean Leahy thought he’d let his three-year-old daughter take a stab at guessing the names of some old-school wrestlers, and the results were hilarious, needless to say.

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  • Give Your Bathroom a Timeless Look

    Add a classic touch to your bathroom with a vintage-inspired clawfoot tub from Signature Hardware.

  • Ultra-rare “Werewolf Cat” found in litter of kittens in South Africa

    Animal rescue workers were in for a surprise after stumbling upon this unusual kitten who resembles a mythical creature of the night. The Lykoi - also known as the “Werewolf Cat” - is a ultra-rare cat breed known for a genetic mutation featuring patchy, wild looking dark hair and a narrow bald face,

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  • Hellish short film shows a future we never hope arrives

    In his six-minute-long concept film, Hyper-Reality, Matsuda takes us to the not-so-distant future, where augmented reality is ubiquitous and almost inescapable. The concept film came to reality (no pun intended) after Matsuda set up a Kickstarter campaign for the project back in 2013, and it was shot

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