• Alberta boy with prosthetic leg gets trip to Toronto to watch Blue Jays

    A young Canadian boy enjoyed a few hours he’ll never forget when he watched his beloved Toronto Blue Jays play live at the Rogers Centre for the first time. “It’s the best thing that ever happened,” Roan Heck gushed to Global News after the Wednesday night game. Roan visited Seattle last year to get

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  • Moonwalking man makes his way across Europe

    [One man’s quest to take unique moonwalking vacation photos has turned him into a viral sensation. Photos: Trav DeRose/Youtube]

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  • Trudeau’s office, RCMP mum on report man under investigation got a selfie with PM

    Questions were raised Thursday about the extent of Justin Trudeau’s personal security, following a news report that a man under police investigation was able to get close enough to the prime minister to take a selfie with him. The Prime Minister’s Office declined to comment on the report, directing

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  • B.C. LNG project faces hurdles yet, despite federal approval

    “In terms of opening new markets, it’s a good thing for the industry,” Carlos Murillo, an economist with the Conference Board of Canada, says of the federal approval. “That number is not there,” he says.

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  • Grizzly bear unfazed by barking dog as it munches on fruit in B.C.

    A grizzly bear looking for an easy meal was spotted on a lawn in Sechelt, B.C., sampling some goods from a fruit tree. Video uploaded to the Elk House Farm Facebook page shows the grizzly munching away on some apples of a nearby tree, completely unfazed by Yate’s barking dog, who was attempting to scare

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  • Global warming could reveal top-secret U.S. military project in Greenland

    Camp Century was excavated in 1959 by the U.S. army, 200 kilometres away from Greenland’s coast. While scientists at Camp Century were able to study the world’s climate by drilling the first ice core samples, the camp became a cover for Project Iceworm, which sought to test the possibility of a nuclear

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  • Bhangra group dances up a storm at Peggy’s Cove

    Members of the Maritime Bhangra Group like to take advantage of the stunning landscape of their adopted province of Nova Scotia. For a whole minute, Davinder Singh Dhillon and Kunwardeep Singh joyfully dance around in front of the stunning oceanic backdrop.

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  • Students aren’t only ones acting out: Canadian teachers make headlines for bad behaviour

    Ron Robichaud, who teaches high school, pleaded guilty to three counts of unprofessional conduct on account of failing to treat a student with dignity and respect. Robichaud, who has taught at Calgary Catholic schools since 2000, had asked a rowdy student who was watching the match to leave the benches

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  • Student surprises teacher with a pair of Air Jordans to say thanks

    Video of a Texas teenager’s thoughtful present for his teacher is making a shiny red apple on the first day of school look pretty tame in comparison. “Coach” Thomas Walser is a teacher at Coronado High School in Lubbock, Texas who works in the AVID school program, which helps students traditionally

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  • Canadians heading south to help defeat Trump

    You need to have American citizenship to vote in the upcoming U.S. election, but that isn’t stopping a small-but-concerned group of Canadians from putting in some work to make sure Donald Trump loses on Nov. 8. Canadians Rallying Against Trump is a Vancouver volunteer-based group advocating for the

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  • Boozed-up birds a risk during fall freeze period in Canada

    Birds are getting drunk and rowdy. Depending on the thaw-freeze cycle, Yukon wildlife officials are bracing for inebriated Bohemian waxwings, says Meghan Larivee, laboratory co-ordinator for Environment Yukon. “We know they’ve been eating berries because they’ve got red berries all over their beaks

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  • American voters in Canada saw few surprises during U.S. debate

    Debate-watching parties for Democrats in London, Ont., are usually an Americans-only affair, Gena Brumitt says. “We ended up having probably about half as many Canadians last night because it’s such an amazing race,” Brumitt tells Yahoo Canada News.

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  • There will be fireworks in St. John’s just not on New Year’s Eve

    Meanwhile, the fireworks will take place on New Year’s Day at Quidi Vidi Lake, where past New Year’s Eve parties have been held. Deputy Mayor Ron Ellsworth says the change came as a result of scheduling both a New Year’s Party and Canada’s 150th birthday, which is being funding by the federal government

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  • Millionaire pushes shopping cart across Canada to shed light on youth homelessness

    Roberts’ journey will take him across 9,000 kilometres as he travels from St. John’s to Vancouver. Roberts said he hopes to change the stigma around youth homelessness through his cross-country efforts, including the common misconception that people are living on the streets because they want to be.

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  • Farmers With Firearms getting Facebook ‘likes’  but also dislikes from law enforcement

    A Facebook group called Farmers With Firearms is gaining attention since its creation last Thursday and causing concern among law enforcement. “We need to protect ourselves out here,” said Lee, a farmer from west central Saskatchewan who created the group but didn’t want his surname used. Sgt. Earl

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  • Rabbit impressively chomps on dandelion without a hitch

    Have you ever had one of those days when you’re so hungry that you could eat something whole and not leave a crumb behind?

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  • Liberals still running Harper-era citizenship revocation regime, rights groups say

    Another woman who fled to Canada from Iran, and from what she said was an abusive relationship with a husband who raped her, is facing deportation because she didn’t declare the marriage. A man who has spent his life in Canada, was told that because of a problem on his father’s application decades ago

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  • Colleagues relieved after Canadian professor released from notorious Iranian prison

    [[Homa Hoodfar is shown in this undated image provided by her family. Colleagues of jailed professor Homa Hoodfar are ecstatic that the Quebec academic has been released from Iran’s most notorious prison. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirms reports from Iranian state media that Hoodfar, 65, was

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  • N.B. woman crafts 'cuddling dolls' for seniors suffering from dementia

    “Her nature was to nurture, that is just who she was — she loved babies, she loved children, and I think it just brought something back to her, it just connected with her,” McCormack told Global News. Seeing the impact the doll had with her own mother, McCormack has dedicated the past two years creating

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  • Prince George not giving Trudeau a high five ‘a cause for celebration’: educator

    British media had fun with the awkward encounter between Prince George and Justin Trudeau over the three-year-old’s refusal to high five the prime minister. Video of Prince George shaking his head no as Trudeau held up his hand for a high five, a low five and then a handshake was the focus of a lot

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  • Voting starts on Tragically Hip’s Kingston commemorative brick

    The Tragically Hip’s last stop on their bittersweet farewell tour on Aug. 20 in Kington, Ont., has gone down in history as a day in which Canada stood still. After frontman Gord Downie revealed earlier this year he had terminal brain cancer, the band went on the Man Machine Poem tour and raised more

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  • Police footage of teen getting arrested, pepper sprayed sparks online debate

    A tense police encounter in the U.S. involving a Maryland teenager escalated into a viral incident after body camera footage was released. The video released Wednesday shows a 15-year-old girl riding her bicycle Sunday when she collided with a car. The video shows the girl wasn’t co-operating and was

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  • French road becomes flooded every day during high tide

    Driving on wet roads can be dangerous, but France’s Passage du Gois is taking road hazards to the next level.

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  • Canada more popular with Americans than Trump and Clinton combined: poll

    With the U.S. presidential election rapidly approaching, it looks like a third option has emerged that if given the chance would sweep the polls come November. Amongst the 1,000 registered American voters polled from Sept. 16 to Sept. 19, Trump had a popularity rating of 28 per cent positive and 61

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