• Washington firefighter watches girl he saved 17 years ago graduate high school

    “I don’t know really how to describe it, they’re happy tears, to realize some things could have gone wrong.”

    Mike Hughes saved a baby from a house fire 17 years ago and joined the rescued girl for her high school graduation. (Screengrab/KOMO NEWS)Mike Hughes saved a baby from a house fire 17 years ago and joined the rescued girl for her high school graduation. (Screengrab/KOMO NEWS)

    A very special high school graduation took place in Wenatchee, Washington last weekend.

    Retired firefighter Mike Hughes was in attendance to cheer on senior Dawnielle Davison. When she was just a baby, Hughes saved her from a fire.

    Komo News reports that 17 years ago, Hughes and his team were called to a house fire. The fire was out of control when firefighters arrived on scene, and they had no idea a nine-month-old baby was trapped in her crib.

    Mike Hughes joined Dawnielle Davison for her high school graduation. (Screengrab/KOMO NEWS)Mike Hughes joined Dawnielle Davison for her high school graduation. (Screengrab/KOMO NEWS)

    “The room was full of hot smoke,” Hughes said to Komo News as he described the scene from years ago. “Another 20 seconds and it would have been a different outcome.”

    Hughes found the baby in the first room he checked.

    “This was a special, special deal. This is a rare occurrence, the way this situation worked out,” Hughes said.

    The rescue was so important to Hughes that when he retired seven years ago, he tracked down Davison on Facebook and the two have been in touch ever since.

    When asked how her graduation felt, Davison told Komo News it

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  • A guard stands on the wall at Clinton Correctional Facility (AP Photo/Mike Groll)A guard stands on the wall at Clinton Correctional Facility (AP Photo/Mike Groll)

    The Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, New York is an intimidating place. Off-white walls, imposing and impassable, seemingly modeled after the nearby shoulder blades of New York State known as the Adirondack Mountains, shoot up, hammered by the tectonic plates of justice, surrounding the more than 150-year old maximum security prison nicknamed Little Siberia.

    “It gets cold up there in the Adirondacks; I’m sure when that was put there it was just, let’s get them as far from New York City as we possibly can,” said Roger Lichtman, senior vice president of justice design and planning at global engineering and design firm AECOM. “It really is the equivalent of Siberia.”

    It’s housed the likes of Lucky Luciano and Tupac Shakur. It also, until recently, housed Richard Matt and David Sweat – two convicted murderers.

    Now Clinton, its imposing walls and the neighbouring hamlets, towns and 30 km expanse north to the Quebec border, play host to 400 perspiring law officials wondering

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  • Evan Solomon's firing discussed by CBC president Hubert LacroixEvan Solomon's firing discussed by CBC president Hubert Lacroix

    The news of CBC TV host Evan Solomon’s art dealings took many of Ottawa’s insiders by surprise. What came as a shock, however, was how promptly he was dismissed by the national broadcaster.

    Political circles in Ottawa were a chatter after the Toronto Star broke the story, with news that Solomon had been collecting a handsome commission from art sales to people he dealt with as the host of CBC’s Power and Politics and The House on CBC radio. The CBC quickly cut ties with the journalist on the same day the story broke, despite having been employed by the corporation for about two decades.

    The CBC is no stranger to hosts and personalities being caught up in scandals or  conflicts of interest. Over the past year, Jian Ghomeshi, Peter Mansbridge, Rex Murphy and Amanda Lang have made headlines over various

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  • A mysterious gesture of incredible kindness is helping a Virginia family soften the blow of losing the family pet.

    Moe, beloved 13-year-old beagle of Mary and Roberto Westbrook of Norfolk, VA, passed away in April. Moe’s loss was felt especially deeply by Luke, the Westbrooks’ 3 1/2 year-old son. Luke kept asking if Moe was coming back; Mary explained to Luke that Moe was in heaven now. So Luke asked if they could write Moe a letter.

    The letters became something of a habit; Mary and Luke would write Moe a letter, and address it to “Moe Westbrook, Doggie Heaven, Cloud 1.” Mary dutifully put each letter in the mailbox to be picked up. When Luke went to sleep, Mary would retrieve the letter from the mailbox.

    And then, once, she forgot.

    “One night about two weeks ago, I forgot to take the letter out of the mailbox while Luke was asleep,” Mary Westbrook wrote in Distinction Magazine.

    “The next day, it was gone. I assumed the post office would throw it away — or that someone might even

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  • Poor little guy just wanted to get out of the rain. (YouTube)Poor little guy just wanted to get out of the rain. (YouTube)

    Not everybody likes the rain, including this adorable little critter who found a cute and clever way to stay out of it. 

    The raccoon took shelter under a tiny decorative umbrella attached to a home mailbox. Bri Smith, from Topeka, Kansas, discovered the little fellow outside her home.

    “He let me get face to face long enough to capture this adorable moment,” she wrote on Youtube. 

    The short ten-second video has captured the hearts of animal lovers across the Internet. 

    Smith was letting her dogs out in the backyard when she spotted the raccoon. 

    “There were three of them at first but by the time I went out there this guy was the only one left,” Smith said on her Facebook post. Her dogs scared the others away. 

    Standing a short distance away, Smith took a video of the furry animal all soaked from the rain and clinging to the mailbox while starring into the camera. 

    “I was so close to the guy I could have touched him,” she said. 

    Smith shared the adorable moment on social media, posting

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  • (Picture GoFundMe)(Picture GoFundMe)


    In January, doctors told Jay Kallio he had six more months to live.

    Kallio, 59, has lung cancer. This is his second bout with the disease.

    “You run out of emotional steam,” he says. “I’ve never been a weak willed person, so for me to end up running out of steam… that’s kind of what cancer does to you.”

    For example, when Kallio’s lights in his apartment burnt out or his toilet stopped flushing, he didn’t want to bother the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) to have his home fixtures repaired because he says he is “not long for the world here.”

    “You might as well wait until I die and then go in there and do everything,” he told them.

    Two weeks ago, the trans man, and long-time gay activist, posted to a Facebook group popular within the LGBTQ community that he had decided to give away all of his belongings.

    Shortly thereafter, Ella Grasch, 36, came to pick up some free soap and asked Kallio if she could come up to his apartment.

    “I said, ‘No, it’s in too terrible a condition; I

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  • Maike van Niekerk (supplied)Maike van Niekerk (supplied)

    Maike van Niekerk was only 15 years old when her mother passed away from breast cancer. She remembers the last months of her mother’s life still being joyful ones, thanks to the work of devoted volunteers.

    “I have dedicated my entire life to commemorating her (my mom) through volunteering and advocating to improve the lives of others,” van Niekerk, now 19, told Yahoo Canada. “In reflecting on the last few months of her life, I remember the smiles and joy that volunteers brought to her (my mom). Therefore, when I am asked what motivates me to do the initiatives I do the answer is simple - everyday I have a chance to see and remember my mother’s smile in the individuals that I help.”

    The memories of that smile have inspired van Niekerk’s numerous philanthropic organizations that support healthcare and education locally and abroad. These initiatives got the attention of Plan Canada, a Canadian charity dedicated to helping children around the world, and they recently made van Niekerk one

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  • With wearable technology becoming increasingly available and affordable, the pressing issue of how exactly they fit into distracted driving laws has yet to be fully addressed.

    There's a bit of a grey area on whether or not smart watch users should be penalized under the same laws made for smart phones. In October 2013, the Ontario Provincial Police told Yahoo Canada that there wasn’t any kind of regulation in place specifically to address Google Glass , leaving the legal ramifications murky.

    Now, in 2015, we're still left wondering what is and what isn't considered a hand-held device.

    Canadian Jeffery Macesin was hit with a $150 fine and four demerit points this month while driving in Quebec for changing songs on his Apple Watch. But is the Apple Watch, or any other piece of wearable technology, considered a hand-held device? Since there are no laws against checking a watch on your wrist, should he have been fined?

    OPP Sgt. Peter Leon says that smart watches are a distraction.


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  • 'Twist around like a tornado, girl!': Courtney Barnes' account of car crash goes viral

    "What I had seen was a horrible, traggic... situation."

    Courtney Barnes takes the act of describing a car accident and elevates it to an art form.Courtney Barnes takes the act of describing a car accident and elevates it to an art form.

    Finding an eyewitness to speak on camera is a huge catch for any TV reporter, but rarely is an account of a non-fatal car chase this enjoyable.

    Meet Courtney Barnes, the green haired eyewitness who told reporters what he saw during a car accident in Jackson, Mississippi, earlier this week.

    “The police just twist around like a tornado, girl,” he told local news reporters. “And the lord just shook it up and the man just got injured.”

    Barnes was describing what happened to the police officer who is now recovering after his patrol car was hit during the chase. 

    A Mississippi TV station captured the interview, which has since received several views on YouTube. In the minute-and-a-half clip, Barnes gives the reporters a captivating account of both the chase and the crash. 

    “Okay, well I am witness here. What I seen was a horrible, tragic situation. The guy was coming down and I guess the police was trying to do a stop point. The man said, ‘no, not today,’” said Barnes. “They began to race

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  • Anuko is none too thrilled with his owner's fake ball toss (Twitter/@JasmineMilton)Anuko is none too thrilled with his owner's fake ball toss (Twitter/@JasmineMilton)

    If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this picture is priceless!

    Jasmine Milton, an 18-year-old student from Aylesbury, England, recently went out to play fetch with her Siberian husky, Anuko. 

    Thankfully she had brought her camera, because had she have left it at home, she wouldn’t have been able to capture the exact moment Anuko expressed his disappointment when Mitlon pretended to throw the ball. 

    Milton quickly posted the photo on Twitter and it didn’t take long for the pic to go viral. 

    This serious husky was born a little over a year ago and has apparently been giving “the same look” since he was a pup. 

    “He’s very affectionate and loves attention – typical of the husky breed,” she told BuzzFeed. “He was then and has always been regarded as a ‘gentle giant,’ despite his hostile looks.”

    Aside from Anuko’s stern

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