• Forget maple syrup, hockey & Justin Bieber: Canada’s best-known export should be refugee policy

    Louisa Taylor, director of Refugee 613, a non-partisan group that works with citizens, sponsorship groups, settlement agencies and lawyers in Ottawa has been contacted by officials in Norway, Ireland and the United States who are trying to determine what aspects of Canada’s refugee policy might be replicable

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  • Support for Liberals remains strong nearly one year after election: poll

    As the one-year anniversary of their decisive federal election win approaches, the Liberals are still enjoying broad national support that is growing in the west and is particularly strong among women, a new poll finds.

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  • Russians fear nuclear explosion after spotting mysterious mushroom cloud

    A massive mushroom cloud looming over a Siberian town left locals fearing a deadly nuclear explosion had occurred.

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  • Photo of hamster with tiny cast sends internet into frenzy

    This photo probably contains an entire day’s recommended dose of cuteness.

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  • Frustration over political correctness growing in Canada: poll

    Canadians are suffering from political correctness fatigue, suggests a new poll. The same aversion to inoffensiveness largely credited with the rise of Donald Trump in the United States is alive and well in Canada, the survey by the Angus Reid Institute found. In fact, Canadians are even more exhausted

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  • One year later, challenges remain for Kurdi family

    A year after her three-year-old nephew became the tragic symbol of the Syrian refugee crisis, Tima Kurdi still wears a pendant with a tiny portrait of Alan Kurdi and his older brother Galib around her neck. The photograph of Alan’s body, lying on a Turkish beach after the rubber boat his father Abdullah

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  • Viral photo of diver face to face with shark turns out to be fake

    A photo of a diver face to face with an apex predator had many people questioning the authenticity of the picture, and has now been revealed to be a fake. On Friday, Perth and WA Fishing Reports had the image uploaded to their Facebook page showing a diver and a shark within inches of each other. “

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  • Boy in the background suffers bovine brutality while reporter interviews friend

    A television news camera caught him being tossed about between two cows who had had just about enough of his grandstanding - and now the internet is going wild.. As his friend answers the TV interviewers questions, the boy walks into frame and smacks one of the cows on its hind quarters, then begins

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  • Army of police escorts boy to first day of school after he lost his police officer dad

    When it came to the first-day of school for 4-year-old Jackson Scherlen, he didn’t have his father by his side. “He was shocked when he first showed up and saw everything,” Jackson’s mother, Jessica Scherlen told CNN affiliate KVII. Jackson’s dad, police officer Justin Scherlen died recently after

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  • The most Canadian robbery ever? Hockey goalie steals cases of beer from store

    RCMP in Manitoba posted a video to YouTube of two men committing a robbery and the disguises the thieves decided to wear will probably land them in the penalty box if they’re ever caught. According to the RCMP, the thieves entered the store around 3 a.m on Aug. 15 in the community of Russell. Video

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  • The Canadian legacy of the life and death of 3-year-old Alan Kurdi

    Alan Kurdi never knew peace. “I’d been seeing these type of images for quite some time,” says Warda Shazadi Meighen, a Toronto-based immigration, refugee and human rights lawyer and a Human Rights Watch committee member. Heartbreaking as it was, she didn’t anticipate the way Alan’s death would change

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  • Toronto condo project that jeopardizes schoolyard sunshine opposed by residents, school board

    As kids get ready to head back to the classroom the country’s largest school board is fighting a downtown Toronto condo development that would put one of its schools in the shadows. The Toronto District School Board has joined the city’s opposition to a 38-storey condo development planned for 411 Church

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  • Crossbows in Canada: what you need to know about the deadly weapon

    A triple-murder committed with a crossbow this week in Toronto has put a focus on the increasingly popular weapon. Brett Ryan, 35, is in jail facing three counts of first-degree murder after two men and a woman were killed at a Scarborough home Thursday. Police say the fatal injuries were caused by

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  • Trudeau can strengthen Canada-China economic ties if he can avoid political battles: experts

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s first official visit to China next week will offer many opportunities to strengthen the economic ties between the two countries, say analysts, if Trudeau can manoeuvre through tricky dialogue on political issues. Trudeau will travel from Aug. 30 to Sept. 6, a period that

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  • Stephen Harper says goodbye and resigns as MP

    Former prime minister Stephen Harper made his long-anticipated exit from federal politics on Friday. Harper released a brief statement announcing he had stepped down as MP for Calgary Heritage and bid an abbreviated adieu on social media. “As I bid farewell to the Parliament of Canada, and prepare

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  • QUIZ: This week in Canadian news: Aug. 20-26

    How well do you know about the people making news in Canada this week? Take our challenge and find out.

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  • B.C. teen catches legendary 600-pound sturgeon

    Estimated to weigh-in at around 650 pounds, the decades-old sturgeon measured in at 10′2″ long and took two hours to successfully reel in, reports Global News. McCabe has certainly caught his fair share of big fish in the past working as a guide for River Monster Adventures, a fishing tour company specializing

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  • 4 in 5 Canadians believe aliens could exist: poll

    This week’s announcement of the discovery of an Earth-like planet orbiting Proxima Centauri, the sun’s nearest neighbour, raised the exciting possibility that there may be another planet that can support life. Four out of five or 79 per cent of Canadians would say there is, a new poll suggests. Fifty

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  • RCMP and 6 other police forces permitting female members to wear hijabs

    The Mounties have made an allowance for the hijab, the Muslim female head cover. The only other cultural or religious item allowed on the force is the turban, for male members of the Sikh faith to wear — following a fight by Baltej Singh Dillon. The RCMP developed a hijab — which covers the head and

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  • In Calgary, pit bulls are OK; bad owners, not so much

    Recent pit bull attacks in Quebec have prompted cities in the province to consider following the lead of much of the rest of Canada in banning the controversial dog breed. “We have what’s called a Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw that actually doesn’t differentiate between any type of animal, not just

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  • Montreal’s fine for not composting may be a national first

    The City of Montreal has approved a bylaw that would fine residents as much as $1,000 for those who fail to sort their compostable waste, a move that may be a first in Canada. Montreal’s new fines appear to be unique for a major Canadian city.

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  • Hunky firefighter delivers birthday cake to 105-year-old woman

    According to Chronicle Live, a handsome, tattooed fireman used a ladder to climb up to her third-floor window at the senior home to deliver her birthday cake. “On her bucket list this year she wanted a cake delivered by a fireman with tattoos,” Debra Carter, an employee at the Addison Court Care Home

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  • Baby deer’s face says it all after being rescued from Louisiana floods

    Scott Black was finally leaving work after rising floodwaters had kept him in the pharmacist office for nearly 14 hours. As he was leaving, Black captured a baby deer wrapped up in towels that was rescued from the floods.

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  • Green water off southern B.C. triggering questions, concerns

    [A screen shot of NASA satelite imagery shows green waters off Vancouver Island on Aug. 22, 2016. NASA WORLDVIEW]

  • Lucky seal hops on boat and escapes being eaten by killer whales

    Other videos show the ongoing drama as the seal tries to make its escape, only to retreat back to the safety of the boat as the determined orcas continue their hunt. At one point the seal even takes refuge between the boat’s engines to avoid being suddenly snapped up in one of the whale.

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