• Photo from THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jeff McIntosh.Photo from THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jeff McIntosh.

    Vehicle theft is, at the very least, a hassle. And it becomes even more troubling when your stolen car is returned to you full of weapons, fake I.D.s and drug paraphernalia.

    So learned 26-year-old Calgary resident Courtney Pickering when she went to retrieve the 2014 Dodge Dart that had been stolen from an alleyway. With her purse inside the car, the crooks were able to empty her accounts using the PayPass function most debit cards now have.

    Still reeling from the events, Pickering says she was stunned when she went to retrieve her vehicle from the impound lot.

    Inside the car, which had been in police custody, Pickering found a knife and a large pipe. In her cup holder she found a small bag containing a white powder which she believed to be cocaine and a crack pipe on the seat where her three-year-old son’s car seat would normally be. 

    “And I went to the impound guy, ‘Is this normal? Like, what do I do with this?’ He was like ‘Just throw it on the ground, throw it on the ground!” she

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  •  Attempting the longest, toughest horse race on earth is not an effort to be taken lightly. The Mongol Derby is a 1,000-kilometre race starting east of Ulaanbaatar and ending near Lake Hovsgol in Siberia – at least that was the route this year - aboard semi-wild horses. Each year around 40 international riders gather in Mongolia to try their skills and luck at the event. Up to 40 per cent won’t finish due to injury and exhaustion. I was one of the lucky ones, crossing the finish line after riding 28 different horses for nine straight days.

    My journey began 12 months previous, when I came to the conclusion I needed an adventure to break the tedium in my life (working as a copy editor, I’m more desk jockey, then, well, real jockey). For the next year I dedicated my life to training for the race and raising the funds to pay the $17,000 entry fee. I grew up on a farm and have been riding since I was five years old, so I figured I had enough horse knowledge to see me through the

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  • Saddest bookworm: Baby cries each time a book ends

    10-month-old can't get enough of storytime

    (Photo: YouTube)(Photo: YouTube)
    Book lovers everywhere may be able to relate to this cute baby who really is the “saddest bookworm” around.

    No matter the genre of the book, each time he hears the words “the end” the result is an adorable mini-melt down. 

    In the viral video posted on YouTube, parents Dan and Alicia Stevers capture their 10-month-old son, Emmett’s reaction, who is wearing a shirt printed with the words “the snuggle is real” and who clearly loves storytime.

    His mother is reading ‘I Am Bunny’ to the little toddler in the video but as she comes to the last page of the book and then closes it, the little guy bursts into tears.

    She tries to console her son but the only cure to make him stop crying is to start reading the book all over again.

    As she re-opens the book and says “let’s read again,” the baby stops. 

    The couple also added some footage showing other story-time sessions with their son, who each time ended up in tears when the book finished.

    “He knows no greater sadness than the end of the book,”

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  • Dad solicits advice on painting daughter's room after sending text to wrong number

    Internet gets a kick out of amusing exchange posted on Imgur

    (Photo: Imgur)(Photo: Imgur)

    What do you do when you get a random irritated text from a stranger asking what colour he should paint his daughter’s bedroom? You give him professional interior design advice, obviously.

    It appears an American father got into a little bit of an argument with his child’s mother over what colour was best fitted for their young one’s bedroom and tried to relate his dismay to a friend, the Daily Mail reports.

    The amusing exchange (which was thankfully posted anonymously to Imgur) all starts when the father accidentally messages an unknown person/style guru saying ‘D’ won’t let him paint the room blue because it’s not a girl colour.

    After the natural, ‘Wrong number..’, ‘My bad..’, ‘It’s all good…’ you’d expect in similar errant-text situations, the father decides to seek more advice.

    “You think like turquoise or that periwinkle **** for a 3yr old?” he asks.

    “I think a more toned down turquoise. Not too loud, because bedrooms are supposed to be chill, you know?” the stranger replies.

    (Photo: Imgur)(Photo: Imgur)


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  • (Photo: Facebook/Prince George's County Police Department)(Photo: Facebook/Prince George's County Police Department)
    A hungry, homeless woman and her baby took refuge in the lobby of a Hyattsville police station in Maryland saying she had nowhere else to go and that she was a victim of domestic violence.

    Thanks to Cpl. Che’ Atkinson’s kind actions, she ended up spending the night at a hotel instead of the street.

    Now, thousands have taken notice of his good deed on Facebook after a few photos were posted on the police department’s page.

    “I’m a little overwhelmed and shocked,” Atkinson told WUSA9. “And the reason why is it didn’t seem like a big deal to me because I see other officers do stuff like this all the time.”

    Atkinson has worked as a police officer with the Prince George’s County Police Department for years. Last week he noticed the unidentified woman with her one-year-old daughter sitting in the lobby at the station.

    The woman had several bags with her and told Atkinson that she recently escaped an abusive home and was homeless, according to the police department’s Facebook.

    Atkinson said he

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  • Man gives incredible interview with rack of ribs he rescued from apartment fire

    “Only thing I think first man, ‘make sure them ribs is right.'"

    Robert Wright seems to have his priorities in order. (Photo: YouTube)Robert Wright seems to have his priorities in order. (Photo: YouTube)

    A Fresno, California, man is being hailed a hero online after confronting a potentially deadly apartment complex fire to save his wife, child – and his rack of ribs.

    In an interview with KPMH Fox 26 News right after the daring rescue, Robert Wright said he was barbecuing a rack of ribs at 3 A.M. – a completely normal thing to do – when he saw flames coming out of the window of the apartment next door.

    “Only thing I think first man, ‘make sure them ribs is right’ and I ran in and got my family man, and brung everybody out safely,” Wright said in the interview.

    His priorities might not seem to check out at first but, as Wright said, “I thought about my ribs like, I ain’t gonna’ let my ribs burn and stuff ‘cause I take pride in what I do man, it’s like three o’clock in the morning and I was hungry.”

    It should be noted Wright does say he got his family out of the apartment first, but his ramblings also seem to paint a clear picture of what his mind was focused on at the time.

    To be fair

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  • Deez Nuts has a lot of love for Canada, particularly how it runs its politics.

    The 15-year-old behind the independent presidential candidacy gave a rare interview to an Iowa station this week, in which he declared his admiration with how the Canadian political system runs.

    Deez Nuts presents his campaign shirtsDeez Nuts presents his campaign shirts

    Brady Olson, who lives in Wallingford, Iowa, population 200, told KTIV that he hopes his candidacy will “pave the way for more than a two-party system.”  

    “Canada, they had a debate for their prime minister elections and they had a four-party debate,” he said.

    The fact that Olson isn’t even of legal voting age and technically is not allowed to run for presidency hasn’t stopped his candidacy from gaining popularity. (Americans have to be at least 35 to run.)

    In a recent poll, Deez Nuts received 9 per cent support in North Carolina, with Donald Trump in the lead, followed by Hillary Clinton.

    Despite not having much of a chance, Olson has launched a serious campaign, complete with swag like t-shirts that read Deez Nuts

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  • Ashley Burnham of Canada reacts as she wins the Mrs. Universe 2015 contest in Minsk, Belarus, August 29, 2015.  REUTERS/Vasily FedosenkoAshley Burnham of Canada reacts as she wins the Mrs. Universe 2015 contest in Minsk, Belarus, August 29, 2015. REUTERS/Vasily Fedosenko
    Ashley Burnham is taking a lot of flak for speaking up against the Harper Government this week, but the newly-crowned Mrs. Universe says she won’t be quieting down any time soon.

    Burnham is from the Enoch Cree Nation, west of Edmonton. She is the first Canadian and aboriginal woman to win the coveted title, and she didn’t miss a beat urging First Nations people to vote against Harper.

    That stance earned some backlash in social media.

    But Burnham (who’s

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  • Google has updated its logoGoogle has updated its logo

    Thirty per cent of eligible voters in this country have no cable or satellite television and now rely instead on online news, says Google, making digital door-knocking a key factor in the current election campaign.

    Polling done for the company found 56 per cent of Canadian voters have used a search engine to fact-check something a political candidate or party has said and 70 per cent of voters have searched for a political news story online.

    Nearly half of Canadian voters are watching less TV than they did four years ago, says Google spokesman Aaron Brindle.

    “When those are the kinds of numbers that are out there, obviously it’s going to reflect how Canadians are consuming their news, where they’re getting information,” he tells Yahoo Canada News.

    On Tuesday, for example, the search engine saw a huge spike in the number of searches for recession, following media reports of new GDP data that point to a recession.

    “It certainly suggests that the Internet, Google and social media are

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  • Presidential candidate Scott Walker inadvertently generated Onionesque headlines on Sunday during an interview for the TV show Meet the Press. The Governor of Wisconsin, a Republican, was asked for his opinion about building a wall along the US-Canadian border to deter the illegal entry of terrorists, migrants, and international criminals. Walker called the idea “legitimate.” 

    Jokes about protecting the U.S. or Canada from Justin Bieber, moose, cheese smugglers, poutine, Trump voters, and Republican party presidential candidates soon followed. At nearly 9,000 kilometres (including the border with Alaska), the U.S.-Canadian border is the world’s longest international border without a military presence, and the idea of fortifying it with a physical wall is seen as absurd, not to mention financially infeasible.

    (Walker has since stated that his comment was misinterpreted by the press.)

    Andrew Finn, a scholar and program associate at the Woodrow Wilson International Center’s Canada

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