• The Renaissance was a time of rebirth. It was anything but industrial, focusing on reviving classical learning, art and culture.

    Photographer Freddy Fabris has blended the ornate time period with the Industrial Revolution in a set of photographs titled “The Renaissance Series.” 

    He recreated timeless works of art with gears, wrenches and twisted metal.

    “For many years I wanted to pay homage the great Renaissance masters,” Fabris wrote on the Huffington Post.  

    He explained that translating paintings into photography was a challenge he gladly took on, but it wasn’t until he stumbled across an old car shop in the Midwest that inspiration hit him.

    “I wanted to respect the look and feel of the originals, but needed to come up with a conceptual twist that would create a new layer to the original,” he wrote. 

    Fabris selected three works by Renaissance masters and took portraits in the style of Rembrandt. 

    imageThe Last Supper inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci and Philippe de Champaigne

    imageThe Anatomy Lesson inspired by Rembrandt

    imageThe Creation of Adam inspired by Michelangelo

    imageimageimagePortraits inspired by Rembrandt

    To see the full collection in the series and more of Freddy Fabris’ work you can

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  • Kid President shouts out feminist heroes in new 'Awesome Girls' video

    “Sandra Day O’Connor referred to as Your Honor”

    Kid President is back with some dope beats and sick egalitarian rhymes as he shouts out all the awesome women and girls who have made the world a better place.

    Kid President, a.k.a. 10-year-old Robby Novak, was an Internet star long before name dropping all the coolest women to have graced this planet. But since his latest video has already received more than 70,000 views, Kid’s star is still rising. 

    The video cites influential women of the past and present, including as Rosa Parks, Susan B. Anthony, Jane Goodall and Tina Fey.


    Sally Ride went to space, Mary Bowser was a freed slave.


    Amelia Earhart flew around the world, I’m talking awesome girls, I’m talking awesome girls.

    The second half of the video highlights the many girls who are currently working towards making the world a better place, but Kid forgets to mention one very important person – his sister, Lexi.


    I forgot to name one! My sister!

    Don’t sweat it K.P. You didn’t mention Beyonce either and you met Queen Bey in person!


    Who run

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  • How do you think a group of nurses would feel about trying on ‘nurse’ Halloween costumes? 

    BuzzFeed put it to the test by gathering a group of nurses to try on a variety of costumes and give their opinions.

    (Photo: BuzzFeed)(Photo: BuzzFeed)
    First up: Emergency room nurse, which seems to fail because of its impracticality.

    “This is just flimsy, it’s see-through,” says one nurse.

    “This is an old thermometer,” she says pointing to the drawn on medical instruments sticking out of a fictional pocket. “You know how long that’ll take to take someone’s temperature in the ER?”

    Not everyone gave it the thumbs-down though, “I’m digging it,” says one nurse after another says they feel like pajamas.

    (Photo: BuzzFeed)(Photo: BuzzFeed)
    Next up: Scrub nurse. This one is all wrong.

    “It just screams hospital… but diner. I’m confused,” says one nurse.

    “You get a little peek-a-boo shoot right there,” another says, hiking up the dress a bit to show off a bow at the top of the white tights. “That is not professional.”

    (Photo: BuzzFeed)(Photo: BuzzFeed)
    Last and, as it turns out, definitely least: the ‘sassy’

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  • Injured fawn refuses to leave the man who nursed her back to health

    “She’s already used to me, and she follows me…but nobody can replace her real mom"


    When a Lithuanian outdoorsman discovered an injured fawn that’d been abandoned in his backyard near Yellowstone National Park, he decided to help nurse it back to health. 

    Although Darius Sasnauskas doesn’t support the idea of keeping wild animals as pets, he knew that if he didn’t step in to help the baby deer, its fate would be grim. So he documented his efforts

    “With so many predators around, she had no chance to survive on her own,” he writes in the video.

    So, using a brace made from an oatmeal box, Sasnauskas helped nurse the tiny animal back to health. He fed it every four hours and even got help from his dog, who showed affection by licking the fawn’s face and body. The fawn soon made herself at home amongst the other dogs and cats of the house, following them around and even cozying up to the dogs.

    All that tender, loving care paid off and the fawn learned how to walk on its own. However, it didn’t want to leave Sasnauskas’ side, as he attempted to release her back into the

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  • Man finds stranger in his bed and handles it pretty well

    WARNING: Video contains coarse language

    We’ve all come home from a long day at work and wanted nothing more than to jump in bed and crash for the night.

    The man in this YouTube video was headed for sleep when he found a complete stranger passed out in his bed.

    Most people would freak out, maybe yell in shock, and probably call the police. Not this guy.

    He took it all in stride and made sure to document everything on video.

    “You know who I am?” the guy behind the camera asks as he pulls the cover back. “You know where you are?”

    “Apparently you’re ‘Sugar’ or some sh**,” the stranger answers back, seeming pretty out of it.

    Laughing, the homeowner tries to reason with the still half-asleep intruder, telling him he’s in the wrong house.

    Somehow he laughs off the entire thing, even offering the guy he’s never met before another bed for the night.

    The stranger’s fantasy world comes crashing in on him when he’s finally taken for a short tour of the house to prove to him it’s not his.

    “Oh man…” he says as he looks around a room.

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  • Decked out in his bright white, green and blue outfit, his heart pumping and his body strapped to his motorcycle, Bruce Cook goes up the ramp, flips upside down and lands cleanly on the other side.

    And with that, the 28-year-old sets a new record – becoming the first paraplegic to successfully backflip a motorcycle.

    The Kelowna, B.C. native completed the feat earlier this month in front of a packed house at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto.

    Watch Cook perform the stunt at his Nitro Circus perfomance in the video (stunt begins at 1:20):


    “It was great to succeed after failing so badly,” said Cook, recalling how he felt after sticking the landing, in a phone interview with Yahoo Canada.

    Things went very, very badly the last time the freestyle motocross star tried to set a record.

    The athlete was attempting a record-setting double-front flip on his bike at Copps Coliseum (now named FirstOntario Centre) in Hamilton on Jan. 3, 2014.

    He went up off the ramp and it looked like he was

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  • Bystanders speak up against bullies in social experiment

    “You want someone doing that to you? You think it’s funny?”

    Bullying has always been an issue and in today’s ultra-connected world it’s even easier to be mean to someone under the veil of the Internet.

    With one in three kids bullied at school, the people at UPtv decided to see how strangers would react to the plight of a young girl getting bullied by two older ones.

    The mean girls really lay into the younger one, and the bystanders involved are having none of it.

    “You want someone doing that to you? You think it’s funny?” said one woman sitting across the three.

    “Do you guys have anything nice to say or you guys just talking s***,” chimed in a concerned young man.

    The older girls call the young one a "freak" for reading, which gets a security guard’s attention, telling the two to quit messing with her, and encouraging the victim to keep reading.

    It’s always nice to see people sticking up for those who can’t defend themselves. For more information of how to prevent bullying, UPtv has some tips.

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  • There's no such thing as a 'free wedding'There's no such thing as a 'free wedding'

    If you work in a creative industry, chances are good that at some point in your career you’ve been asked to work for free.

    Of course, whoever is trying to make you do that work won’t admit that you’ll be doing it for nothing. They’ll happily explain that you’ll be getting something much better than money, like “experience,” or “exposure.”

    Now, one crafty couple has decided to take this approach and use it get themselves a free wedding.

    The Chicago couple in question placed an ad on their city’s Craigslist site requesting, “Wedding Sponsorship” in exchange for “Free Advertisement” on their Instagram account, reports SLR Lounge.

    “The soon-to-be-bride and groom will be accepting event service sponsors for their upcoming engagement party (June 2016), wedding/bridal shower (Spring 2017), wedding (Jule 2017) & honeymoon!” the couple joyfully announces.

    Exposure or exploitation?Exposure or exploitation?

    They go on to explain their sneaky arrangement:

    “In exchange for your service, I am offering you free publicity. Though I do not work in a

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  • Arkansas folk musician Shawn James knew that visiting a wolf sanctuary would be a special experience, but he had no idea just how much of a hair-raising experience that visit would turn out to be.

    It was winter 2013, and James was on tour in Colorado with his band, Shawn James and the Shapeshifters. The band was invited to visit a private wolf sanctuary normally closed to the public. On a bitterly cold day, the gang headed into the sanctuary with a single goal on their minds — to film a music video.

    The temperatures were freezing that day, so they knew they would only get one take. James’ friend, photographer Anna Hutchinson, was with them that day, and she set up her DSLR camera and Zoom recorder outside among the evergreens as the snow fell softly.

    James and his mandolin player decided to perform a cover of the A. A. Bondy song “American Hearts.”

    James strums a few bars on the guitar and then starts singing the song’s opening lyrics, “We were raised by wolves, and we are still wild,

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  • A freelance journalist had a tough day at work while getting some footage for an assignment.

    Kevin MacDonald was shooting the Abbotsford homeless camp from across the street on Wednesday morning, following the B.C. Supreme Court’s rejection of “the city’s bid to shut down the camp,” The Province reports.

    A woman from the camp wasn’t happy about it and sprayed MacDonald with bear mace. He managed to keep the camera rolling and captured the whole incident on video.

    In MacDonald’s footage, a woman crosses the street carrying a black canister. 

    “We don’t want our f***ing picture taken,” the woman yells. “Come and ask us. Don’t stand across the street and take f***ing pictures.”

    During the heated exchange, MacDonald tells her there’s nothing illegal about filming in a public place.

    That’s when the woman sprays bear mace in MacDonald’s direction and walks away.

    He told The Province that it felt like his face “was on fire … it’s the most excruciating pain I have every felt in my entire

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