• Photo of two hosts from the Jeff O'Neil Show posing with guests. (Facebook)Photo of two hosts from the Jeff O'Neil Show posing with guests. (Facebook)

    Is it society’s increasing inability to be shocked, or simply the breadth of entertainment options now available that causes radio DJs to push their comedic attempts too far?

    Or has it always been this way, and the listeners are the ones who have changed?

    Regardless, another shock jock controversy has erupted in Canada, this time at a Vancouver-based station that has issued an apology for a segment discussing an upcoming interview with Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau.

    According to the Georgia Straight, the incident occurred during a Tuesday morning simulcast from CFOX and CKNW, in which host Jeff O’Neil urged two CFAX guest hosts (both local Global TV personalities) to play a game of “Eff, Kill or Marry,” with Trudeau.

    The game would have required the federal party leader to pick the fates of Laureen Harper, the wife of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Health Minister Rona Ambrose and former governor general Michaëlle Jean.

    The audio was briefly available online, but has since been taken

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  • A would-be Canadian millionaire is running out of time to change his or her life. A deadline is fast approaching for someone who purchased a winning Lotto Max Maxmillions ticket in Milton, Ont., last year.

    The $1 million prize has never been claimed and, unlike a high profile case in which the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. tracked down a $50 million winner last year, they won’t run a similar search this time around.

    Nor should they. Those seeking their fortune through randomly generated number pairings should at least accept the responsibility of maintaining their own records.

    OLG announced earlier this week that the ticket, purchased on Dec. 20, 2013, was about to reach its one-year expiration date.

    "Anyone possessing this ticket should fill in the back portion, sign it and contact the OLG Prize Centre at 20 Dundas Street West in Toronto before 6 p.m. on Monday, December 22, 2014," the lotto agency stated.

    For the record, the winning numbers were 2,3,9,10,17,32 and 34.

    The OLG

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  • Pedestrians using their mobile phone walk past an electronic board in Tokyo. (Reuters)Pedestrians using their mobile phone walk past an electronic board in Tokyo. (Reuters)

    Wandering into traffic without looking both ways; bumping into passersby while your head is in the Cloud; tripping while texting.

    This isn’t how we were trained as children to act while walking near traffic. Yet more often than ever before, Canadians seem to be taking their safety for granted by walking while distracted.

    And one Calgary city councillor thinks it has to stop.

    “It’s quite apparent now, and it’s across North America, that everybody’s involved in their electronics,” Councillor Ward Sutherland told CTV News this week. “They have their heads down, they’re not paying attention. Just the attitude that, I have the right and you better stop for me is not smart, safe thinking to begin with.”

    Oftentimes, the pedestrians are as much to blame as the drivers [for collisions], or more so.
    —Staff Sgt. Paul Stacey

    The Calgary councillor says distracted driving laws should be expanded to address inattentive pedestrians as well, perhaps fining those that threaten themselves and

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  • 2014 has been a year filled with terrific viral videos, and now, with only two weeks left until 2015, is the time to look back on them.

    Zapatou compiled clips from the year’s best viral YouTube videos — a whopping 233 of them! — to create a fascinating look back at the year we’re leaving behind. 

    From daredevils reaching new heights (and then jumping from them) to mind-blowing dance moves to bittersweet moments, the nearly 7-minute video covers most of our favourites — and even introduced us to a few new ones. 

    Some of the videos we’ve featured here over the past year made the cut:

    BASE jumpers who jumped from Burj Khalifa, setting a new record. 

    The prankster who turned his dog into a spider.

    A house tour greatly improved with the addition of a roller coaster

    The semi-truck that made jumping over a moving F1 racecar look easy. (It probably isn’t.)

    Kissing strangers.

    And a dance party on a moving train. 

    We’re also big fans of this video of babies tasting lemons for the first

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  • 'Oh God, it's Mom': Bickering brothers get tongue-lashing from mother on C-SPAN

    Guests at call-in shows have generally come to expect dealing with the occasional angry caller, but things went to another level when the mother of two political pundits called in and asked them to clear the air before Christmas.

    Brad and Dallas Woodhouse, brothers on opposing ends of the political spectrum, were put to task on a recent episode of 'Washington Journal' on C-SPAN.

    "Oh God, it's Mom," groaned Dallas Woodhouse, upon recognizing the voice of the first caller on the line. Dallas quickly put his face in his hands as his brother came to grips with the reality of the situation.

    "I'm you're mother," the woman, identified as Joy from North Carolina, said. "And I disagree that all families are like ours. I don't know many families that are fighting at Thanksgiving. I was very glad that this Thanksgiving was a year that you two were supposed to go to your in-laws. And I'm hoping you'll have some of this out of your system when you come here for Christmas. I would really like a

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  • Tooth fairy complaint letter (judokitten/Imgur)Tooth fairy complaint letter (judokitten/Imgur)

    Hell hath no fury like a 9-year-old scorned by the tooth fairy, and a letter written by a redditor in her youth and recently discovered by her father proves it.

    Reddit user Judokitten, whose real name is Jennifer, posted the hilarious passive-aggressive note online:

    “(Not very) Dear T.f.,” she began, “This is the second time you’ve done this. You forgot me. So if you’re not going to come, then, I’m going to keep my own teeth. You are through collecting teeth from Jennifer [name redacted]. From now on I’m keeping my own teeth.”

    “Unsincerely, Jennifer E.”

    “P.S. Keep collecting from Mike, though. Obviously you like him better.”

    “P.P.S. Don’t bother to write back.”

    The tooth fairy, however, did write back — and defended herself. 

    Jennifer shared more of the story in the comments:

    “Full story. So, I had lost a tooth, but I was suspicious about the actual validity of the tooth fairy’s magical abilities. So, I didn’t tell anyone about the lost tooth. Lo and behold, she did not arrive,” she

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  • An artist's conception of NASA's Mars rover Curiosity. (Photo via space.com)An artist's conception of NASA's Mars rover Curiosity. (Photo via space.com)

    Newly-released data from NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover may reignite the debate of the possibility of life on the Red Planet.  

    New rover findings suggests that low levels of methane skyrocketed ten-fold over a two-month period. The same gas in Earth’s atmosphere is mostly the result of daily biological activity. 

    These exciting results now suggests that methane is being produced or vented, and quickly dispersed around the Gale Crater landing site.

    “Strictly speaking, our observations are evidence for methane production on Mars, and in themselves cannot directly provide evidence of microbial life,” said Chris Webster, lead author form NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. “However, from our positive detection of methane on Mars, we cannot rule out the possibility that both the low background level and the high methane values originate in part from microbial activity (methanogenesis).

    “Our peak observed values correspond to about 5,000 tonnes of methane in the whole

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  • An iceberg is seen off Ammassalik Island in Eastern Greenland, July 19, 2007. (CP)An iceberg is seen off Ammassalik Island in Eastern Greenland, July 19, 2007. (CP)

    The battle for the North Pole heated up this week when Denmark made official overtures for the icy region and its natural resources.

    The claim, which was submitted to the United Nations on Monday, contests conflicting claims from Russia and Canada, and further complicates a convoluted series of declarations of ownership in the Arctic.

    In recent years, the diplomatic battle for ownership of the Arctic Circle has become one of the highest-stakes struggles on the board.

    With an uncertain, but surely extensive, amount of natural resources at stake, every country with any semblance of a legitimate claim to the region has declared themselves the rightful owner.

    It is like Game of Thrones, if the Arctic Circle was the Iron Throne, each country was a noble house of Westeros, and the whole saga played out beyond the Wall.

    Sure there are no dire wolves or incest, but there is exponential wealth at stake. The region is said to contain about 13 per cent of the world’s undiscovered oil and 30 per

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  • Screengrabs of YouTube video showing a monk slapping a man on a train.Screengrabs of YouTube video showing a monk slapping a man on a train.

    All travellers know that navigating different cultures can often be a daunting task. Knowing the customs, the language and when you're at risk of offending someone are all key when living abroad.

    Take for instance this man living in Thailand, identified only as "Jeff," who had an unfortunate run-in with a monk. In an altercation caught on video, a monk is seen slapping Jeff hard across the face.

    According to Pui Pupriew, the person who allegedly filmed the incident on a train in early December and posted it to social media, the monk thought Jeff had called him a rude name, and retaliated.

    While it is not completely clear what transpired beforehand (no pun intentended), English language local news site Bangkok Coconut attempts to shed some light on the incident. They report that two women asked Jeff to give up his seat on the train and sit next to the monk instead, since women are forbidden from having physical contact with the monks. Jeff obliged, and moved across the train car to

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  • The note explained that the woman’s husband had been a generous man and she was donating her rings in his honour. She asked that the rings be sold, with the proceeds used to buy toys for children in need. 

    “I’ve dropped my wedding ring in your Red Kettle knowing that the money from its sale will buy toys for needy children. In all seasons, my husband was a giver. I especially remember his joy in giving at Christmastime, especially to those in need. To honour his memory, I donate this ring,” the woman’s note read

    “I’m hoping there’s someone out there who made lots of money this year and will buy the ring for 10 times its worth. After all, there’s no price on love or the sentimental value of this ring. But money will help the kids.”

    According to Massachusetts Salvation Army Major David Davis, the engagement ring alone was valued at $1,850 in 2003. (The rings accompanied a recent appraisal.)

    “We’re so moved and incredibly grateful to the generous individual who made such a loving and

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