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    Ever been left sitting in an airplane thinking to yourself, “Gee, there sure is a lot of unused space in this cabin?”

    Of course not.  

    You’re cramped in enough as it is, trying to jostle for that bit of arm rest while the person in front of you reclines their seat back.

    The people at Airbus think differently, and offer up some creative ways of stuffing more people into cabins in these new concepts for cabin design submitted to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in March. 

    The patent proposes to position an elevated deck structure on the main floor which acts as a seated mezzanine area which would occupy the upper half of fuselage, effectively replacing the overhead lockers.


    Airbus wants to “provide a passenger seat arrangement that permits optimum use of the space in a passenger cabin of an aircraft… but still provides a high level of comfort for the passengers using the seat arrangement,” as stated in the patent application.


    I’m not sure how much more comfortable this may be.

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  • The fountain of youth has been found and its name is bacon. Maybe.

    Susannah Mushatt Jones, aka ‘Tee’ is current the world’s oldest person, according to Guinness. She has more than 116 years of wisdom under her belt.

    In a recent interview with the New York Post, Tee said she wakes up at 9:30 a.m. for a breakfast of scrambled eggs with bacon. Every day. Like clockwork.

    “She’ll eat bacon all day long,” an aide at the Brooklyn facility where she lives told the paper.

    “Sometimes, she’ll take the last strip, fold it in a napkin, put it in her pocket and save it for later,” Tee’s niece, Selbra Mushatt, told Time.

    Tee, short for ‘Auntie’, has 100 nieces and nephews, according to Guinness.

    After following the bacon and eggs up with some grits, Business Insider reports, Tee unwraps five sticks of Doublemint gum and starts chewing away.

    Despite possibly making you feel like a little better about your diet, Tee knows it’s not actually the reason she’s lived so long.

    “I never drink or smoke,” she

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  • Milk poured into a glass (Thinkstock)Milk poured into a glass (Thinkstock)

    If you’re one of the thousands of Canadians who dashes regularly across the border to buy cheap American milk and cheese, you might be hoping the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) will eventually save you the trip.

    The humongous trade deal involving Canada and 11 other countries includes a provision that opens our country’s supply-managed dairy industry ever so slightly to foreign imports.

    But will that mean lower prices for milk and other dairy products on Canadian store shelves, and more choice?

    The answer so far seems to be a qualified probably not.

    Anyone Yahoo Canada talked to about it pointed out that specific details of how the TPP will work for each signatory have not been released yet and the deal will still have to be ratified by each country.

    The Conservative government crowed that its negotiators beat back attempts to fracture Canada’s supply-management system, which allocates dairy production via quotas to each farmer to maintain milk prices and keep the industry

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  • Man’s best friend has proven to be a child’s best playmate after a stray dog was captured playing jump rope with kids in Brazil.

    Capitalizing on every canine’s favorite game, tug of war, the kids got the dog to pull on one end of the rope to anchor it, while a child stood on the opposite end to control the movement.

    Pretty clever act from both parties, as everyone involved seems to be having a great time.

    Globo.com spoke to a resident of the area, Ricardo Cavalcante, who said the dog is named ‘Female’ and she is a community pet. As a result, she is also known by locals to answer to other names, including: Marble, Polka Dot and “Bolihna”. All the children in the neighborhood play with her and make sure she has food to eat and that she is taken care of. 


    GIF Credit Huffington Post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/stray-dog-kids-jump-rope-brazil_560eb0bfe4b0dd85030bb8a8?utm_hp_ref=good-news&ir=Canada§ion=canada&adsSiteOverride=ca

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  • Portabello mushrooms: on the grill; in a salad; powering your cell phone?

    Cengiz and Mihri Ozkan, a husband-and-wife team of professors at the Bourns College of Engineering at the University of California-Riverside, are developing a way to make cleaner, greener, longer-lasting cell phone batteries out of delicious portabello mushrooms.

    “We process mushrooms by heating them up to between 700-1100 degrees Celsius,” Cengiz Ozkan told Yahoo Canada.

    “This produces porous nanoribbons as an anode material.”

    Anodes are a crucial part of any battery. They are electrodes, through which conventional current flows into a device.

    And they’re a bit of a problem when it comes to seeking greener ways to make things go.

    “Our mushroom-based anodes are produced without the use of environmentally harsh chemicals, such as acids and bases,” Mihri Ozkan explained, contrasting the new approach with the traditional way of preparing natural graphite – the standard material for battery use.

    “Per ton of natural

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  • (Warning: Video contains profane language)

    You've probably run into this guy at some point in your life.

    He’s underage but, it’s college, so he gets drunk. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to be able to handle his liquor and gets way too high and mighty for his own good.

    A video posted on YouTube appears to show this exact scenario that is played out all too often on college campuses everywhere.

    Nineteen-year-old Luke Vincent Gatti was arrested by University of Connecticut police Sunday night after verbally and physically abusing staff at the UConn Student Union, according to the Hartford Courant.

    The explicit clip has since gone viral, with most people commenting on the ignorance and entitlement of the teen, as well as the incredible patience displayed by the staff.

    The video starts with Gatti and the manager of the Union Street Market already standing toe-to-toe with Gatti in full-profanity mode, calling the manager a “f****** idiot” while demanding some “f****** jalapeno, bacon mac

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  • A moving image of a police officer holding a baby following a horrific car accident has captured the hearts of many after being posted on Facebook.

    The Jefferson County Sheriff Facebook shared a picture of Deputy Ric Lindley comforting a baby girl after a multi-vehicle crash on Tuesday morning in Leeds, Alabama.

    “He’s just a humble servant of the people,” Sgt. Jack Self from Jefferson County told CNN about Lindley. 

    The 60-year-old police officer was monitoring rush-hour traffic that morning when he came upon a traffic jam, AL.com reports. So he turned on his sirens and drove on the emergency vehicle lane until he came upon the crash.

    (Photo: JeffCo Sheriff's office)(Photo: JeffCo Sheriff's office)When Lindley arrived at the scene he went from car to car and noticed an infant girl inside one of the cars. He asked the baby’s mother, who was shaken up, if he could hold her while she calmed down, WAFF 48 reports. 

    Luckily neither the mother nor the baby were hurt in the crash.

    “I did nothing heroic,” Lindley told AL.com. “All I did was hold a baby.”

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  • The rain may have stopped in South Carolina but residents are now facing the aftermath of the extreme weather. 

    The “1,000-year-rain” that fell over the weekend caused billions of dollars in damage, CNN reported. They also reported that 11 damns broke, and with rivers still rising, it is unknown how much more damage the rushing water has caused. 

    While residents are struggling to meet their basic needs, others are out in the cold, wet and lost.

    South Carolina’s pets have been some of the hardest hit victims of the storm, and getting them back to their families can be challenging during the chaos.

    Many pets have been estranged from their families because of the flooding in South Carolina.Many pets have been estranged from their families because of the flooding in South Carolina.

    That’s why volunteers at Lost and Found Pets of South Carolina created a Facebook page, to track lost pets, reporting sightings of missing animals and to reunite lost family members. 

    “This page was created to give people a broader audience to post lost & found notices rather just on random stop signs and utility poles in the community,” the group describes it’s mission on the page.


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  • Francois Blais.  Jacques Boissinot / La Presse CanadienneFrancois Blais. Jacques Boissinot / La Presse Canadienne

    Quebec’s minister of education is on the defensive, after a public school teacher says she dug better desks out of the garbage of a private school than she had in her public school classroom.

    François Blais says he doesn’t believe that the dumpster diving was necessary.

    “I don’t think public schools have been reduced to that,” Blais told reporters in Quebec City. “The budgets for school furniture have remained the same.”

    Blais’s comments were in response to claims from a primary school teacher at the Pins school, in Oka, that she picked up 13 desks from the garbage heap at a nearby private school for her students.

    Anik Roussin told La Presse that the desks discarded by St. Therese Academy of Rosemere were in better condition than the desks her students sat in at the public school where she teaches.

    “You know, our desks are old, rusty, scratched. We had to spend time painting and screwing them back together ourselves,” she told the media outlet. “That does not make any sense.“


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  • A three-year-old found the most adorable way to defend her actions when it came to breaking the house rules.

    Sophia’s mother, April Wunderie-Nagorski, recently posted a video on her Facebook page showing her daughter and her husband, Joseph, having a conversation about the reason why Sophia used blue nail polish inside the house instead of outside.

    Apparently, Barbie told Sophia to paint her “blue over 100 times.”

    In the video, Sophia is sitting across her dad in their home in Cleveland, Ohio, and tells him that she argued with Barbie “over and over again” against breaking the rules but in the end Barbie won. 

    “All of a sudden Barbie said you can paint me with nail polish? Does she know she could have ruined your carpet and all of your blankets?” Her dad asked his little girl.

    As Sophia wipes away her tears she replied: “Yes, she told me to. I said it was a horrible idea but she didn’t listen to me. She said it 100 times. I said no.”

    “When she was all painted blue did you think you

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