• Mother of terminally ill daughter thanks Justin Bieber for visit

    Pam Drew from Rochester, New Hampshire, recently took to Facebook to share a photo taken with her daughter Karlee and the Canadian pop superstar. Bieber had met with the young fan in Boston in May, and his visit was a big boost to Karlee. Karlee passed away on July 23 after a long battle with acute

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  • Truck driver makes dangerous u-turn across busy highway

    [An Italian truck driver made an ill-advised attempt to change directions in the middle of a busy highway. Photo: Polizia di Stato]

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  • Poll: Was Toronto Const. James Forcillo’s sentencing fair?

    A Toronto police officer convicted of attempted murder in the shooting death of Sammy Yatim has been sentenced to six years in prison. James Forcillo of second-degree murder in Yatim’s death on a TTC streetcar, which was captured on video and went viral.

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  • Forcillo gets 6 years in Yatim killing, in rare company with other jailed policemen

    James Forcillo is in rare company — a police officer headed for jail time. In July 2013, Forcillo shot and killed Sammy Yatim, 18, on an empty Toronto streetcar. Ontario Superior Court justice Edward Then sentenced Forcillo on Thursday to six years in prison for attempted murder.

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  • Q&A with Nunavut MP Hunter Tootoo as he returns to work

    Nunavut MP Hunter Tootoo, who was just the second Inuk to ever be in the federal cabinet when he was named fisheries minister last fall, returned to work on Wednesday after seeking treatment for alcohol addiction. “His status with regard to the Liberal caucus remains unchanged,” Cameron Ahmad said in

    Canada Politics
  • Phoenix federal payroll system plagued with problems

    The problem for Stephen, a single dad, began with the first paycheque in March. The payroll glitches affected every department from immigration employees and military college instructors to federal pilots and park rangers.

    Canada Politics
  • How a Viking dig in N.L. could rewrite history

    An international team of visitors to Newfoundland isn’t there this summer to check out the St. John’s harbourfront or go whale watching. Research done by a team of archaeologists led by Sarah Parcak found evidence of a past Norse Viking settlement at Point Rosee, a narrow peninsula in southern Newfoundland

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  • Black Lives Matter, Vancouver police strike Pride parade deal

    A compromise has been struck between Black Lives Matter members and Vancouver police just days before the Pride parade — avoiding a protest that temporarily halted the parade in Toronto earlier this month. Uniformed officers will now participate in the July 31 parade, after the Vancouver Police Department

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  • War on cars? Vancouver transportation director says city may have no other choice

    Vancouver also recently launched a long-delayed $5-million bike share program. LaClaire says the city is trying to make it easier to drive – for those who need to do so. Bordered on three sides by water, all but surrounded by bridges and hemmed in by dense suburbs, Vancouver can’t grow out.

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  • Pranksters fool groom into thinking he’s about to bungee jump

    A Spanish man about to take a leap into matrimony was pranked into believing he was taking a massive bungee jump over the edge – only to fall a few inches. A video shows the groom-to-be stripped down to his underwear with a blindfold secured around his face.

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  • Boy gets ultimate surprise after thinking his dad forgot his birthday

    A father’s joke pretending to forget his son’s birthday has the Internet in tears.

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  • Baby rhino adorably comes when he is called

    Warren is only a baby, but he has already learned that wandering too far from his caretakers isn’t a very good idea.

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  • Revealed: The secret to getting every last drop out of a ketchup bottle

    It’s no secret that the struggle to getting all of the ketchup out of a glass bottle is a feeling many can empathize with. At last, ketchup maker Heinz has revealed a long-held secret trick. A spokesperson for Heinz told Mirror the this area is the “sweet spot” of the Heinz bottle.

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  • Whitchurch-Stouffville’s mayor is getting married and the entire town is invited

    On Aug. 6, Justin Altmann, the mayor of Whitchurch-Stouffville in Ontario will marry his fiancé Jenny Hillier. The couple, who met in line at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in November 2015, decided against an intimate affair, and instead have invited the town’s 46,000 residents to the wedding ceremony

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  • Ontario government takes steps to combat opioid addiction

    De-listing high-dose opioids from Ontario’s drug plan can help reduce the harms of addiction, as long as access is maintained for those who need the narcotics the most, one medical expert says. “It’s a very consistent policy decision,” says Dr. Norm Buckley, who is on the executive council of the Canadian

    Terri Coles
  • Plain packaging may be coming to Canadian cigarette packs

    In May, the United Kingdom began to require all cigarettes be marketed in the same, plain packaging, which studies determined to be, basically, the ugliest colour in the world. The federal government has made it clear that it will introduce legislation for plain packaging of tobacco products, following

  • Astronaut may have accidentally ‘spilled the beans’ on NASA code for aliens

    Controversial footage from the International Space Station (ISS) between an astronaut and mission control is causing quite the stir among UFO fans. According to UFO blogger Scott Waring, who posted the live recording on YouTube, the suspicious reference to gospel is unusual for an astronaut. “To me

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  • Birthday card re-gifted 94 times

    “This birthday card has been regifted…94 times,” LincolnesLostSpeach wrote along with posting a photo of the card. It’s the inside of the Hallmark card where the family’s hilarious tradition is evident. Along with message “Save this card.

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  • Raccoon charges at homeowner after getting chased of deck

    A guy who was just trying to get a raccoon off his patio got a surprise when the creature fought back aggressively.

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  • Holiday-bound parents leave blunt instructions to children

    The parents of Katie and Robbie Ewart did not mince their words when they left their children a four-page instructional note before heading out on holidays. “I know you both like to try and outdo each other in the ‘who can f*** up the most’ category, so don’t feel the need to express yourselves when

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  • One man’s incredible conquering of Pac Man

    Well, one man committed a great deal of time, energy and focus to master the arcade game, which was a staple of the 1980s. Billy Mitchell is considered the greatest arcade gamers of all time, after being the first person to get a perfect score on Pac Man - 3,333,360 points.

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  • Q&A with Dr. Sylvie Trottier, Canadian researcher working on Zika vaccine

    A team of Canadian researchers is signing up volunteers to be part of the first human clinical trial of a vaccine to combat the Zika virus. The Université Laval’s Infectious Disease Research Centre and Centre de recherche du CHU de Québec-Université Laval will be one of a trio of research centres to

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  • Toronto study shows concussion effects are long-lasting and highlights importance of prevention

    New research from St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto shows that concussions may have more long-lasting effects on young athletes than once believed, which experts say highlights the importance of prevention and proper treatment for even minor brain injuries. The study, published this week in the Journal

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  • Gotta cash in on ’em all: entrepreneurs jump on Pokémon GO trend

    It’s rare to leave the house these days without passing people fixed to their cellphone screens, searching for Pokémon characters. Once they’ve revealed their training schedule and filled out some personal details, trainers are set up on a Pokémon GO date.

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  • One chance to get inquiry into murdered, missing Indigenous women right, says advocate

    The president of the Native Women’s Association of Canada is urging those awaiting the public inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women to be patient. Others are angry that preliminary terms of reference suggest the inquiry will not focus on police conduct in the more than 1,200 cases of missing

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