Earlier this week, a UK man reported that he was being kicked out of Canada for helping his girlfriend with a DIY job in her apartment.

    Tom Rolfe, 24, told the Mirror that he and his girlfriend had driven to Montana from Edmonton so that he could return through the border and have an application for residency processed. (He had been in Canada on a visitor’s visa.)

    Coming back into Alberta, however, his case was closely scrutinized. A Canadian Border Service Agency official went through Rolfe’s camera (which, perhaps surprisingly, is within their rights) and found photos of him in girlfriend’s home filling holes in the walls where paintings had hung.

    Apparently, the border officer decided Rolfe was not just voluntarily pitching in around his girlfriend’s Edmonton residence but actually interfering in the local job market, potentially stealing work from a Canadian citizen. His application was denied; he was told he had eight days to get out of the country and barred from returning

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  • Earlier this week, new orange-and-blue signage for the Pan Am/Parapan Am Games began showing up across the roadways of the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.

    More than 5000 will be set up for the duration of the July 10 to August 15 competition and judging from initial reactions you'd think they were the warning signs of an oncoming brainteaser apocalypse.

    Organized to relay information and directions to the Games' participants and spectators, the signs feature a three-letter venue code and herein lies the cause of the bewilderment. You see, much like those used by airports, the codes represent a truncated version of a venue's proper name but — just like YYZ (You make no sense Pearson!) — they're not all super intuitive.

    The three-letter codes correspond to information on the game tickets, to the spectator guide and to the trip planner app. Some are pretty straightforward, CTC is the Canadian Tennis Centre at York University and that makes total sense and so does ABL, which stands for

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  • Naheed Nenshi: mayor, pet detective and inexhaustible cheerleader for his city.

    The Calgary mayor, named the world’s best earlier this year by the international City Mayors Foundation, owes no small amount of his success to his nimble navigation of social media.

    The Calgary Herald recently covered Nenshi’s propensity for trying to reunite people with their lost pets. In the 38 days ending on June 15, Nenshi retweeted 38 times about lost or found dogs, cats and birds.

    But it’s not just pets. In the past week, Calgary’s mayor has alerted his substantial Twitterverse following (247,000 at last count, for leader of a city of 1.1 million) to found car keys, a pop-up shop featuring a fiddle concert, a multicultural celebration in the park, a lost iPhone, Scouts registration and a high school reunion.

    And he tried to help Kevin find his sweater.

    In a

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    A homeless Good Samaritan says he'd rather get help finding a job than receive the over $5,000 that has been raised for him.A homeless Good Samaritan says he'd rather get help finding a job than receive the over $5,000 that has been raised for him.

    By Elianna Lev

    Job offers are flooding in from across the country for a homeless man from Langford, B.C., who turned in a suitcase stuffed with $2,000 in cash that he had found in the Victoria-area suburb.

    After the story broke earlier this month, a fundraising campaign started by the local news site Victoria Buzz raised more than $5,000 from across the country for the homeless man.

    West Shore RCMP Const. Alex Bérubé was so moved by the man’s good heart that he spent time, off duty, looking for him. He managed to track him down on Monday and inform the man, who’s almost 60, about the money that was raised for him.

    Bérubé was surprised to hear that the Good Samaritan, who wishes to remain anonymous, wasn’t interested in the money. Instead, he asked for the community’s help to find him a job.

    Bérubé said if he had to provide a reference, he’d describe the man as a “humble and honest person,” who’s also punctual — when he asked that the man meet him at the detachment, he showed up

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  • Garth Turner doesn’t envy those standing on the cusp of homeownership trying to decide between buying and continuing to rent, especially if they’re hoping to buy in one of Canada’s largest cities.

    “Why would any young person want to buy a condo in Toronto or Calgary or Vancouver and actually pay twice the monthly cost than it would take to rent the same unit?” says the investment advisor, real estate blogger and former Progressive Conservative MP.

    “Compared to places like London or Paris, Toronto’s a backwater and yet we’re paying these amazing global prices – rents are actually really cheap in Canada because real estate values are inflated.”

    Now the boomers have kids, the kids are in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and they’re getting a lot of advice and pressure to replicate the experience – the problem is we’re in a different world.
    Garth Turner

    Millennials, he laments, are caught in a workshop vice with the rent-versus-own predicament.

    “One half of the vice is really crazy stupid

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  • Internet killed the video star

    MuchMusic and the dilution of a Canadian institution

    George “gazillion letter” Stroumboulopoulos has become the face of Hockey Night in Canada, Rick the Temp Campanelli and his haircut co-hosts Entertainment Tonight Canada, Erica Ehm runs a real talk mommy blog and the MuchMusic Video Awards now also air on CTV and MTV.  

    We’re not going to say something melodramatic like MuchMusic, as we know it, is dead. No, certainly not.

    Especially not after Justin Stockman, vice president of entertainment specialty channels (including Much) at Bell Media told the National Post in the lead up to last week’s MMVAs that “Much’s mission statement hasn’t really changed.”

    “I think we’re tweaking it but we’re still focused on the same things we always were: youth, pop culture and being relevant to a young audience,” he said adding that the show still plays the same number of music videos as it used to, albeit outside of regular viewing hours.

    But are being alive and full of life not two different things?

    Just ask the kids who grew up swooning over Erica

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  • HIV-positive man asks strangers to touch him

    “I am HIV-positive. Touch me!"

    An HIV-positive man took an interesting approach to testing the stigma attached to having HIV/AIDS by standing on a street with his arms out and asking random people to touch him.

    Janne, the man in the video, partnered up with a broadcasting company and took to the streets of Helsinki, Finland, to see how people would react.

    Although the video is not in English, he can be seen making a sign that reads “I AM HIV-POSITIVE. TOUCH ME!”

    At first people look at him, read the sign and keep on walking, seeming rather confused by the gesture.

    But despite all of the weird glances coming his way, the man stands there, unwavering.

    It pays off when a few moments later one woman stops, squeezes his hand, and continues.

    Eventually, people are seen stopping in their tracks to turn around and give him a pat on the shoulder.  

    The support begins to get overwhelming when two women take it upon themselves to not only touch him, but to hug him.

    To his joy, those were just the beginning of many hugs that

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  • Killer Clown 5 is easily the creepiest video of the DM Pranks series. (YouTube)Killer Clown 5 is easily the creepiest video of the DM Pranks series. (YouTube)

    DM Pranks are back with another doozie pulled right out of the pages of your worst nightmares.

    This is the production team’s fifth installment of their Killer Clown series, and they’ve kicked it up a notch.

    The video kicks off in a creepy building with a creepy elevator made even creepier as it’s cordoned off with red and white tape with a sign that reads “use stairs.”

    The first victims approach the elevator, read the sign, and head down a corridor where they are led to believe the stairs will be.

    But much to their horror, the couple opens the door and is greeted by a creepy clown staring at a man lying face down on the floor with candles outlining his body. The doors behind them are then slammed shut, locking the couple inside the corridor. It’s safe to say the two are sufficiently terrified at this point. 


    And just when things don’t seem as though they can get any worse, a ‘Killer Clown’ from down the hall drags an axe on the floor as it begins to make its move towards the couple. 

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  •  Rainbow flag creator Gilbert Bakor Rainbow flag creator Gilbert Bakor

    On Friday, the U.S. Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage in all 50 states. This weekend, Toronto will host a Pride festival that has become arguably the highlight of the city’s social calendar. Above it all flies an iconic symbol of hope and progress that has represented the LGBT community for almost 40 years.

    The origin of the Rainbow Flag was more deliberate than one might think. Gilbert Baker, the creator of the flag, said he was inspired by the ubiquitousness of the United States flag during the American Bicentennial.

    “To a degree it started hitting me in 1976,” Baker told told Michelle Millar Fisher of the Museum of Modern Art, which recently acquired the original rainbow flag.

    All of a sudden I’m looking at the American flag everywhere — from Jasper Johns paintings to trashy jeans in the GAP and all kinds of tchotchkes. And I [realized] a flag is something that’s really different than any other form of art — it’s not a painting, it’s not just cloth, it is not a logo. It

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  • Pizza delivery teen saves customer’s life

    "I left a pizza boy and came back a pizza man."

    Anson Lemmer`s coworkers at a pizza restaurant in Colorado thought he got lost during a delivery.Anson Lemmer`s coworkers at a pizza restaurant in Colorado thought he got lost during a delivery.

    What was suppose to be a regular pizza delivery turned into a life-saving event.

    Last week, Anson Lemmer was delivering his last pizza order of the night when he arrived at the address and saw a man laying on the ground not breathing. Instincts kicked in and Lemmer immediately sprang into action, performing CPR to save the man’s life.  

    The 19-year-old had been working a summer job at Uncle Pizza in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. It was only his second day when his CPR skills came in handy.

    Post Independent reports that when Lemmer arrived with the hot pizza, his customer was already “turning blue outside of the house.” Two people were at the scene trying to help the man – one calling it in for help and the other attempting CPR.

    “When I pulled up there, I knew something was wrong, and I had to act. They asked me right away if I knew CPR,” Lemmer told the news outlet. “I jumped in right away to do those chest compressions.”

    Luckily, Lemmer trained in CPR a year ago and knew exactly what

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