• Mike Nuanes and 'Jordan' reunite after eight years. (Facebook)Mike Nuanes and 'Jordan' reunite after eight years. (Facebook)

    More than seven years ago, Mike Nuanes’ Shih Tzu puppy went missing

    The Denver, Colorado, man and his late wife returned from a family breakfast at a nearby house to discover their dog Jordan was no longer in their backyard. 

    He searched the neighbourhood, assuming he’d find the dog dead on the side of the road.  

    "When I didn’t find him smashed, I knew someone had either taken him or found him," Nuanes told 7News Denver. “I put up posters with reward; never got a word.”

    Late last month, Nuanes received a surprise phone call from the Fulton Country Animal Shelter in Atlanta, Georgia: They had his dog

    At first, Nuanes was confused. He and his girlfriend did a quick head count of their dogs. Sure enough, all four of them were in the backyard. He didn’t know the woman from the shelter was referring to the dog who went missing almost eight years ago. 

    "When she asked, ‘Is his name Jordan?’ That’s when my jaw hit the ground," Nuanes told KUSA.

    Someone found the dog as a stray and

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  • Prime Minister Stephen Harper speaks in Vaughan, Ont. on Oct. 30, 2014. (Reuters)Prime Minister Stephen Harper speaks in Vaughan, Ont. on Oct. 30, 2014. (Reuters)

    A hat-tip to the folks at Sun News for doing the math on this: Stephen Harper is now the 6th longest-serving prime minister in Canadian history. 

    Harper reached the milestone on Thursday, overtaking Brian Mulroney in terms of number of days in office.

    As of Friday, Harper has now served for 3,203 days to Mulroney’s 3,202.

    Former MP Paul Forseth, who was once a seat-mate of a much younger Stephen Harper when they were both in the Reform Party, says the milestone is very satisfying. He predicts that Harper will eventually pass Chretien. 

    “It’s interesting…to look at the relative success of the Harper administration as compared to the difficulties and the gradual downward spiral of the Mulroney administration,” Forseth told Yahoo Canada News in a telephone interview.

    “Comparing the two, the Harper administration appears to still have things to do

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  • Could this be what Kelowna, B.C. one day look like Venice, with its many canals? (Getty Images)Could this be what Kelowna, B.C. one day look like Venice, with its many canals? (Getty Images)

    Have you ever been to Kelowna, the small city at the heart of British Columbia’s beautiful Okanagan Valley? If not, would a series of water canals running through the city’s downtown lure you to visit?

    Perhaps after visiting Toronto’s epic Ferris wheel or Winnipeg’s ice roller coaster? You could take a cross-country tour of blue-sky promises made with civic elections in mind.

    A slate of Kelowna council candidates is hoping voters take the plan more seriously than that, recently making a campaign promise to replace streets with waterways through the downtown core.

    TaxpayersFirst, a slate of five city council candidates, released their official pitch earlier this week, calling the canal system part of the “ultimate in revitalization for our cultural district downtown.”

    Sure, that revitalization strategy also includes the construction of a new downtown theatre, but the big-ticket item is a series of six canals crossing through the downtown core.

    "Having waterways running through the

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  • Warning: Grab the tissues before you press play. 

    On Saturday, Chris Picco’s 30-year-old wife, Ashley, unexpectedly passed away in her sleep. She was 24 weeks pregnant. 

    Doctors performed an emergency caesarean section in an attempt to save Picco’s son’s life.

    Lennon James Picco weighed just 2 pounds and was “fighting for his life, moment by moment” in the neonatal intensive care unit of Loma Linda University Hospital in California. 

    Chris brought his guitar to the NICU this week to perform for his son. A video of his moving version of the Beatles’ “Blackbird” is going viral

    Chris Picco and son Lennon James (Facebook)Chris Picco and son Lennon James (Facebook)

     “During the pregnancy, Ashley would often feel Lennon moving to music so Chris asked if he could bring his guitar into the NICU and play for Lennon, which he did for several hours during the last days of Lennon’s precious life,” a family friend posted on YouTube.

    Lennon died in his father’s arms on Tuesday. 

    An online memorial for mother and son posted the following:

    “Ashley’s light shone far, her song was

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  • Caesar Harper, father of Rinelle Harper, weeps at a press conference in Winnipeg.Caesar Harper, father of Rinelle Harper, weeps at a press conference in Winnipeg.

    As Rinelle Harper recovers in hospital, after surviving not one but two vicious attacks allegedly intended to leave her dead on the shores of a Winnipeg river, one word has risen to the surface in the vocal and emotional fallout: community.

    The concept of “community” was echoed again and again on Thursday as her family spoke publicly about the dangers faced by First Nations youth.

    It was even hinted at by the father of one of the suspects, who openly regretted not having a closer relationship with his son.

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    Father of suspect in Rinelle Harper attack 'ashamed'

    Harper's mother calls her a hero and a fighter

    Beware of assumptions and stereotypes in Rinelle Harper story

    It's a discussion that's been raised countless times before, as Canada struggles against an obscenely-high rate of murders and assaults against aboriginal women.

    "Back in the day we were sent to our elders, we were sat down and told to ‘listen to your elder.’ Today that is not happening," David Harper,

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  • Gregor Robertson unveils Vision Vancouver affordability plan. (CBC)Gregor Robertson unveils Vision Vancouver affordability plan. (CBC)

    As the battle for control of Vancouver city hall tightens ahead of Saturday’s B.C.-wide municipal elections, voters will be doing something most other Canadians can’t; choosing leaders who run under the banners of civic political parties.

    Outside of Montreal, Vancouver is the only major Canadian city where civic parties dominate municipal politics. Some provinces, like Ontario, forbid them.

    But in B.C. and Quebec civic parties are common, and a political scientist says he believes they could make sense elsewhere as Canadian cities grow and the issues they tackle go beyond maintaining roads and making sure residents can count on police and fire services.

    “Once a city gets to a certain size, the issues they confront become more complex,” says political scientist Carey Doberstein of the University of British Columbia’s Okanagan campus. “They become more than simply about filling that pothole.”

    The campaign in Kelowna, his home base, now has two civic parties vying for power in the

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  • This image, released the ESA, shows Philae's landing spot.This image, released the ESA, shows Philae's landing spot.

    The momentous event of landing on a high-speed comet for the first time in history is a bit tempered the day after touchdown, as the Philae spacecraft appears to have come to rest sideways in the shadow of a large cliff.  

    The small satellite initially touched down on comet 67P/C-G at about 10:30 am EST yesterday after its release from the Rosetta orbiter.

    However, the lander actually bounced twice, at least once high as one kilometre, and took two hours to finally descend back to the comet. And now it appears to be sitting on the comet – about a kilometre away from where it was supposed to be – on its side in a hand-stand position, with only two of its three foot pads touching the surface.  

    While European Space Agency (ESA) mission operators in Darmstadt, Germany were initially elated, concerns began growing as incoming telemetry from the lander showed that the probe’s harpoons, which were supposed to anchor Philae to the comet, had not fired, thus explaining the unexpected, big

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  • A mock-up of a banknote depicting Roberta Bondar, the first Canadian woman in space (womenonbanknotes.ca)A mock-up of a banknote depicting Roberta Bondar, the first Canadian woman in space (womenonbanknotes.ca)

    How about a picture of Kim Campbell on our $10 bill?

    Kathleen Wynne? 

    A petition at Change.org, aiming to impel the Bank of Canada to include images of women on Canadian banknotes, is gaining some steam. 

    The petition, which has almost reached its target of 50,000 names, derides the fact that Queen Elizabeth is the only notable female figure on any Canadian currency. 

    "In 2011, the Bank of Canada began issuing new $50 polymer bills which replaced images of The Famous 5 and Thérèse Casgrain with an icebreaker - rather than images of other female historical figures. Despite a public outcry over the new bills, the Bank of Canada made no changes to the series or firm commitments of more inclusiveness in future bills," notes the preamble to the petition. 

    "Bank notes that belong to all Canadians should depict a wider range of Canadians, of both genders as well as various ethnic origins. Who and what is celebrated on our bank notes matters, as it reflects what we consider important in our

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  • World's tallest man meets world's smallest man for Guinness World Records Day

    The shortest man ever, Chandra Bahadur Dangi, meets the world's tallest man, Sultan Kosen.The shortest man ever, Chandra Bahadur Dangi, meets the world's tallest man, Sultan Kosen.

    Well, the long and short of it is that the world's tallest man met the world's shortest man for the first time Thursday in London, England.

    Sultan Kosen, a towering 8 feet, three inches tall (2.5m) shook hands with Chandra Bahadur Dangi, just 21.5 inches tall (55 cm) at St. Thomas' Hospital as part of Guinness World Records Day and the 60th anniversary of Guinness World Records.

    "I love London and to be able to finally meet Chandra after all this time is amazing," Kosen said. "Even though he is short and I am tall, we have had similar struggles throughout our lives and when I look into Chandra's eyes, I can see he's a good man."

    Kosen is 31 years old, and hails from Turkey. Dangi is 75 and comes from Nepal.

    "I'm honoured to be in London," Dangi said. "I've always wanted to visit and the fact I get to meet Sultan is special."

    On top of being the tallest man in the world, Kosen also holds Guinness records for the largest hands at 27.5 cm, and the largest feet at 36.5 cm. His growth

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  • German police are waiting for someone to come forward and claim their kangaroo

    On Sunday, police received a call about an exotic-animal spotting just outside the town of Kalkar in in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. 

    Sure enough, when they arrived at the scene, they found a lone marsupial

    "We didn’t believe the call ourselves," a police commissioner told Bild, according to a translation by The Local. “But there really was a kangaroo, crouched four metres from the street in the bushes. We secured the road, and then it suddenly hopped quickly away.”

    The kangaroo — or, very likely a wallaby, as one keen-eyed commenter noted  sped away, getting about 100 metres from police before it was hit with a tranquilizer dart. 

    A local veterinarian was on hand to help take the “rogue kangaroo” into custody. The marsupial appeared to be well fed and “even a little fat.”

    In Germany, kangaroos can be legally held as pet, provided that owners can offer enough space for them to hop around in. 

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