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  • Must-see videos of the week: March 30-April 5

    This week's must-see videos capture some lucky, unbelievable and record-breaking moments. See a great white shark's desperate attempt to eat pesky tourists, a once-in-a-lifetime photo captured by a busy mom and a few stories of record-breaking feats on sea and land. But first, watch this 30-year-old man snack on bricks, gravel and mud.

    Pakkirappa Hunagundi has been consuming non-edible objects since the age of 10. His eating disorder, that some suspect to be Pica, compels him to rid the streets of one brick and up to two kilos of mud and gravel daily. He’s even hoping to make some money from this.

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    A great white shark in the video below has a heartier meal in mind. See it bite through a metal cage in an attempt to reach those meaty tourists inside.

    It may not be a great white shark, but this massive 411-kilogram tuna is a monster. Donna Pascoe, who reeled in the fish with the help of four people, is still

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  • Must-see videos of the week: March 23-29

    This week's must-see videos feature incredible natural and supernatural phenomena with a dash of dramatic footage mixed in. But first, find out how much baby gorillas resemble human children in the video below.

    Meet the San Diego Zoo's latest addition to the gorilla family. After getting much-needed medical care, this baby girl met her mother for the first time earlier in the week. Watch the emotional reunion as the mother finally gets to hold her 12-day-old.

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    Next on the list is this educational video offering a lesson in the speed of karma. A man in Florida learns the hard way when his truck loses control as he tries to express his displeasure with another driver. Watch the incident here.

    At least 17 people are dead and 90 missing after a mudslide devastated a town in Washington state in one of the worst tragedies to hit the state. There was one glimmer of joy, though, as four-year-old Jacob

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  • Must-see videos of the week: Feb. 16-22

    In this week's must-see videos, we hand out some medals for the spookiest, stupidest and bravest moments documented lately. But first, here's the week's freakiest footage.

    Doctors in Taiwan discovered a fruit fly larva living inside a woman's ear. The 48-year-old woman went to the hospital after experiencing ear pain. And it's a good thing she did, as the skin close to her eardrum had eroded. Check out the goosebump-inducing footage from inside the woman's ear canal.

    Warning: the video is fairly graphic, so proceed with caution.

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    Canadians know that winter driving is an Olympic-worthy sport itself. And in the world of whiteout driving, the person operating this vehicle in Idaho deserves a gold medal. Take a look at what the driver can — or, more accurately, can't — see on the road ahead.

    A medal in cuteness goes to this adorable little girl. For her third birthday, the squealing toddler got her dad, who’s returned back from Afghanistan.

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  • Must-see videos of the week: Dec. 15-21

    This week's must-see videos will prepare you for the upcoming holidays. Here's everything you need to know about a Christmas classic, holiday miracles and the year that was.

    This video will leave you moved, inspired and ready for 2014. Say goodbye to 2013 by watching this powerful collection of the year's most powerful images.

    [ Year in Review: What you should remember about 2013 ]

    If you are still working on that holiday card, consider creating a musical video message. After all, this U.S. couple's hilarious pregnancy announcement video card proved that just about anything is better in song. Need inspiration? Take a look at this North Carolina family's hilarious musical Xmas Jammies greeting.

    When a Texas police officer stopped a driver who ran through a red light, he spotted a post-impressionist painting in the back of the law-breaker's vehicle. It turned out to be a $40,000 art piece by Gaston La Touche. The Woman Under The Trees was stolen from a Houston family in a Christmas week

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  • Must-see videos of the week: November 15

    This week's must-see videos will inspire you to confront your fears, photograph lightning bolts and maybe even find your old dominos set.

    Let's start with this rare footage of a bright fireball floating down from above. Don't worry, it's not a slow-mo alien invasion. Instead, one lucky camera captured a rare, but established atmospheric phenomenon called ball lightning. According to estimates, one in a million lightning bolts might end up shaped as a ball. You might never see one again. Since these generally last only a few seconds, not many people have been able to capture, let alone study, ball lightning so far.

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    Looking for something to do this weekend? This video might inspire you to pull out your dominos set. Just don't expect to recreate this trick in two days; two artists spent three months on this setup.

    Toronto Mayor Rob Ford continued to make headlines in Canada and abroad this week. In light of the Read More »from Must-see videos of the week: November 15
  • Toronto Mayor Rob Ford remixes hit the web

    Toronto's crack cocaine-smoking Mayor Rob Ford is a viral sensation this week.

    Now that the late-night talk shows and headlines alike have taken a crack at him, it's time for a wave of Ford-themed memes and remixes to hit the web.

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    We've rounded up some of the catchiest, weirdest and craziest Ford clips trending right now, starting with DJ Steve Porter's remix using the latest Ford lines. The popular U.S.-based DJ set this oddly-calming video to Jay Z's Tom Ford.

     Be sure to check out this political take on Ylvis's viral song The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?).

    Want more? If you are ready to celebrate Toronto's milestone as it gets to take Amsterdam's lead place as the city known for its drugs, check out the following WTFBrahh remix of Ford's past crack cocaine-themed comments:

    And here's a Kiss 92.5 take on that same Ford speech — recorded in May — denying crack cocaine use.

    A Drunken Stupors music video by Deadspin, that can be viewed here, is

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  • Must-see videos of the week: Nov. 1

    Check out this week's top video picks, showcasing some of our popular, chilling, newsworthy and just outright weird videos.

    In honour of Halloween, let's start with some chilling footage. Watch a 10-time Guinness World Record holder, Adam 'Crack' Winrich and his assistant Dakota Granados, as they prepare for work by throwing some knives and other sharp objects at each other. At one point, a knife lands awfully close to Granados’s neck. Definitely don't try this at home, Yahoo Canada readers. 




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    The Ohio city of Port Clinton decided to celebrate Christmas in October to make one 13-year-old boy's wish come true. Terminally ill Devin Kohlman wanted another chance to celebrate the winter holiday with his friends and family. So the town made it happen.



    Chances are, you've seen this clip already. But let's revisit the week's big news: Toronto police have confirmed the existence of a video that shows Toronto Mayor smoking from what

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  • Canadian torrent site isoHunt to shut down, debate still rages

    For Internet users that love to download movies, music and games, today's a tough day.

    isoHunt, a popular site used to find BitTorrent files to download, is shutting down. The company announced its decision on Thursday, following a lengthy legal battle with Hollywood studios from the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA).

    "It’s sad to see my baby go. But I have fought the good fight," wrote Gary Fung, the company's Vancouver founder, on his own site, adding that he hasn't compromised any of the users’ privacy.

    Fung started the company in January of 2003 and went on to index several million torrents, getting up to 7.5 million unique visitors in its heyday, according to The Hollywood Reporter. His "baby" isn't the only file-sharing site to be dragged through the court circuit, The Pirate Bay and Megaupload have also taken hits in high-profile court cases. And unlucky individual users have also been targeted in the past.

    Furthermore, a 2012 U.K. study found that practically all files

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  • Must-see videos of the week: Oct. 11

    This week's must-see videos will show you how to deal with those pesky subway-door holders, law-breaking parking enforcement officers and strangers in need of a kind gesture. But first, check out the latest handiwork of the legendary street artist Banksy.

    1. Banksy stuffs meat truck with cuddly toys

    Surely you've heard of Banksy's politically-charged graffiti art, making statements on the walls of London and West Bank alike. Some New York City entrepreneurs have even been charging enthusiasts for a chance to see Banksy's latest public installations this month. But here's one Banksy work N.Y.C. residents were able to see and hear for free. This "Sirens of the Lambs" exhibit a slaughterhouse delivery truck stuffed with toy animal made its way across Manhattan’s Meatpacking District on Friday. Can you guess what the artist was trying to say with it?

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    2. A subway rider gets revenge

    Picture this: it's early, you're groggy and

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  • Culture shock: A Torontonian in Pincher Creek

    It's not easy swapping pumps for cowboy boots

    Pincher Creek, Alberta, has a population of less than 4,000, but has more than 10 places to eat, at least 13 places to pray, a yoga studio, hockey and curling arenas and even a Walmart.

    Yet by anyone’s definition, Pincher Creek is a very small town. For a city person like me, arriving in Pincher Creek from big-city Toronto was like walking into a bizarre, new world and a very different Canada.

    I moved to Pincher Creek in 2009 to work for the town’s local newspaper.  Once I arrived, I discovered that residents were eagerly anticipating the imminent arrival of – of all things – a Tim Hortons.

    Anyone who lives in Canada knows that you can find a Tim’s pretty much anywhere. Or so I thought. In Pincher Creek, you had to drive through several other small towns to get to one until 2010. I knew then that this was going to be an experience unlike any other.

    Even after saying goodbye to urban staples like Starbucks and buying the smallest all-wheel-drive I could find, I wasn’t prepared for

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