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  • Conservative MP Eve AdamsYou have to believe that Tory MP Eve Adams' career prospects within the Conservative Party of Canada are pretty much dead in the water.

    The current MP from Mississauga Brampton is aggressively seeking the Conservative Party nomination in Oakville North-Burlington where she now lives.

    Earlier this week, her fiance — Dimitri Soudas — was forced out by the party for interfering in Adams' nomination race.

    And now, there's a leaked letter from the Conservative Party's Oakville riding president to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, slamming Adams and her behaviour:

    "It is with heavy heart that I fell I must write you directly with regard to recent actions by Eve Adams MP that I believe are both negatively impacting the internal workings of our local association and are beginning to take a toll on the brand of the Party," Mark Fedak wrote in the letter dated April 1.

    "I was originally going to write you about a specific matter after our last board meeting...Sadly things have only gotten worse."

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  • Meet Joe Cressy: The man who seeks to replace Olivia Chow in Ottawa

    If Joe Cressy has his way, he's going to join the under-30 club of the New Democrats on Parliament Hill.

    But unlike some of the other NDP millennials, Cressey — who is running for nomination for the NDP in Toronto's Trinity Spadina — has a got a pretty impressive resume.

    Cressy was a senior advisor and Director of Campaigns for the Stephen Lewis Foundation where he worked with HIV and AIDS organizations in Africa. He was a local activist as a campaign coordinator for the Polaris Institute where he led the push for cities like Toronto to ban bottled water in municipal buildings.

    He's also got politics in his genes: both his parents were city councillors in Toronto in the late-seventies and eighties.

    Moreover, he was a protege of Jack Layton and Olivia Chow and was going to be the latter's deputy campaign manager for her mayoral run prior to his decision to run federally.

    Yahoo Canada News interviewed Cressy late last week. Here are some excerpts from that interview.

    Why he's running

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  • Who has poorer judgement - Trudeau or Harper?

    One of the emerging themes as we inch toward the 2015 federal election is that of a political leader's judgement.

    We saw a hint of this on Monday when Conservative Party Officials questioned Justin Trudeau's after the Liberal leader dropped an f-bomb at a charity boxing match over the weekend.

    Trudeau countered, questioning Stephen Harper's judgement over the sudden resignation of the prime minister's hand-picked Conservative Party executive director Dimitri Soudas. Soudas resigned on Sunday after allegations emerged of him interfering with a nomination battle in Oakville involving his fiance MP Eve Adams.

    "It's yet another example of this government in general, but Mr. Harper in particular, showing poor judgement in his appointments process. Whether its for senators or executive directors or chiefs of staffs," Trudeau told reporters on Monday.

    "This is just part of a pattern of a government that has shown itself incapable of putting the right people in the right place."

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  • To the chagrin of political reporters across the country, this is the final week of the Quebec election campaign.

    So far the campaign has brought us a flurry of racist comments, allegations of ties to corruption, suggestions of voter suppression, and stories of off-shore accounts.

    And then there's the topic du jour: Quebec Liberal Leader Philippe Couillard is accusing Pauline Marois and the Parti Quebecois of being "Machiavellian."

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    Citing a La Presse story as proof — which cites PQ sources — Couillard says that the PQ will pass the Charter of Values knowing it will be struck down by the Supreme Court of Canada, and use that rebuke to gain support for an independent Quebec. It's been a plan in the works, according to the La Presse and Couillard, since 2007.

    "We see their plan now. [The charter] has been an elaborate ploy from the beginning," Couillard told a Quebec radio station, according to the Montreal

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  • Pauline Marois arrives with women's rights activist Janette Bertrand during a campaign stop in Laval, Que.

    The head of the Muslim Council of Montreal is concerned about what he calls the "discriminatory" comments of some Parti Quebecois candidates in this election campaign.

    In an interview with Yahoo Canada News, Salam Elmenyawi discussed several recent incidences.

    He spoke about Jean Carriere, the former PQ candidate for Lafontaine who was forced to resign after a reporter found an old Facebook post of his which included an image of a half-naked woman with text that read "F#$% Islam." Elmenyawi also mentioned Gouin candidate Louise Mailloux who — according to the Montreal Gazette — had once described baptism and circumcision as rape and claimed kosher and halal foods fund religious wars.

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    And then he cited this story from CJAD Radio:

    Shawinigan PQ candidate André Beaudoin, in an interview published today in Le Nouvelliste,...said he's worried reasonable accommodation requests from Muslims could hurt Quebec's

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  • Justin Trudeau shocks with "F-bomb" at charity boxing event

    Justin Trudeau in the boxing ring (CP file photo)

    Add this to the Conservative Party's growing inventory of 'Justin Trudeau is in over his head' attack ad material.

    A hat-tip to the Ottawa Citizen for discovering this video of the Liberal leader at a charity boxing event on the weekend.

    At about the 1.33 mark in the video below, Trudeau talks about his past experience in the ring. (In 2012, he fought then-Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau at an event to raise money for cancer research.)

    "I will tell you, there is no experience like stepping into this ring and measuring yourself. All the...your name, your fortune, your intelligence, your beauty. None of that f%$#%*# matters," Trudeau said.


    The Citizen story has elicited some debate on Twitter about the appropriateness of Trudeau's language.

    Here's a sampling of some of those Tweets:

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  • Mayoral candidates pose for picture prior to debateIf you watched any of the Toronto mayoral debates last week, you would have noticed that all the front runner candidates — not named Rob Ford — seemed averse to the words crack and alcoholism.

    During the first debate Wednesday on CityNews, John Tory and Olivia Chow made some veiled comments about Ford as a role model but didn't directly mention his admitted drug use or episodes with alcohol.

    At the second debate at Ryerson University on Thursday, Tory ranted about Ford's association with 'gang types' but again didn't mention the c-word.

    To the average viewer that seemed strange: Why were candidates avoiding the issue — an issue that they could presumably score big points on? Why weren't they playing the crack card?

    In an interview with the Toronto Sun on Saturday, Tory claimed that he's not going to change his ways and will not attack Ford about his personal demons.

    "I said repeatedly when I was on radio that I thought those were personal issues, and that they are serious personal

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  • $100,000 isn't what it used to be.

    Nevertheless, on Friday — for the 18th consecutive year — Ontarians received a full accounting of the salaries of each and every individual in the public service who makes more than that amount.

    This year's so-called 'sunshine list' — the 2013 edition — has 97,796 names on it, an almost 11 per cent increase from 2012. The average salary of individuals on the list is $127,433 in 2013, a negligible decline from the prior year.

    Cue the outrage.

    At first glance, you might think the growing list is another example of how the Kathleen Wynne government — which has an $11 billion deficit — is mismanaging the economy.

    The Canadian Taxpayers Federation, for example, has taken exception to the high salaries within public energy companies.

    "Tom Mitchell, President of Ontario Power Generation, is again the highest paid public sector worker in Ontario. Hydro One’s President Carmine Marcello isn't far behind," CTF National Director Gregory Thomas told Yahoo Canada

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  • NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair is still widely mocked for his reaction to the death of 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden.

    You'll recall that back in 2011, Mulcair told CBC News he didn't believe the U.S. government's assertion that they had photographs of a cadaver and suggested that there may be more to the story than the U.S. government was letting on.

    So I think it's fair to ask this question: What was NDP MP Megan Leslie thinking when she — or a staffer — posted a 9/11 Truther event on her website?

    The ad does come with a caption stating that "the topics of events listed do not necessarily reflect the views or position of the Member of Parliament or the New Democratic Party of Canada."

    But come on — advertising a Truther event on a website for a party that wants to be seen as the government in waiting?

    [ Related: MP under fire for controversial event listing on website ]

    The Conservatives, appropriately, called out Leslie in the House of Commons, on Thursday.

    "We all remember the NDP

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  • The second and final leaders' debate ahead of the April 7th Quebec election took place on Thursday evening.

    As expected, Liberal leader Philippe Couillard, who is currently leading the latest opinion poll by seven points, was the prime target.

    At times, the event became an old fashioned pile-on.

    The Liberal leader was asked to defend a criminal investigation against his party regarding a Liberal fundraiser that allegedly raised $428,000 in unreported funds.

    He was also called out for his past association with Dr. Arthur Porter, the former head of Canada’s spy-agency watchdog who is now facing fraud charges in a bribery scandal.

    "There's an elephant in the room this evening when we're talking about your deal with Mr. Porter," CAQ leader Francois Legault said.

    "You registered a company called Porter-Couillard Associates Inc..

    "When you're in business and you register a company for two years then you have to come up with the financial statements every year. So I'd like you

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